SHERLOCK HOLMES The Game of Shadow : What a Delicious Complicated …. (Another me, yasu and Hyde)

okay this is gonna be a movie and fangirl post , but before i start it let’s look at this first from JACK IN THE BOX 2011 Report :

that’s Shinji SID, and the other one is from MUCC and OMG is that Hyde? …..

omo he looks young, somehow he is totally trapped in time capsule forever … i can’t wait for some TV station NHK maybe gonna air this one, i wanna see Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya, SID and another awesome stage performances as always on JACK IN THE BOX and yes,  of course i cant wait for The HYDE ….

and i wonder if Tetsuya’s guitarist Nakamura Yoshitsugu is he the same guitarist who joined him on his last tour Tetsuya and The Juicy Banana? … ah i can’t remember that …

and let’s talk about SHERLOCK HOLMES : The Game of Shadow

the story started when SHERLOCK try to save some doctor from a bom that Prof. James Moriarty send to him use Irene Adler as the courier. and after that they (read : SHERLOCK and Irene) made an appointment to meet in a restaurant , ….

even her mission is failed Irene still say okay for the date , but before meet SHERLOCK she has to meet Prof Moriarty first to report about her failness, and Prof Moriarty said if he is no longer need her then he just poison her with some deathly TBC virus. ….

and then the scene change to Baker Street 221B , and that day Dr, John Watson come to ask SHERLOCK about his bechelor party because he is gonna marry tomorrow with a woman named Marry and yes SHERLOCK is his best man and as the best man  he also the one who has to responsible about his bachelor party .

but that night , the night where Dr. Watson should have fun and enjoy  his last night be a bachelor but because of SHERLOCk everything jut screwed. and the result is Dr. Watson walking in the ale to marry to his beloved Marry while drunk, ….

look at his face and SHERLOCK’s face, …. SHERLOCK who knows if he can no longer involve his best friend into this dangerous things again came to Prof. Moriarty’s office in Cambridge to tell hi not to touch Dr. John Watson and his wife.

but Prof. Moriarty (this Guy Ritchie’s version of Moriarty is so scary) said no and still use them as SHRLOCK weakness. Then The Game of Shadows between Moriarty and SHERLOCK is on with Dr. Watson and his newly weds Marry involved in …

i am not gonna tell you the whole story about this movie because this movie there’s so many interesting scene and so many shocking twist that you have to found out by yourself , ….

nah because i am a fangirl so what i get from this movie is not far enough from my fandom world, … and about me, hyde and yasu. nah in this case Hyde is SHERLOCK, i am Marry and yasu is Watson, …  nah i finally understand what is gonna happen if i marry to yasu, ….

the result is my live is not gonna far enough from Mary where SHERLOCK is always between them, in my case there’s always gonna be Hyde between us (read : me and yasu) so i think being like this : a fangirl with her idol is the best for us. …

noi      :    so ya_san, ….. this is the best ne
yasu   :    the best? chotto i am Dr. watson, you Marry and Hyde is Sherlock?
noi      :    yes … ….
yasu   :    then what about Sherly …?
noi      :    Sherly, who is Sherly  …
yasu   :    what the

Omo, look what i am doing now, i do nothing but sit here in front of my netbook and let all my paper works just there calling me to be fixed, ….  and today i finished all my paper works this day because i do nothing yesterday what i did just went to banks, post office to get my CRISIS and CHASE and yes, i got it yesterday …..

and guess what i didn’t get the poster and after shamelessly asked to CD Japan via twitter and eventually the fault is mine , OMG i never know i there’s a different option about packaging like that on CD Japan,  so in this case i didn’t get the poster because my dear sista Mickey Holmes (ah ya tonight i am Sherly Holmes) chose an envelope to pack my CD , ….

yasu      :    so you are Sherly now …
noi         :    yes ….
yasu      :    and live in London ….?
noi         :    i hope so …
yasu      :    then go there by yourself ….
noi         :    no no ya_san, come with me

there you are you can see the CRISIS Offshoot here :

and the bonus clip in here :

for this one they just spread it randomly from 5 or 6 PV they made for version of CRISIS, nah what i get is The Black Haired yasu version, i wish i got the nerd or the Hyde version, ….

this time at the end of this year i wanna make some list to do next year or thing that i romised my self to do but  when i made a promise to myself i often broke it. for example before i go home i promise to myself as soon as i get home, have dinner and shower what i am gonna do next is finish all my un_done woks at office . nah when i get home, instead of start doing my works i watched Grey’s Antomy for 2 hours and after that have some dinner and until now i still haven’t do anything , but watching this over and over …..

yes preview from Acid Black Channel, ….

OMG the PV and the song is so sad, as they said this is a sad love ballad and when i listen to this song somehow i remember Rainy ~ Ai No Shirabe …. a closing song, also sad and somehow the way yasu sing it just make me sad and i wanna cry? …. OMG what the hell is happen to me ? …..

and about the PV … well everybody got their own first impression  everytime they see something. like when  this  Acid Black Cherry Yes PV preview came out yesterday and like what Levy told me some fangirl said if this PV looks like Jin Akanishi and then continued with copycat talks or something. …

but i don’t think so, … well i am sayin this not because i am Yasu’s fulltime fangirl even the fact is i am his fulltime fangirl. … nah let me tell you what is on my mind when i saw Yes PV preview …. my mind blown to this :

the part where yasu’s hold the little girl’s hand and walk together, it just remind me of first scene on this movie, my fave movie … at the beginning of the movie there a scene where a mother cryin while following all the doctor to ER with her sick daughter, …. she said : Please God don’t take her, not now over and over but as we all know at the same time God was already send one angel named Seth Plate (what a weird name right?)

yes, i know  Nick Cage is not blonde and he didn’t use hoody like yasu but still that’s what i feel, something like missing somebody, searching and then find it or something else maybe if you listen to the song again and again, ….

you can listen to Yes in here with yasu’s talking of course  and there you are the lyrics of Yes  btw this is not the official yet but as always it is a from listening lyrics  so maybe there’s some mistakes

Acid Black Cherry : Yes
From Listening Lyrics


たった一言 簡単な言葉なのに
外は雨 あの日と同じ夜の雨
ごまかす僕 いたずらに笑う君が好きだったんだ
もういい もういいよ
何 なによりも愛してる君の手を僕は離したんだ
ばいばい ばいばい
ポケットの中 誓いをしない恋



Ame ni uta re kimiwosagashite sakende ita
Aishi teru aishiteruyo
Furishikiru ame no oto ni koe wa kakikesa reta
Todoki wa shinaide mo kamawanai
Harisakete mo
Aishi teru aishiteruyo
Tatta hitokoto kantan’na kotobananoni
Naze boku wa kimi ni itte agenakatta ndarou

Soto wa ame ano Hi to onaji yoru no ame
Jikan ga wasure saseru no wa usorashī
Jareru-kimi ashirau boku suneru kimi
Kigatsukeba kimi toita hibi omoidashite

Watashinokoto Aishi teru? Ga kimi no kuchiguse
Gomakasu boku itazura ni warau kimigasukidatta nda

Sasainakoto de kimi o naka shita
Ame ni uta re Mōī Mōī yo
Nani yori mo Aishi teru kimi no te o boku wa hanashita nda
Namidau ka be
Emi tte miseta namidagoe de Bai bai bai bai
Daisukidatta kimi no egao ga setsunakute
Itoshikute kanashikute mata sora ga naki dashita

credit to : 宇佐見 みさき @FB

btw i started to watch Grey’s Anatomy and it’s not only that i think i start to watch many medical series from Combat Medical (this one is about doctors who served in Afghanistan), Miami Medical, Howthrone (in here we can see Marc Anthony) and many more ….

if you ask me why the answer is because i wanna find a doctor to replace  Dr. Gregory House, and i think Dr. Mark Sloan from Grey’s Anatomy fit for that …

yasu   :    come on, just say if you’re in love with him now …
noi      :    of course not …
yasu   :    yes, you do …
noi      :    i do not …
yasu   :    you do .. nee noi_chan are we gonna play this do and do not game tonight …
noi      :    are we …?  well let me tell you something about Dr. Sloan …

Dr. Mark Sloan is a very dandy doctor, he is a plastic surgeon doctor (this is why he never able find a woman to date with or to get laid with) because as you know a plastic surgeon usually perfectionist about face and look and that things also happen in his life , …. and he is a player, totally player but i think he is a very nice doctor ne , …

on my last vacation am not only watch movie but i need to have some fun time for my self, and yes i need a vacation. maybe i worked to hard this year and this is why i got sick recently. and even on my vacation i also feel too much differents between the old noi and the recently noi.

i used to be okay walking from mall to mall just to find one perfect shoes or some cloth but now what happen is just walk around one mall i am already tired, i can’t do it anymore , ….  not only to watch RDJ and Jude Law’s SHERLOCK i also want to add some colors on me (read : my cloths) , ….  so i wanna buy some colors cloths another color beside black and white. ….  but then look what happen

another black and white outfits again for me, but this time not bad at all becaus i also bought this one, this green (or blue?)  blink blink outfit

isn’t it beautifull? i mean look at the blink blink somehow it makes me feel like i am in India , … so ya_san, let’s move to India now ….

yasu    :     after Sherly, London and now India ….?
noi       :     yes, …
yasu    :     and then who is your India name …?
noi      :      Anjeli maybe …… *wink*
yasu    :     no no noi_chan/Sherly/Anjeli or what ever you are, … we’re not going to India , …
noi       :     why ….?
yasu    :     see what is on my head now? don’t say you have no idea where are we going to now …
noi       :     OMG north pole? …. really? , then give me a polar bear hug …..
yasu    :     eeehhh ……

and for this Christmas i think Acid Black Christmas is not complete without Acid Black Santa and after waiting and waiting finally my Acid Black Santa is comin today,  yay …!!!

so dear Santa i want you onegai …..

yasu        :     @_@ no there’s no wish granted for a girl like you …
noi           :     like me …..?
yasu        :     yes, like you ….
noi           :     why ……? but i really want you now …
yasu        :     so you better be a good girl and wait for next year oke …..
noi          :     actually i wanna be a good girl, but ya_san, ….
yasu       :     but what?
noi          :    “because i don’t want the world to see me coz i don’t think they understand, and when everything’s made to be broken i just want you to know who i am ……” … *sing*
yasu       :    how many time i have to tell you … don’t sing …..



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