Acid Black Cherry cover for 14th single is BELIEVE ….. (Another me, yasu and Friday Euphoria)

i think i know why yasu choose this song as the recreation track for 14th sinlge : ….




yasu : why ….?
noi : because it’s December …
yasu : then …
noi : it’s Christmas ne …

when i heard this song for the 1st time, what i get from this song is a Christmas feeling, …. and this song is so fit with to this very long December , … well you should listen to this one tonight on Christmas eve and if you have snow fall … that’s perfect …

you can listen the MP3 here


朝一番のホームの 冷えた静けさが好きさ
袖の長めのシャツに 風が泳ぐのが好きさ
空を抱きしめたいよ この手のひらで
今を確かめたいよ 瞬間の速さに
わけもなく泣きたくなったよ My Heart

ひとつのサヨナラに キミは臆病にならないで
いつものキミになれるまで 自由に生きることさ
夢を夢のままでは 終わらせないでいて
人は違う傷みに 胸しめつけられて
この河の流れを 越えてゆく

よくにた瞳をした恋人は 淋しさかかえてる

恋の行方はいつも わからないから
今を信じていたい 言葉じゃなくて
街も人も動きだすよ My Love

平凡すぎる毎日と 今をなげくよりも
追いつく自分の弱さを 追いこしてゆきたい
ココロ沈むときにも 一人にならないで
声にしない激しさに 胸しめつけられて
この河の流れを 越えてゆく

ひとつのサヨナラにキミは 臆病にならないで
いつものキミになれるまで 自由に生きることさ
夢を夢のままでは 終わらせないでいて
人は違う傷みに 胸しめつけられて
この河の流れを 越えてゆく


Asa ichiban no hōmu no hieta shizukesa ga suki-sa
Sode no nagame no shatsu ni kaze ga oyogu no ga suki-sa
Sora o dakishimetai yo kono tenohira de
Ima o tashikametai yo shunkan no haya-sa ni
Haga reta machi no posutā Wake mo naku nakitaku natta yo My Heart

Hitotsu no sayonara ni kimi wa okubyō ni naranaide
Itsumo no kimi ni nareru made jiyū ni ikiru koto sa
Yume o yume no mamade wa owara senaide ite
Hito wa chigau itami ni mune shimetsuke rarete
Kono kawanonagare o koete yuku

Yoku nita me wo shita koibito wa sabishi-sa kakae teru
Kogoe-sō ni hibiku kurakushon
Nagasa retakunai yo

Koi no yukue wa itsumo wakaranaikara
Ima o shinjite itai kotoba janakute
Shigunaru ga kawattara
Machi mo hito mo ugokidasu yo My Love

Heibon sugiru Mainichi to ima o nageku yori mo
Oitsuku jibun no yowa-sa o oikoshite yukitai
Kokoro shizumu toki ni mo hitori ni naranaide
Koe ni shinai hageshi-sa ni mune shimetsuke rarete
Kono kawanonagare o koete yuku

Hitotsu no sayonara ni kimi wa okubyō ni naranaide
Itsumo no kimi ni nareru made jiyū ni ikiru koto sa
Yume o yume no mamade wa owara senaide ite
Hito wa chigau itami ni mune shimetsuke rarete
Kono kawanonagare o koete yuku

see what i mean, do you feel it? well you should feel it because i feel it even i don’t have snow here for Christmas eve in Bahama. so …. It’s always sunny here so What’s in Bahama? … there’s only




yes, there’s only sunny, bunny, hunny (read : hyde, noi, yasu) … and the money

ahahahahah *dumped to Alcatraz*

yasu : OMG you are a gold digger now …
noi : no, i am not ..
yasu : then …
noi : I am a love digger, …. especially your love …
yasu : what the

A lot of things happened to me , and all of that happen in the same month, this very2 long December , up and down things one of it just made me down, down so deep and made me lock my self in the dungeon, but the other thing just blown me up high and dragged me out of the dungeon ….

God is so Fair ne, ….. after gave me something down me and then in the afternoon gave me something that blown me away and made this feeling back , …..

in the middle of my time burried with tons of paper suddenly there’s a text message for me and guess from who? …..

yasu : who? ….
noi : not from you …
yasu : of course not, then who …
noi : you know who …
yasu : him …? uso …
noi : no this is true, can you believe it ya_san ….. can i jump on you now?
yasu : no no go away, go jump to Niagara …!!!
noi : aaaahhh ….

OMG this is true, me (read : not yasu) texted me, …. this is what i call a Friday Euphoria, i got atext message from Mr. Friday on a Friday afternoon, waw this is a brilliant coincident ne? … at that time my heart beat was so fast, … i just can’t believe it, he texted me to ask about some stuffs and yeah it was simple stuffs but still blown me away …

and made me lost in here somewhere over the rainbow , and i hope yasu my one and only Pirate of Cherrybean is gonna find me a.s.a. p ….

noi : nee ya_san …
yasu : what ….?
noi : find me a.s.a.p …
yasu : i’ll do it later, …. you know i am busy now ..
noi : then what should i do …
yasu : do what you always do , … wait …
noi : aish ….
yasu : noi_chan, just enjoy your lost ne …. *laugh*

believe it or not, but you better believe it ne that simple text message with a simple message just made me forget about what happen, …. yes, the text message is simple but the person who send it is not simple, at least for me , ….

last week i went to see a doctor next to my office because of my blood pressure and then i dunno when it started then he said something really scarry to me and he asked me to see another specialist doctor in the hospital, …. what he said to me was so scarry i just can’t stop thinking about it, …. and all the should a could a would a things just dancing arround my mind my tiny little boring brain

… and for something like what the doctor said to me the worst scenario is i am gonna loose it , …. i know mine is not a D cup, but still i don’t wanna loose it , . actually i dunno what cup fit in me, because i never use cup sized for bra, but in here we use number , ….

yasu : then what cup ….?
noi : mine is ABCD cup ….
yasu : yeah right ….
noi : then don’t ask ….

and now after spent 2 days thinking and act like a fool by myself because i don’t tell anybody about this not because i am not sure about this but also i don’t think there’s no need to tell about this one to somebody. My mom? i am gonna make sure she is the last person i am gonna tell about this one, because i don’t wanna make her more dramatic for another things to worry about.

Tekki maybe if i am already get the result and sure 100% about this because now everything is blurry just like my blurry eyes. So what i am doing now is try to be calm,

pray for the best and prepare for the worst

but on this blurry situation i decided to not let go my feeling about Mr. Friday. yes after spent almost one year try and try to forget about him (read : not yasu) and try to erase him from my mind ….

today i realized this feeling just wont go away easily, …. so i am gonna keep it, yes i am gonna be like Prof. Snape who continue loving Lily Potter unconditionally, … well call me crazy but i am gonna keep this feeling inside. I don’t care if Lord Voldermorth gonna back and tell his snake Nagini to kill me just like what he did to Prof. Snape …

if you ask me why, the answer is because this feeling is the best feeling that i ever had, and i am gonna keep it until it gone by itself, you know naturally. as you all know nature is always better. and about how this feeling is gonna be un_fair to somebody i think that would be fine because i am gonna keep it for myself and loving somebody silently like this is not a crime ne? ….

enough about my rant, and now lats talk about last Friday Mujack you can see the video here :

(see what i mean with Friday Euphoria?) i should put this as my blog post title for tonight. btw that girl in the red shirt looks like the little girl whoi joined on Jealkb Live House Tour with yasu ne?

and look what he did …

he did a wish pose ……xD, …. and from his full make up face , … i think he just did some photoshoot or some video message shoot, … but i love his hair … and btw i just change my LJ banner with this image

see it’s so fit with my LJ ne, …. the pink and grey yasu, my LJ background color is grey and i don’t know how to change it but eventually i love it. about the Pink is not just because of A Study in Pink but if you noticed i use pink often when i wanna make clear about some point.

but the weird thing is i dunno why but the pink color that i am already choose was change into dark orange/yellow when i post it …. ah i don’t wanna think about it, that’s too complicated, my tiny little boring brain is not gonna able to deal with it, and i am not good dealing with this kind of thing, … i am already gratefull for being able to change my LJ layout and banner by myself.

ah ya just received my Arena 37 and Songs January 2012 issue and i because Mr. Postman wont deliver my package to my home anymore so i went to post office to get it and that day when i asked to the officer about my package

he asked me : a package for who?
i said : for Noi, Noi Himura
he asked again : where’s the address …?
i told him : Bahama 221 B

yasu : that fake address again …..?
noi : just let me finish this ok …

and then the post officer asked me to show him my ID card and i show him my new ID card because that day i just renew my ID card but too bad i didn’t scrub my hair so my ID card photo is totally disaster, the same disaster with my driving license photo card. and then

he asked me again : how long you’ve been here ?
i said to him : i’ve been here forever …

OMG his eyes must be blurry like my eyes if he really think i am Japanese just because my name and when

he asked me again : What is the meaning of Noi ? ….
i told him : i dunno….

because i really clueless about this What is The Meaning of Noi ? maybe if i can figure out what is the meaning of Noi, my boss gonna stop calling me with Moi or miaww …. i better think about this one ne ….

i scanned it so enjoy this Pink and Gray yasu with A Bucket of Roses

in this January 2012 issue Arena 37 interview key to yasu is CRISIS, ….

C : is for Cooking
R : is for Respect …. (he mentioned hyde and Morie from Dead End)
I : is for Internet
S : is for Smell
I : is for Impact
S : is for Smile

Songs magazine

and this Christmas eve on SHERLOCK calendar is this one,

OMG look at them, both smiling like that, that’s so sweet, … and also 5 seconds of Benny’s ass on SHERLOCK trailer is also sweet, … thanks for Mycroft for this

noi : nee ya_san are we going to Rusia now …?
yasu : eeeh …?
noi : well maybe to watch some bear …
yasu : stop it, that’s not funny ne ….
noi : btw tonight is Christmas eve and tomorrow is
Acid Black Christmas, but why can’t i see Acid Black Canta? ….
yasu : Santa …? come on noi_chan, you’re not a child anymore …
noi : but still …
yasu : weird …


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