Finally …… : Aye Aye Sir, My Body is Ready and I am Chasing You … (Another me, yasu and Hyde)

so here i am still awake at this time 4 hours after midnight, no no i am not gonna try to be Cinderella now, my Cynderella syndrom is over 2 years ago when my one and only Prince Charming (you know who) was taken by Julia ….  and guess what syndrom i have now?




the answer is a Stockholm Sydrome …. nah as you all know Stockholm Syndrome s an apparently paradoxical psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them, and who kidnap me?

Yuki    :  who?
Junji    :  not me ….
yasu   ;   not me …
noi      :  but you should kidnap me ne …..
yasu   :  hey noi_chan, see my outfit? nah Pirate of Cherrybean season is over ne …
noi      :  but still, you can change ne …
yasu   :  no and nobody is gonna kidnap you …

ah okay then i am gonna save this Stockholn Syndrom to myself, maybe one day he is gonna be back as pirate and kidnap me again … #pray. btw now in this January where rain is gonna fall everyday here in Bahama, this matsuwa season also begin, with a new season on 2012. and the lists are :

~    Acid Black Cherry 15th single「イエス」Full PV

as what the ABC_staff posted on their Official Blog on Ameba they gonna reveal the full PV of 「イエス」 single on January 8th 2012 at 23:00 pm Japan Time from Their official Youtube Channel : Acid Black Channel and they gonna tweet the link at 23:00 Japan Time via their official twitter : @TEAM_ABCD

so you better stay tune on twitter because the game is on, what game is it? It is The Game of Counting Hours with Acid Black Cherry, i am sure this game is gonna start early just like the last time they did with Cho PV, the Counting Hours game was already started on 09:00 am and the PV reveled at 23:00 pm. What a long time for counting ne? but that was fine because we all know if Cho PV is worthy very worthy to wait.

~      My CRISIS FanClub Edition …

i should have receive my stuffs 2 days ago but because of New Year so it still stucked in somewhere between custom board and post office. But today when i asked them (the post officer) they said maybe tomorrow, but tomorrow i am gonna be on my vacation  i wanna watch MI4 : The Ghost Protocol and find some black dress to wear. So i am gonna get it on Monday OMG i can’t wait for the sleeve case

Today tekki said if she is gonna graduate on 27th this month so i better prepare myself like what outfit i am gonna wear, my mom’s outfit, shoes etc. see i am already waiting for this almost a year, she said she is gonna graduate January last year but untill now she still not graduate yet.

yasu     :    a black dress …
noi        :    yes …
yasu     :    for graduation, are you sure?
noi        :    yes
yasu     :    why black …
noi       :     well thanks to you ne ….
yasu    :     eeehh me?

~    My Acid Black Christmas Goodies …

for this one i dunno when i am gonna get it, somehow for something like this i have to wait longer, just like what happen when i bought Free Live Goodies. bu too bad i missed the bag because i really want it …

~     BBC SHERLOCK HOLMES  Season 2 Episode 2 : The Hount of Baskervilles

i just can’t wait for this at Sunday, BBC is gonna air that and i have to find another spot on Lifestream to watch it, … I hope i can find it. so next Sunnday is gonna be a very busy Sunday night till dawn for me because at 23:00 Japan Time i am gonna be with yasu and then after that i am gonna move to Baker Street 221B join SHERLOCK to catch The Hount of Bakersfield

but as Louise’s tweet i think i am gonna learn to sing that song first …  that’s funny …

~   and last but not least is this L’arc_en_Ciel 2012 Bangkok World Tour

oh God this is confusing, they said they gonna open it on 7th January midnight which mean now, but what the hell is happen they still locked it , or is it right if the midnight sale started only for Thai? ….



so the question is am i gonna start this 2012 with my biggest fail as L’arc fangirl? ….

well the answer is noooo big nooo because i am already got the ticket on seat SD even i am not gonna sit next to tekki but there’s gonna be 4 seats between us. OMG i hope i am not gonna lost and who know if  …

yasu    :   if what …?
noi       :    there will be a cute guy sit next to me ….
yasu    :    eeehhh ….
noi       :    omo ya_san, finally after all this time … i am gonna watch L’arc …
yasu    :    L’arc or some cute guys sit next to you …
noi       :    of course l’arc but even there’s a cute guy sit next to me … shinpai janai ne because you are still the one ne …
yasu    :    ah whatever …. *sleep*





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