Sleepless In Bahama Post : Yes Sir, You Are Brilliant … (Another me, yasu and Willy)

i should sleep now because tomorrow i still have to go to work and as usual Sunday is my time to drive myself to office. But still i can’t sleep because i just realized if i left one of my purse at office today, OMG what if somebody steal it?  ….

and what i am doin now is chek my twitter timeline lookin for Mark Gatiss tweet, well i still see it so he didn’t remove me from his follower, … well that’s what i always feel if i can’t find Mark Gatiss tweet on my timeline ….. *baka*

but anyway before i start to rant, yes …  on my sleepless night, i am gonna rant … let’s watch this video first

yes, that’s lat month Otobake Bar show, i watched that video above yesterday and i just love it, well at least this one is better quality than mine, ahahaha …. i never make a real good recording video btw, it’s always blurry just like my blurry eyes, and i blame my net connection for this, yes, 100% ..

one of the host Jun Komori, she was so funny there i mean how she teased yasu like that and make him laughed a lot like that that’s great, and how she acted after listening the lyrics from PISTOL …. and yeah i love the way he (read : yasu) laugh a lot like that . ….

there’s a part where yasu supposed to sing Cho, but because everybody laugh so he just stop sing, so he only tooke the Me Wo Tojita Mama …. part , …. ah actually i wanna hear him more singing Cho like that  that would be awesome ne? …. and on this comment on Samurai Entertainment for CRISIS, OMG i just love his hair  ….

with the new Live Tour schedule start on May, …. waw he is gonna be so busy ne, and Live Tour 2012 on May is that supposed to mean a new album, 3rd abum before May? ….




btw 2 days ago, i received a very shocking email from L’arc Official and the mail said about L’20 ticket sale for Bangkok and Shanghai ……

L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 Bangkok and Shanghai Ticket Info Announcement!Thanks very much for registering for Special Ticket Information about the L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012.We’d like to send information about Bangkok and Shanghai ticket to everyone who registered.
It’s been 20 years since the band formed, and now the legend is taking a new stage!
Tickets are definitely going to be hard to come by, so please check the presales out.

*Tickets are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets will go quickly – thanks for your understanding!

[Ticket Sales Schedule]




Presale Start From

Ticket Link

March 7th,
2012 (Wed)


Bangkok, Thailand

Sat – Jan 7, 2012 10:00AM


March 10th,
2012 (Sat)


Shanghai, China

Thu – Dec 22, 2011 12:00PM


*We’ll provide information about tickets to other shows as information becomes available.

and i was like …..




finally, after all this time they confirmed for Bangkok, deep in my heart i was afraid if they gonna cancel Bangkok because of what happen in Bangkok, but thank God, the show still go on and

yesterday at Friday as always i didn’t go to work but i choose to finish to deal all my papers that i need for my trip to watch Larc. ….

during the process for all that papers i need, i realized if one thing i never have in my life is patient, …. yes, i don’t have it and maybe this is the reason why God always make me wait for everything, …. for example i have to wait one year after i graduate from college and stay at home babysitting my nephew Ipang before i start to work because of my health problem ,  how i have to wait my bus in the morning, and many more ….

Waiting is boring, very very boring. but in the middle on the waiting process even you don’t have a patient and feel so annoying for have to be wait , ….  i can sure you, you still gonna get something to learn, to watch and to think. ….

in my case, i watch how different is the work rhythm between a government officer and the common/private officer. See i came at 08:00 when the office open because i knew if that day was Friday and as usual Friday is a short day and i don’t wanna missed that. but they just make me wait like forever, ….

and when i asked about how long i have to wait? ….  one of the officer (she was my classmate on elementary and junior high school) said i have to wait longer because at that day there’s only one operator who can operate the computer/machine, printer or whatever they name it so i can get my new ID card. …

but then i think, of course i have to wait, not because of there’s only one operator that day but also because the operator was like that, see instead of work as soon as possible because she had many peoples waiting include me, what she did first have some breakfast while a little eh no big chit chat and play some music ….

Bloody hell,what was that?  come on, mam i am waiting here forever and i hate to be wait. I know i don’t pay for this service and the government is the one who pay you but still hey i am a citizen of this country and yes, i pay tax so that’s mean i also pay you right? …. because that’s where your salary come from ….  this is the reason why i hate bureaucracy  …. it always like that, so long and make other people wait and the officer who act like that , …. they shouldn’t act like that, ….

but then after try so hard to be patient and watch many things i get my new ID card, ….  i wanna go home but i remember about my Fools Mate, it should be arrived today so i went to post office to get my magazine , …. for some reason post office didn’t want to deliver my package to my home anymore and they asked me to get it at office ,

yasu    :   i think i know why ….
noi       :   why?
yasu    :   maybe they get bored deliver your package, …
noi       :   eeeehh …
yasu    :   noi again and again, .

FYI from now on, i am not gonna post my scans elsewhere but here in my LJ, Facebook, Tumblr, Ameblo and WordPress, …. yes, i am gonna keep it on my own area. if you ask for the reason, that’s becasue i realized if i posted to much on [info]jrock_scans and i often forgot to add some details for my scans like what edition and what number of the magazine i scan. …

not only that, i think there’s many other people out there who also want to post their scan, not only me so maybe that’s the reason why i am not able to post my scan there anymore because i am already over my limit for post there, …. OMG how can i never think about that? …. see this is another proof of how selfish i am ne? …

so yes i got my magazine, scan it and

there you are enjoy this brilliant yasu …..!!!

Question : Isn’t he lovely? ….
Answer   : Indeed he is ….

ah ya remember i wrote about a doctor who told me to start my diet? …. nah i think i forgot to tell him if i also have this gastric problem where, i am gonna have a stomach ache if i don’t eat much or late for my meal, ….  i am not a doctor, so the simple explanation from me as the doctor for my own and i am the one who have to responsible for my health ne …

the explanation or you can say my analysis  is  maybe I have a longer intestine and winding than others, and all food will be lost in the winding journey before reaching the stomach, so if i always feel hungry , that’s normal ne? ahahahahha …… *slapped by Dr. House*

yasu     :    that’s only a reason for you to cancel your diet ne …
noi        :    hmmm, demo ya_san, what are you doing?
yasu     :    i am gonna call Dr. House …
noi        :    oh nooooo ……….

okay yes, i admitt i don’t wanna do that diet, … because i tried it. yesterday i don’t eat after 09:00 pm and i also missed my midnight dinner, but what happen is my stomach hurt, …. it feels like hell, and i think all the worms in it just start to protest to ask some food and they start to bite my stomach on their protest , ….

that night i wanna eat to reduce my pain but because i can’t find anything but bananas so i ate some bananas and go to sleep and the next morning at office i almost collapsed …  so Diet? bloddy hell no but i am gonna go to that doctor again to find another way to make my blood pressure normal  …

and today someone tell me about how by swim twice a week can make you healthy and you are not gonna fat, ….  bloddy hell, did she just mock me? she know if i can’t swim,  and me start to learn swimming? …. well i don’t think so because

Swimming  twice a day make you healthy yes, but not big?  i don’t think so , …..

yasu    :    why?
noi       :    come on ya_san, look at Willy, …
yasu    :    Free Willy the whale …?
noi       :    yes, see how many times he swim in one day? he even sleep while swimming , but look at him, he is stil big …. ahahahaha *laugh with Willy*
yasu    :    hey, don’t take Willy on this and just say if you are lazy to do that …
noi       :    i am not lazy now, i am hungry …
yasu    :    then you can eat Willy ….
noi       :    noooo ……



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