Crazy Post : Greed? That’s fine, I didn’t win BAFTA anyway …. (Another me, yasu and BAFTA)

that’s arrived 3 days ago, and guess what my dear brother Tekki said to me, … he said : nee Boo, you are not in love with yasu but you just in lost  with him …  eeeh lost or lust? … ah i forgot, but he can say whatever he wanted to say and i don’t care.

because he didn’t win BAFTA unlike Marin Freeman who just won BAFTA for his role as Dr. John Watson in SHERLOCK BBC . So thanks to SHERLOCK fandom and this BAFTA euphoria

so i think he is gonna talk with my hands until he win BAFTA ….. ahahahaha , i better stop talking about him because if he read this …. he is gonna stop do something for me, if you ask what kind of relationship that i have with Tekki is, i am gonna answer with : he is part of me, you know  we are twins, but he can be anything i want, ….

he can be my DiNozzo or probie if i wanna act bossy, he can be my chef Gordon Ramsey if i wanna eat a bowl of hot noodles, or he can be my Mycorft if i got into trouble and he had to fix it or get me out of that , well this happen a lot ne. i can’t even remember how many times i got in to a trouble and he saved me …. so yes, i dunno what i have to do without him

yasu     :    but it sounds like you just use him, or her?
noi        :    no, what make you think that way …?
yasu     :    it is right …?
noi        :    no, no ….

and this Disney MP3 Player also arrived at the same day with all the CRISIS stuffs, and i remember when i came to the post office, the post officer just call me : hey, Noi Himura we have your package finally …. in front of everybody, and i was like …. eeeehhh …?

but the bad things is about 2 days before the day i got all that stuffs, something just happen with my netbook BlueBerry   i dunno what happen, but i think i just got some viruses inside of him (yes, my notebook is male) so it just blank evevrytime i want to use him. He is fine now but after he fixed, i lost all my yasu folder, i mean a folder where i put all my yasu’s images, scans, songs, etc. thank God i am already made a back up file for all my videos. ….

because i just lost all my mp3 files, so what i put on my ne MP3 is only one song and i don’t have to tell you because i am sure you already know what song it is, …. well you are right, the song is Acid Black Cherry 「イエス」 .

i sing this song a lot recently and of course i did that at office and annoyed all my officemates, the muggle one with my disaster voice. well i think they get used to me and my voice or they already find a way to ignore me … ah what ever i don’t care ….

btw i there you are my scans, i didn’t upload it on Photobucket because Photobucket told me if i only have less than 3 GB files to upload. this is because i am almost reach the bandwith. and i better save it for my next magazines ….

4 days without my BlueBerry is sooo boring, i mean i can’t do anything, i can’t work because i saved all my work there so when i use my office PC i got nothing and i can’t remember anything. At home for at night i use Teki’s laptop for browsing something bt still i feel wird ne, because it’s always like that ne if you use a thing that is not belong to you i am sure you are gonna feel this way



what …?

by moved from one PC to another, i feel like a whore, and in this case this whore didn’t use condom so …. the risk is so big ne, because there’s a lot’s of PTSD out there. so i told you ne you better use condom ne, save sex is so important oke …

yasu    :   hey, since when you become an AIDS campaign person?
noi       :   omo …. ya_san what he’s doin …. kyaaaaa …… *almost collaps*
yasu    :   none of your bussines, go away ….!!!
noi       :   omo omo omo …..
yasu    :   and stop sayin that omo things …!!!



oke let’s back to the topic, …. so this means i am an internet addict? or just can’t live without my netbook … maybe yes, ….  Today i just watch this shocking news on [info]larc_en_ciel about L’arc is gonna be in Singapore, ….

can you imagine this ….? i am going to Bangkok next March to see them, and now S’pore? …. OMG OMG so that’s mean i am gonna see them live twice this year? ….. if that’s true happen this is gonna be a BLESS, ….

Everything is for today, 君へと夢は今

not only that,

this year is gonna be a very brilliant year for a fagirl of this brilliant man ….

yasu    :    watch two live and go to 2 different countries in one year … hmmm
noi       :    why …. ?
yasu    :    don’t you think that’s a little bit greedy …
noi       :    okay ya_san, you’re win tonight …
yasu    :    eeeh …
noi       :    i am greed and that’s the reason why i didn’t win BAFTA …..
yasu    :    what the, BAFTA … ?  you better sleep now …
noi       :    @_@



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