Sleepless In Bahama Post : It’s Arrived, and It’s Fine … (Another me, yasu in the midnight)

this is gonna be a quick post

i am gonna start it with this announcement. like i said before, i am gonna announce who is the lucky one who got this for my 3rd Pay It Forwad Project when i get my Butterfly CD , ….

so i got my CD and now the lucky person is [info] rcjpmuse , …. congratulation dear, you got that, nah now what you gotta do is send me your address, i’ll send this Janne D Arc Fan Club Magazine to you a.s.a.p. ….

and i know it’s a bit late but i’d like to say :

Happy Birthday To You, Stay Genki, Happy and May the force be with you this year and years after ….


btw you can watch the video Offshoot of Acid Black Cherry _ Butterfly in here :

finally they release my Butterfly CD/DVD after held it almost 3 days, and my friend said maybe there’s something wrong with the poster, …. but thank God it is fine, thanks to Iron Man for that, because when i received that box, the box is not quite a box anymore, and the poster, … i think they added some wrinkle on yasu’s face, ….xD

so i ask the Iron Man to Iron my Butterfly poster gently and there you are … it looks fine.  Now i am waiting for my Fools Mate ,  OMG look at him ….!!!!

Brilliant ..  !!!!

enjoy the offshoot and i have to sleep now, i’ll get some coffee first before go to bed, i can’t stay awake all night long because tomorrow is Sunday and i have to go to office, …

go to office at Sunday means i have to drive myself, not by bus and i don’t want get sleepy when i am dirving, because i am already a bad driver, don’t have a driver license and being sleepy gonna make it worst . but this man, i know he is a good driver, ….

noi       :   the very good one, don’t you ya_san .. …?
yasu    :   how did you know that …
noi       :   i just knew it …
yasu    :   there must be a reason ne …
noi       :   well, the reason is simple.  You’re so damn good for driving me crazy ne so i think you are also a good driver ….  so simple ne?
yasu    :   eeeh …. is that reasonable? …
noi       :   yes ….

yasu    :   i am not gonna say anything about this because i know what you are gonna say is …
noi       :   you should say yes, because Acid Black Cherry next 15th single is Yes …. *laugh*
yasu    :   aahh …..



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