Prepare for The Fall …!!! : Another Bus Story on Sunday …. (Another me, yasu and The Fall)

What Fall? ….

i have this fall word in my mind right now : first is BBC SHERLOCK HOLMES : The Reichenbach Fall gonna air today on BBC and that’s mean i have to stay awake until 03:00 AM, i hope i don’t fall asleep like the last second episode, and thanks to the brilliant Steven Moffat with his tweet ..

omo look who is the spoiler. What do i mean by THAT? of course i know what you mean is   ……   omoooo …..

i am already fall before The Fall and Moffat i blame you for this ….!!!!….  *fall from bed*

yasu    :   hello, who said “I don’t mind with spoiler?”
noi       :   ah ya i said that …
yasu    :   then ….
noi       :   oke, oke ya_san, … see i am standing now not fall again …
yasu    :   good and you’ve been fall a lot anyway  …
noi       :   omo how did you know that …?

and btw i just saw this Youtube video on my Tumblr dash and this is what i am gonna call as the brilliant fangirl, i told you ne SHERLOCK Fandom is brilliant because inside of the fandom there’s so many brilliant fangirls with their brilliant ideas like this one :

so her idea was to play with Jim Moriarty ringtones, we all now Jim Moriarty ringtone is Stayin’ Alive from Bee Gees, but thanks to her (i think she is female) now i can imagin maybe he want to change it someday with :

~  Beyonce : Single Lady

~  Spice Girls

this one is my fave, just look at how Jim’s face at the part : If you wanna be my lover ….. OMG this is brilliant, it looks like he said : who want’s to be your lover anyway .…. xD

~  And this one i have no idea what song is this

i love this idea btw and yes 666x bravo for this fangirl, yes, girl you are brilliant . I wish i can make something like that but as you all know my brain is just a tiny litlle boring brain.  i don’t know how to make some video like that, or how to change the audio …. no no that’s to far from my brain cabability.

BBC SHERLOCK HOLMES : The Reichenbach Fall is my first fall, then what about my next fall …?  oke here’s my next fall, actually this fall is already happen a long time ago ….. what fall is it? ….




the answer is so easy ne , what else than my fall for this guy ,,…..

all the image above is from the February issue of CD &DL. I’ll scan this next week. In this edition CD & DL there’s also L’arc _en Ciel there and yes the poster is L’arc. so this is a package of L’arc and ABC in one magazine.

and this scans for L’arc is soooo amazing ……

credit to : Umibe @Tumblr

here’s what happen, see if this is about L’arc you can always find the scan easyly i am already saw the scan for L’arc_en_ciel but i don’t see the scan for Acid Black Cherry yet. omooo

back to my fall, my fall for this man (read : yasu) started on when ? ….. i dunno and i can’t remember exactly when did i start to fall in to this man and start doing everithing what i did now, include spamm all the people next to me with yasu. Why can’t i remember that this is because my brain just got fixed by Master Yoda last week. and maybe he (read : not yasu) just erased it accidentally

and my fall into yasu also made me fall as his fangirl, well yasu is brillliant but i think i am not brilliant enough as his fangirl. Last night when i stay on my Twitter time line to find Mark Gatiss’s tweet and i didn’t find it but i  read Steven Moffat’s spolier tweet and start my fall,  in the middle of my fall before the Fall i saw this image

in my mind, my fangirl mind i think he is yasu, because i think i read she wrote yasu , …. but then somebody reblog this image when i posted it on my Tumblr and added : he looks like Yukkie , or he is really Yukkie….  eeh now i am not sure again whether he is yasu or Yukkie …..

so yes, i start this Sunday morning with my fangirl fall because i am not sure if he is yasu or Yukihiro. and don’t ask me the source of this image ne because i forgot it

let’s moove to the next part and leave the fall behind ne. the next part i am gonna tell you is really happen and the fact that this kind of thing can be happen is kinda bother me nah because i hear this on my bus ride in the morning . so yes, this is my Another Bus Story

Yesterday morning, my Mp3’s battery just run out, nah because i didn’t listen to anything even i still put my earphone on, so what i am listening to is the talking from all the passenger. they talked about a girl who got pregnant by her own uncle.

that girl is about 13 or 14 years old, and she is on her last year on Junior High School and next month she is gonna have her final exam.  all this time nobody know if she is alredy pregnant for 18 months and 15 days,  okay he is kinda fat and chubby girl so nobody noticed about her condition.

but if another people failed to noticed her condition, i think her mother should notice that, i mean she is her mother ne, …. and she should know maybe from she is not having her period or how she never ask he to buy a panty liner for almost 8 months. or maybe her mother is too clueless or careless …?

this is what she said when her teacher come visit her and asked her about what happen. Everything started when she asked by her uncle (he is her mother’s older sister’s husband) to pick some of his gray hair and they start to do that more often, and this pick up gray hairs activity is common in my country i used to pick up my mom’s grey hair when i was a little. I usually do that on Sunday afternoon or Friday afternoon when i don’t have to go to my Arabic school.

but one day nobody was home and there’s only she and her bastard uncle there.  Then suddenly her uncle call her to go inside her room and force her to have a sex, …. and i think she don’t understand of what the hell is her uncle gonna do to her, and she said she already said no, but then her uncle start to tie her arms and legs on bed and start to rape her. …


and that’s happen again and again. after doing that her uncle gonna give her some money while tellin her not to tell anybody about this or he is gonna kill her.

i didn’t hear this story from her but the woman who told this to me and all the bus passanger is her teacher who visited her and she told this story while cryin and said Masya Allah for many times and i also can’t stop reply her Astaghfirullah everytime she said that

i think that girl just don’t understand 100% what just happened to her, about how she got pregnant and  why her father so mad to her uncle and wanted to kill him while drunk and made her uncle/her new husband ran away until now.

here’s the funny things : her mother know if her one and only chubby and fat (who get more fat recently) daughter is actually pregnant for 8 month and 15 days when they both went to their relative’s wedding party.  One of their relative told her : hey are you sure your doughter is okey? look at her belly, look how big it is  …. i think there’s something wrong with her, you better take her to the doctor, and from the wedding party they went to the village doctor, ….

the village doctor said : I am so sorry but this is too late, you better take her to the distict health center, .…. then she just panicked, bt she still have no idea if her doughter is pregnant because the village doctor didn’t mention about that. …. meybe she think about tumor? ….

then she take her to the dstrict health center, and the doctor there said the same things and told her to go to the hospital in the city, nah after she and her doughter in the Hospital, the hospital doctor said to her if her doughter actually is pregnant . ..

then she just shocked and they went home and told her husband. they both start to ask her who is the man did this to you? and because this girl is so innocent it takes a very long time and a very complicated ways to explain to her about do this thing and one name just pooped out …

he is her uncle, the mother’s brother in law who did this, …. the father was so mad and go straight to her brother in law’s home, …. after so many arguments  etc etc , finally the bastard uncle agree to marry her as his responsible for his act. … yes, they were married but not legally of course because the bastard uncle is still marry to the girl’s aunt . and she kind a lost in the fact if her uncle now is also her husband.

nah all the family want to keep this inside the family so nobody knows about this, but 3 days after that, the girl’s father was drunk and somehow he just so mad and so frustated with all the things happen to his daughter, and how he didn’t notice about that and how his wife is so stupid and many more, …

with almost expload anger and plus some alcohol, he just not 100% awake what his doing, he grab one dagger and start to run to his brother in law and also his son in law’s home told him if he want to kill him. the brother/son in law just run. the run after with dagger made all the people in the village came out and wondering what happen, …. so that night when the uncle/brother/son in law escape from his new father in law dagger, all the people in the village know what is happen on their family.

a phrase human’s tongue is longer than a samurai is true, this story is just everywhere, in schools, in the neighborhood, in the market, in the bus (with me inside) and now i wrote it here for all of you.

what i get for this true story is how importat is a very early sex education.  i know there’s so many of you there who also a mother, a young mother even still a fangirl so yes what i mean is a mother fangirl out there, …. you should start your own sex education for your own son/doughter sooner.

not by tell them all about the sex things but you can start it with show them which part of their body that nobody can’t touch it, and told her to not be affraid to tell you if something like that happen. and after that in line with their incerase age you can start to add some thing with that. and don’t forget to get closer with them so you can wacth their growing and always know abouth your child.

okay i am not a mother ne and i am not married yet, but i think this is so important ne for a girl to get the early sex education from their own mother that from internet or school, because basic things is important, very important.

and for the young fangirl out there, you better watch yourself ne because molester is just everywhere, and let me tell you somehing : if there’s one man and one woman alone in one place, the next 3rd is the devil,  …. next what happen is the devil is gonna do something and something is gonna happen, usually that’s not the good one .

so you better avoid that situation except you, yourself want to be alone with your boyfriend, that’s fine but still remember to do the save one oke, ah you know what i mean

the girl in the story, abselutely zero for a sex education and the fact is she didn’t realized if after all this time she is been molested, raped and got pregnant from him. She even still go to school by bike with her 8 month pregnancy like nothings happen.  and her mother’s failed about a lot of things.

my mom also never gave me a sex education, she never talked about that,  i think she is an old fashioned woman who still think if talking about sex is taboo, so we better not talk about that. maybe this is also the reason why i have this in my mind about sex

sex is something that you can learn by doing ....

but even she didn’t sex edutaced me but my mom is always watching me, she knows everything about me. even we don’t talk much. i love my mom, but my relationship with my mother is not more than a daughter and mother who love each other. Someday one of my friend told me is she told everything to her mom and how she can consider her mom as her bestfriend, …. nah that’s never happen to me.

in my live my dad is Capt. Von Trapp, the evil one who never sing and  my mom is Maria  so that all there’s an invisible line between us to get closer and that tiny line now change into a very big wall with a thousand teracota army.

oke that’s all folks , and let’s just take care of ourself ne because if we don’t do this the who else is gonna take care of us? just be save oke … and btw i just complete my Acid Black Cherry magazine list

  • 12/10発売「アリーナ37℃」  done
  • 12/15発売「Songs」   done
  • 12/28発売「FOOL’S MATE」 done
  • 1/10発売「アリーナ37℃」  done
  • 1/14発売「CD&DLでーた  done
  • 1/15発売「Songs」  done
  • 1/28発売「FOOL’S MATE」

oke one left ….. and i think after this maybe yasu is gonna be a cover on Fools Mate, Arena of CD&DL for his next new album, OMG i am so excited about that  and also ….

1/20 日本テレビ系「ハッピーMusic」 new

Acid Black Cherry is gonna be on NTV Happy Music  01月21日(土)1:28~2:23 with the other guest :

~ 「イエス」Acid Black Cherry
~ 「メッセージ」植村花菜
~ 「Joy of Love~happy ever after~feat.HISATOMI」SATOMi
~ 「Never let you go~死んでも離さない~」」2AM
~ 「バイマイサイド」Hemenway

OH May Goooo finally after all this time, it takes 5 single finished ne we all gonna see yasu on TV live, even yeah i still hope to see him on Music Japan, ah well maybe i have to wait again and non stop requesting him on Music Japan to see him.

what long and boring post ne, well oke last but not least what i am gonna say is :

yasu, you are brilliant, but i am so sorry ne i think i am not brilliant enough as your fangirl but i promish you i will scrub my self again and again until i can be your brilliant fangirl ….

yosh, Ganbatte …..!!!!

yasu     :    what, scrub yourself ….?
noi        :    yes, just wait oke i promise you  …
yasu     :    ah forget it , and btw after AIDS campaign and now sex education post …?
noi        :    omo ….. i am so changeable ne ….
yasu     :    so you now you are changeable … hmmm
noi        :    but don’t worry my feeling for you is not gonna change …
yasu     :    hmmm … let’s see
noi        :    ah somebody is worry …
yasu      :   whatever ….



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