Run After a Train to L’arribean : ちょっと, 待ってください .. (Another me, yasu and L’arc)

today’s L’20 live report from natalie

see just by reading some report like this just make me happy and so exciting about what i am gonna watch next year, ….  and Hurry Xmas live on stage? ….  OMG

all this time my heart never stop to draws a dream, …. what dream?  my dream to watch them live on stage, … and until now my heart is still drawing that sweet dreams, …. and it move one step closer to the final ….

next year 2012 is gonna be a very busy year for me, …. see a new album for L’arc and Acid Black Cherry, and i am sure after new album, there’s gonna be another live for Acid Black Cherry and it means another DVD to buy …. hoooo, in the end everything is about the money, honey and buney …..

it was fine, but then this L’Announcement  about new album, next year so after Leade_sama’s announcement there’s no P’unk en Ciel and now an album for P’UNK ? eeehhh  …. one thing that bother me is they said about a streaming live for mastering the new album on December 26th @22:00 pm , and they also said to watch that streaming live i have to use the access code that included on CHASE single

yes, i ordered the limited edition from CD Japan because i want the DVD, … unlike ABC, on L’arc single we are not gonna find the Offshoot video added on the DVD because the offshoot is gonna be in Chronicle , so that’s the different ….

nah the question is what if my CHASE single arrive after 26th? … so  i can’t watch that streaming live even i buy CHASE single?, ….  normally i got my CD?DVD or stuffs about nine days after they shipped it, …. so i need 6 days more top get my CHASE in a normal days, …. but this is the end of the year ne, there’s Christmas and new year, ….  and i am sure i am gonna get my CD on January , ….

so what should i do to get in to the train to L’arribean?

yasu    :  well, you should run faster ne …
noi       :   i ran fast, …. but i don’t think the post office gonna run with me …
yasu    :   of course not, post office is a building so it doesn’t run ….
noi       :   eeehhh …… demo …
yasu    :   just do what you always do …
noi       :   what …
yasu    :   wait, just like you wait for me …
noi       :  …… hmmm

oke then i am gonna wait, and hope there’s somebody out there who is so kind to record and share it with me …. They (whoever made that schedule) should add more days, not only 4 days ne, because L’arc have so many overseas fans like me and not all of them have Superman as their Mr. Postman, like meh ….  me, the one who always wait for his  (read : yasu) stuffs

and this December another thing added to my Matsuwa List , … because Acid Black Cherry CRISIS And L’arc CHASE single have the same release date on December 21st …  and let’s talk about CRISIS, …. we all see the preview PV with 6 different yasu there

1.   The Pilot ….

just like the cover single, i saw him as a pilot. Well, okay i watch too much war movie like Bond of Brother and Saving Private Ryan, …. but on this Spaceship fandom called Acid Black Cherry this man Mr. Yasu Hayashi is my pilot, ….

2.   The Fanboy

everybody know how he adore Hyde, …. and for me he is hyde’s number one fanboy always, …. and  somehow i always know one day he is gonna use this Hyde looks hair, but i never expect he is gonna do it fast like this …. it must be hurt to have a hair do like that, and how many hours they (read : hyde and yasu) spent to have that hairstyle? …. it must be more than one hour, …. so 666 bravos to my two brilliant man Hyde and yasu ….

3.   The Black Haired Pirate

he gave me another nostalgic moments of him in black hair, red bandana, dark red outfit and his beautiful shoulders … this is perfect and   i love it,

4.   GANTZ

maybe he really wants to join Nino and Kenichi Matsuyama to kill some aliens, …. btw i watched this movie GANTZ 3 times but i still don’t get the point of this movie ….  and i am sure after he kill all the aliens he is gonna save me from here a.s.a.p. …

finally he heard what i always sing, this song Flower, …..

Like a flower … so ya_san, ….

noi       :   so hayaku, mitsukete, mitsukete kokori iru kara … just find me hurry ….
yasu    :   stop dreamin , who is gonna save you anyway …
noi       :   again and again …
yasu    :   what …?
noi       :   you ruined my dream …. but that’s fine ne because my heart draws a dream ….
yasu    :   what the ….

5.    The Man In Black

i always love Janne Dearly Live Osaka, one of the reason is because he use a black suit even inside it he use a red shirt but somehow it fits on him, …. and now this one : yasu in the black suit is fabulous

6.  I’m Clueless about this one

see how that black and gold just fit with his blonde hair? ….   and why do they have to make 6 different of yasu? …. i can’t find a clue even from this

from listening little part of CRISIS lyrics

凍えたこの恋心は 悲しい涙色

凍えたこの恋心は 悲しい涙色
おねがい 涙、また流ないで


Kogoeta kono koigokoro wa kanashī namida-iro
Dakishimeru dake de
Kon’nani kokoro ga mieru nante

Kogoeta kono koigokoro wa kanashī namida-iro
Onegai namida, mata nagarenaide

Anata ga inaku naru made

This numb love feeling is colored sad tears…
Just to hug it….
To be able to see a heart so much…

This numb love feeling is colored sad tears….
Request tears, there isn’t a style again…

Till you disappear; …

noi      :   why 6 different of you? and numb love feelings …
yasu    :   hmmm …
noi      :   is that a …
yasu   :    a what? ..
noi       :   ah i forgot …
yasu     :   nee noi_chan i’m not gonna spoil you so go find it yourself … or just ..
noi        :   ok ok …. i’ll wait ne, matsu wa, itsumademo matsu wa …
yasu      :   good girl and now go to sleep …



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