L’arc_en Ciel New Album BUTTERFLY : is Perfectooo ….. ( Another me, yasu and L’arc)

blame my dirty fangirl brain but in my mind when i read that for the 1st time it looks like Merry XXX yasu ? …..

Oh May Goooo To Basuketooo …… aaaaaaa ….. *fall from bed*

i can’t stop laughing when i read that sentence for the first one on Yuki’s blog post. and then she asked me :  you don’t get this message?  this is from Janne mobile fanclub, …. i didn’t get that message btw because i don’t know how to join FC with mobile or something,

btw i am not gonna talk about yasu or  tonight but what i am gonna talk about is L’arc new album next year is  BUTTERFLY …..




noi       :     ya_san is there is something about this?
yasu    :     about what …?
noi       :     this one , ….  after your Butterfly single and now L’arc new album is BUTTERFLY? …. OMG is there a Butterfly euphoria happen ….
yasu    :     eeeh ….

just came from my vacation today to watch SHERLOCK HOLMES, …. i know i shouldn’t go anywhere, because today, eh no i mean yesterday 26/12 is the date for L’arc Streaming live , … but what can i do i haven’t receive my CD. i should’ve receive it today but because today is still Christmas euphoria so the post office was close ….

what a crap ne? …. but that’s fine because somebody who is so kind already upload it on You Tube , and yes i give 1 million galleon credits to you Haydee Takarai for this

SONG: Shade of Season
words: yukihiro
music: yukihiro

so this one is Yukihiro, well i love it …. i wonder what this song is talking about and what is on Yukihiro’s mind when he wrote this song? ….. yay …!!!

SONG: wild flower
words: hyde
music: ken

SONG: Bye Bye
words: hyde
music: tetsuya


finally they reacord this song to an album, because i always love this song, i remember the first time i listen to this song Bye Bye on 15th Anniversary DVD and now after their 20th Anniversary they decided to record this song. Can you imagine after 5 years finally,

guys (hyde, ken, tetsuya and Yukihiro) what take you so long ne  ….. ?

SONG: 未来世界 (Mirai Sekai)
words: hyde
music: ken


hyde with glasses and his serious face like that, … i just love him like that , and i tell you something. i know and i always know if nobody is perfect but for me L’arc _en_Ciel is 99,99% perfect

i am tired now even i have a lot of things on my mind  to say or put in here  about what i get after watching SHERLOCK HOLMES : The Game of Shadows, yasu, me, hyde and this Bahama Love Triangle etc etc

btw i kind a mixed in my brain between SHERLOCK HOLMES : The Game of Shadows and L’arc song : Shade of Season so it became like this :

Game of Seasons ….    jiahahahaha …… *jump again from bed*

yasu    :   nee noi_chan you better go to sleep before you made another mess …
noi       :   ah ya you are right ya_san, and you always right …
yasu    :   indeed i am ..
noi       :   oyasumi …





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