@Office Post : Time is Always Unfair … (Another me and yasu in Pandora)

this time in here @my boss office in Pandora, time is so slow, and i am sooo boring, …  eetto before i start this boring @Pandora post, hey look what arrived yesterday …… tarararara ….!!!

i used the cheapest one delivery for my Cho Fan Club edition but the funny thing is i think i choose EMS , … and i keep askin for the tracking number to him, … OMG OMG i feel so bad ne, i am so sorry for that ….

btw recently the weather turns to be cold,

noi        :   OMG, ya_san did i move to London already? ….
yasu     :   not yet, it’s Pandora right ….?
noi        :   but it feels like London, omo there’s a fog here   …
yasu     :   hooo, ….
noi        :   hey i mean it …
yasu     :   okay, whatever ….

rain keep comin everyday : early morning rain, afternoon and and night.  I read on one book if rain in the morning is a rain for rich people …. why? because if on that day rain fall in the morning only rich people can say : I don’t wanna go to work because rain is fall this morning, ….

it is fine for them (read : rich peoples) to use rain fall in the morning as a reason for not to go to work, … because they still have lots of money save on their bank accounts and if they have to go somewhere on that rainy morning, they still able to go anywhere without being wet by using their cars , ….

I’m not rich so unlike me, they don’t have to run after a bus, bicycle, walk to the bus station while dealing with an old and annoying umbrella that somehow able to make another conspiracy with rain to make me wet, wet all over my frozen sexy body …. ahahahha …. *kicked to Alaska*

yasu      :     eeehhh sexy? ….  nee noi_chan come on, just say you feel lazy to go to work today
noi         :     well …..
yasu      :     and you envy to them who can stay at home today ..
noi         :     yes, you right … how did you know that?
yasu      :     because you are so obvious ne

so yes, i feel envy to all of them who stay at home on this cold rainy day i wish i can do that, but for me who always run from all this deadline who after me that’s sound impossible, ….  so today i woke up more early this morning because last night my friend Mrs. BCL text said : come to office early ok, because our boss is stay at office tonight , he want to do some inspection tomorrow

OMG, …


i have to be at office before 07:00 am half our more early than i used to be at 07:30 am , … i have to be there before him, ….  or he is gonna mad at me again ….  but then i fund out if that text message is only a joke from my office_mate and they got me ….

Bloody Hell ....

yasu     :    they got you ne, poor noi_chan …
noi        :    this is totally crap, ….
yasu     :    ahahaha …..

so here i am now got nothing to do, do nothing at office but stay on line and wrote this rant boring post and bother all my friend list to saw this, …. and wait for the time to go home, …. this is what i always think about time, …. for me

Time is Always  Unfair

whenever i got nothing to do but wait, time is gonna run slow, very slow ,….  maybe it’s just rolling2 on the floor instead of running, …  but when i got a lot of things to do time made a conspicary with all the dead line to make me run and run doing my works , ….

what i’m doin now is eat Durian, …. this month is a Durian season, … and i eat that Durian almost everyday, … and i love it, even for some people said this fruit smells like a shit, but for me this shit taste great …. and to all of you who haven’t eat this fruit you have to try it ne ….

i remember when i was on college, i always walk to my campus and the rute to my campus pass the durian plantation, … on this season i can smell durian everywhere, and i always use umbrella to cover my head. i don’t want a durian fall on me when i’m walking there , …. but there’s one joke about this fruit …. they said :

if there’s a durian fall on your head, then you’ll gonna be rich …. ahahaha

yasu     :    of course you’ll gonna be rich …
noi        :    eeeh ….
yasu     :    rich with a lot of scar on your head …
noi        :     @_@ …. how did you know that …
yasu     :    well you know one of my song is scar .. can you sing it?
noi        :    eeettooo …. can i sing nemuri hime? ..
yasu     :    i knew it ….
noi        :    i am sorry ya_san, but i’ll learn that song for you …
yasu     :    whatever ,

i think my moviegoers soul is on me now, after i kind a lost it for a moment, and i am so glad to get oit back, … so last these days i spent my time in front of my telly (read : telly is for television, thanks to SHERLOCK for this), its a nice change ne, and change does happen whether i like it or not , …. even yes, there’s some part of me that i always want to change, or reduce it a little bit like how selfish i am, how  lazy i am to do something by myself and always told someone else to do that for me  …

Remember the first part of SHERLOCK season 1 episode 2 : The Blank Banker? … on that scene John told SHERLOCK about his problem using his card to buy something on the grocery store
and then SHERLOCK with his fabulous bossy style talked to John : Go get my card ….!!!

that scene is my fave, and i think i did that to Tekki, everytime i ask her to pay my bills, like TV and many other things i just gave her my card and act bossy with her. …. but what happen yesterday is totally chaos, …. this is the second time she lost my card,  the first time she lost my card was when i told her to pay my cable TV bill and yesterday i gave he my card, to buy some shoes for me, …. and then at the same day she lost her phone (this is the third time) and also my card ….

i can’t believe this is happen again, ….  she lost my card twice? what the …. and i found it yesterday when i asked : hey where’s my card? …. and there you are the game is on again our (read : me and Tekki)’s game of loosing card … i should’nt gave her my card,  cash is better ne, and i am not gonna blame her because the fault is on me, …. it always me , and i should buy it myself …..

and now i have to go to police station to make some report, about how i lost my card, because the bank never gonna give me another new card if i don’t have an official report from police about my lost. i hate if i have to deal with police, …  my one and only time to deal with police is on my CSI time …. xD

i think i am gonna do that next Friday, i’ll take a day off …. and next Friday i have a lot of things to do ne, …. and i have to do that on schedule because Friday is a short day ….  well i am already make my list to do on Friday ….

~     Get my New Year’s card design to print … i have a list who i am gonna send new years card
~     Send my letter to Joanna, …. because i dunno why they send my letter back from Vietnam , …
~     Renew my Bucket List for 2012
~     Renew my Janne FC membership …
~     Get my new ID card and solve some tax related things
~     Go to police station to report my lost card …

so tomorrow is gonna be a very long Friday, …..  and i hope everything is gonna be done in one day, i don’t wanna repeat it again and again. beside that time is running out ne it’s already December and soon March is gonna come and the time for me to meet them is comin ….

yes, time is so unfair but nothing is fair in this world but Thank God my feeling for this man is fair enough : 

The Feel of a fangirl and her brilliant idol 

yasu      :    fair ….. for who?
noi         :    who else but for you and me …. ahahaha
yasu      :    what the


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