Random Post : A Man Walked Into a Bar and ….. (Another me, yasu and this Fangirl things)

just finished watch/re_run NCIS tonight and yes i am 100% NCIS Maniac because i have at least one from all the symptoms of NCIS Maniac, …..

and the symptom is i call the new guy/girl at my office with probie, act bossy and sometimes make fun of him/her just like what DiNozzo always did to McGee. If there’s a quiz or some application on  Facebook wha/who are you in … Nah in this case the question is : If i am one of NCIS , then who i would be? ….  and the answer is :

I may not be perfect but i am DiNozzo …..

Anthony Dinozzo, is my fave character from NCIS team beside Gibbs of course, he is kinda funny man but sometimes he also can be so serious, and i don’t like hen he is so serious. For me he is not DiNozzo if he is not make fun and make everybody fun/annoyed with his joke. He is also a movie freak, how he always say some quote from a movie in every case OMG i love that …

this episode is about how all the team member have to deal with one Doctor to evaluate all of them, and all of them talk about the same thing : about how they deal with Kate’s gone, ….

the Kate’s death episode is so sad because i never imagine if she is gonna be dead like that, in the hand of a sniper (he is Ziva’s half brother) and he decide to kill Kate instead of the others because her name is Kate and it fit to the bullet he use at that time, so among snipers they have one kind of  bullet with Kate as the code name   …

Gibbs choose not to talked about that because he think everything is over. The ending was when Ziva shoot her own half brother right to his head. for him the rest of it is memories and there’s nothing wrong with memories, Abby feels like she just lost her one and only sister to hang out with and how she deal it is with work and work harder. She only have her works and her private lab now, ….

DiNozzo choose to act nothing happen and be more stronger than before, somehow i think he really sorry to not be able protect Kate his partner that day and let her died like that, and for Ziva she works harder because how she feel about be the replacement to Kate so she must be better and work harder.  in the end the doctor (she is Kate’s older sister btw) said some question to Gibbs :

A man walk into a bar and he ask for a glass of water to the bartender. The bartender just take his gun shoot and almost shoot the man. But after that, the man say thank you to the bartender and give him some tips,  and the question is why?

then Gibbs answer the question with : because the man had a hiccup … xD , …. well that’s make a sense, but the point of this is about reaction. as always every action there always be a reaction follow. and in this case every body all the team member have their own way to deal with Kate’s death

nah again and again i am gonna connect this reaction things into this fandom and fangirl things. for me in this fandom world every fanboys and fangirls have their own way to express him/her feeling about his/her idol.  what is on their mind about their idols, and i am sure they all not the same way,

i just found something funny on Tumblr, there’s one post about Acid Black Cherry in this case is yasu, …. it’s 100% about yasu and OMG she (yes she is female) posted about what she had on her mind when she watch yasu she said ….

ah i am not gonna wrote it here because that’s so ….  ahahaha

yasu     :   so what ….?
noi        :   so ero ero … ah no, that’s not erotic …
yasu     :   then what ….?
noi        :    i dunno but you can read it here
yasu     :   but that’s not only about me …
noi        :   but still for me that’s funny ….
yasu     :    eee ….

because me, my self i never ever gonna post something like that, even yes i admit i have this dirty brain inside my head but still posting or wrote something like that is so far far away from my imagination. and well i am gonna give 666x (read : sexy sexy sexX) bravo for the owner of that blogs for that ….

and finally there’s only 2 days left on this year 2011, and well come to 2012 soon.  in the end of the year like always we all closing and with this closing means i have to work harder before new year finish all the damn report that need to be fixed.  all the Excel sheets on my netbook turn into shits when i got dizzy for too much stare at all the numbers.

all that numbers is a puzzle, my daily puzzle that i have to fix and arrange it so it can be perfect and ended balance. but today i just feel so sleepy, even i am already had my morning coffee but still very hard for me to concentrate dealing with those numbers. what i do first in the morning at office is have my morning coffee and some snack, open my Yahoo Messenger and get on line, checked my emails and then start do my works .

but here they come my daily sleepy. i dunno why i always sleepy everywhere. in the morning i feel sleepy because i haven’t eat something a.k.a. i am hungry nah after lunch i feel sleepy again because my stomach is full, over and over again  …

yasu     :   come on, just say you are lazy ….
noi        :   no ya_san but it just …
yasu     :   just what …
noi        :   ah i dunno
yasu     :   see ….

Acid Black Cherry Official  Ameba Blog just posted the 6 different version of yasu, well i am gonna call it with Y6 …. xD. i can’t wait to see all 6 version of CRISIS bonus PV nah what i am gonna do is wait until the CRISIS project that i posted on Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook done

on this CRISIS project is basicly i just asked to all of them who bought CRISIS single w/ DVD to tell which version  what the got and share it there on group, nah to you who read this and have the DVD you can join this CRISIS project and

yes dear, as always sharing is caring  …. xD

ah ya that’s my shoulders, not yasu’s btw  ….. ahahahaha ….. *dumped to Alaska*  i think there’s something wrong with my shoulder, my left one. I believe this is because everyday i put too much stuffs on my bag and by carry it everyday hurt my shoulders,….

and that’s my bag, what is inside it? everyday i put things : my netbook and the charger, 2 wallets, 2 handphones, 3 notebooks, 2 money cases with some cash inside it, my stationary, lunchbox, ….  that’s not much right, but still hurt my shoulders …

in the end of this year, i still do the same thing like what i always do, waiting for my stuffs comin and because New Year and Holiday i have to wait longer for my stuffs .. and CD Japan also close until next January 4th

so i have to wait for my Fools Mate January 2012 issue until next year with my CRISIS Fanclub editions, L’arc 2012 calendar and of course my L’20 Complete Box DVD, we (Mickey and me) ordered it from HMV and they haven’t ship it until next year unlike if you order i on CD Japan like [info]mrsmisser,  Milly and many more who already got it

btw now i am listening to YFC new single All My Love, thanks again to [info]mrsmisser who already upload and posted it on his LJ. somehow i love this song, see i am not into G (that’s how [info]adrio_nevralka always write if she mentioned Gackt) much but this song is lovely …. ah i better find the lyrics and translation

i know i should order Fools Mate January 2012 issue earlier because if i did that maybe today i am already got it , …. but ah okay i am not gonna do this stupid should a could a would a things again … but this January edition yasu is so good to be true, so there you are as always you can call this as teaser before i get my magazine and scan it next year ….



noi          :   OMG ya_san, this so fun ne
yasu       :   what
noi          :   to be able to say  i am gonna do it next year instead of i am gonna do it tomorrow even the real next year is the day after tomorrow ….. xD
yasu       :   what the …

oke oke here’s the teaser i just love this one,

I am not gonna make some new year’s resolution or something like that because my new year wish for this year is simple :  I just wanna be healthy end be better a better version of Noi . that’s all and i think i just found the way to start it with. Just like what His Holiness Dalai Lama said on his official tweet

A calm mind is really helpful in sustaining a healthy body

so what i am gonna do is stay calm and keep lookin at this man, why? for this time the reason is because he is just too good to be true but still brilliant ….!!!!!!

yasu       :   but i am true, i am real ne …
noi          :   for me sometimes you are too good to be true
yasu       :   well then there’s something wrong with you …
noi          :   it is …
yasu       :   then what is wrong?
noi          :   i am accidentally in love with you …
yasu       :   ah the accident again …. so boring …..


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