New Year’s Post : Say Bai Bai 2011 and Embrace 2012 …. ( Another me, yasu and Next 2012)

after almost one hour stare at my twitter time line and my telly screen at the same time finally i saw his new year’s tweet. that’s fine and it is always fine the fact that he never reply my tweets to him but still , …. my heart still draws a dream if he is gonna reply my tweet on my birthday, that would be brilliant …

yasu         :     him, who  ….?
noi           :      not you …
yasu         :     i know it’s not me, then who?
noi           :      i am not gonna tell you, btw how’s your New Year …?
yasu        :      then i am not gonna answer you …
noi           :      aaaaaaa ……

ah he is not gonna answer it and sure he is not gonna ask me either so i am gonna ask my self  how’s my new year’s eve?, ….  the answer is nothing special, just like another night but the different is i am free tomorrow, and who is gonna work on January1st btw ….

i spent my new year’s eve do nothing but stay tune on my telly while rolling2 on my bed watching Kohaku on NHK and of course waiting for Hyde. but because i watch Kohaku while watch Prince of Persia so i almost miss L’arc performance (i didn’t get the talk btw) but hey see how fast internet now is, i can see the performance plus talk now because someone is already upload it

again and again Hyde with his stunning hairstyle, and leader in red? …. but for me Ken and Yukihiro looks awesome tonight, ….  Hyde sounds amazing not only when he is singing but try to listen when he talk, he still sounds amazing …. not only that, now look at this new OHP image

they all flawless, and for Butterfly album cover …

lot’s butterfly and see how beautiful is it covered by butterfly all over her body. I watch this movie : Prince of Persia : The Sands Of Time  for the 2nd time on my telly, i am already add one movie channel to my cable start this January btw. that’s a sign that i am already get my moviegoers soul back

Where is Persia anyway? …  if you wanna find where is Persia now the answer is Iran. Yes Iran is Persia. The story begin 15 years ago when King of Persia adopt a child. The child named Dastan who has nobody and of course there’s no royal blood inside of him became Prince Dastan, Prince of Persia among 2 of the King’s son Tus the older and Garsiv

even Dastan is not their real brother but both of them ( Tus and Garsiv) love them, at the first time i have a feeling if Garsiv hate Dastan because The King love Dastan so much. but that’s not true , ….

because The King well educated all of his sons and keep told him if brotherhood is not depend on having the same blood but it depend on how stong is your sword, a strong sword to protect This Kingdom (Persia) together as one. and his sons keep it on their minds.

one day there’s a rumor from a spy that said if the kingdom of Alamut have a weapon and they wanted to attack Persia. so The Persia move one step forward by attack Alamat firt before they attack Persia. There’s one Princess in Alamut who really have no idea why did Persia attack her country. Her name is Princess Tamina.

Princess Tamina as the crown princess of Alamut have a duty to be the guardian of a blade, a legendary blade that her ancesstor told her to protect. and now the dagger is on Prince Dastan’s hand. The secret about this dagger is about the glass with some sands inside of it.

well that’s not an ordinary sands, but that sands is a sands of time, whoever own the dagger and push the button and there you are the sands of time is gonna tell him about what is gonna happen next. nobody knows about that but the dagger owner himself.  Not only that, but the dagger also can turn back the time.

nobody knows about this, but Princess Tamina and all the guardian who supposed to guard the dagger. But there’s one man who also know about the dagger and it capability of. He is The King’s younger broher.  He want he dagger so he spread the rumors about Alamut and makePersia attack them.

after attack Alamut succesfully,  Prince Dastan gave his father a prayer robes of Alamut as a gift. but who knows if the robes is already posined. What happen next is The King died because of the poison and before he died, he ask Dastan : why, why do you do this to me ….? yes the all think Dastan is the one who kill his father.

Dastan has no other option but run, and together with Princess Tamina he start his journey to prove his innocent and find who behind all of this, ….   the next part is the journey and this movie put all the details beautifully , … the scene, the scenery, between Dastan and Tamina from hate into romance step by step, and when Dastan and Tamina trapped in the sandstorms and they have to stay in a tents waw that just kick my brain back to when Jack G spent all night long with Heath Ledger ….




see how different is Jack Gyllenhaal in this movie from the koboi into the big guy from Persia, i don’t like him much after i watch him on Brooke Back Mountain and i think i only know him as Maggie Gyllenhaal’s brother. But everything is different when i watch him  on this movie …..

ah ya today on the 1st day of 2012 [info]lauraorganasolo was so awesome by posted and event called Celebrate 2012 with a 20th L’Anniversary Streaming on [info]larcenciel and i have a very wonderful time even late to join there . but then the streaming  was stopped because some reason, but the good news is she is gonna stream again for L’20 DVD Day to tomrrow on 7 am Japan Time, nah if you wanna join me you can go here

the best part of joined the Streaming Live event is being able to have some chit chat with L’arc fans out there while saying Happy New Year each other and of course the Hyde, Ken, tetsuya and Yukihiro talks. not only that she also stream some videos and we all laugh together (i think so) and when she streamed Hyde and Ken on Cartoon KAT TUN, OMG hyde was so funny 100% epic fail. i can’t remember exactly when did i watch that video but that’s so funny …

Ken_chan MC is soo funny …. @_@ OMG he can say lots of  yay yay yay yay so fast ne until made me blurry about what he said next but all the yay things , and then he said  something …. i dunno what is supposed to mean but then i found out if he talk about the next song Seventh Heaven …..

how hyde said hello, ni hao, then annyong haseyo and then konichiwa  is so adorable … that’s remind me when he said wo men se F4 in Taiwan Live and btw i also found out if they cut yasu’s part when he sang winter fall and honey together with all artists ….




noi      :    ya_san, they cut you part ne ….
yasu   :     of course they have to …
noi      :    but i thought i am gonna be able to see you  ….
yasu   :    come on, noi_chan don’t say you don’t know why they have to do it …
noi      :    yes, i know ….
yasu   :    so you know and now go away, don’t you see i am in the bathroom now?
noi      :    ups …..

of course i know the reason why they have to do it, the copyright things make them have to do that, it is impossible to include all of the artists from different label  who joined the acappela on the DVD. this event is the best new years for me and also this event give an idea to do the same thing to Acid Black Cherry DVD.

I think i am gonna do the same thing like what she did, to stream a dvd and watch it together with all ABC fans instead of upload it and enjoy the moment, talks maybe and watch together than watch it alone while skipp some part.  Because as you know i am so stupid to deal with something like uploading file, especially the big size one.  so i’ll think about that …

now let’s talk about yes single, …. now it’s already January where rain is gonna come everyday and thank God the long December is over so i am only have to wait for another 17 days to Acid Black Cherry 15th single yes comin and of course all of these stuffs :

OMG isn’t he looks brilliant? so yes yes yes i want all of that indeed i am waiting for all of that stuffs even until now i haven’t receive my CRISIS FanClub edition yet but ah i am fine with that ….

yasu     :    sure you are fine?
noi        :    yes …
yasu     :    why? ….
noi        :    because your next 15th single is yes,so i can’t say no ..
yasu     :    what the ..

i may look greedy for want all of that, but maybe i am and i think i start became into a collector, you know what i mean i bought all the CD just because i want the bonus stuffs all of it, and i don’t care if i bought double or triple for the same CD and i am gonna tell you again like what i posted on my Facebook and Tumblr

it’s fine to be a greed fangirl because for something like this (read : ABC stuffs) Greed is Sooo*with triple O* Good

if someone asked me about what’s 2011 on your mind? or what i feel about 2011? …. well last year (waw it’s so nice ne say a day before today as last year) is …. ah i dunno what to say. lot’s happen, but i am still the same me, didn’t change much as i expected on 2010, ….  but lot’s of things just make me happy last year

~    Yasu is everywhere in internet

from facebook, twitter, youtube, ameba etc. it just make me happy because it use to very hard to find some info about him but from the Acid Black Cherry Official Website but now even i can see him on that santa hat and his new year’s post yesterday

明けまして愛してる。姫始めはいつすんの? yasu

just a simple tweet and post on the facebook wall but still it really worthy ne, even i thought there’s gonna be a message video or something but hey that’s fine.

~   I got a promotion

a promotion means they are really see me, and how i worked all this time, for me it seems like i am not invisible anymore, me the one Noi who was always invisible to everybody and everywhere just get notified. I am so happy for this

~     This Man

he is Mark Gatiss and he is the reason why i stay on twitter. for what? just to see his twitter on my time line. yes again and again he never reply my tweets to him but still read and re_tweet all his tweet just make me happy. Mark Gatiss and his brilliant brain.

but what happen today just make me think if he is reply my tweet even not directly. He tweeted about him watching Wizard of Oz with his dog and i tweeted/ask him : What cath you in this movie? the red shoes catch me at the fisrt time. and the his next tweet is : As a child, the bit where the Wicked Witch of the East’s feet curl up terrified me. see see …..

and about what i want on next 2012? …. maybe i wanna be more lighter than i am now,  see how tanned i am? i spent more time outside than inside maybe this is because i enjoyed more outside /field job than desk job so there you are my skin is darker and darker but thank God my heart is not dark at least the sun didn’t effect my heart …


even this year my yasu looks hairstyle was totally failed and it became Dora looks hairstyle but i think i got the bang  just like yasu’s …….  ahahahahaha ….  or not?

okay last but not least just like one of Yes lyrics :

涙うかべ笑って見せた涙声で ばいばい ばいばい 大好きだった君の笑顔が切なくて

Namidau ka be Emi tte miseta namidagoe de Bai bai bai bai Daisukidatta kimi no egao ga setsunakute

what i am gonna say is :

Happy New Year to all of you minna, Let say Bai Bai to 2011 and embrace the brilliant 2012 together ….

yasu      :    embrace brilliant 2012 with you? ….  ah no …
noi         :    that’s fine ne ya_san ….
yasu      :    eeehh … really?
noi         :    sure ….
yasu      :    why? or is there’s something wrong with you?
noi         :    well you don’t have to embrace the brilliant 2012 with me because you are already brilliant ne ….. yay yay yay ….!!!
yasu      :    heeee ….. just do what ever you want ….


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