Acid Black Cherry Stop It Love : I Survived The Fall …. (Another me, yasu and 「イエス」 day)

noi      :    oke ya_san, you can stop prayin now. …
yasu   :    eeeh ……
noi      :    See, i am okay, i survived ne …
yasu   :    who is prayin for you anyway ….
noi      :    you didn’t …?
yasu   :    don’t be silly ne noi_chan ….

ya ya oke, because right now i am writing this post while listening to this song, 15th single「イエス」より【Recreation Track】: Stop It Love.  and you can hear this song —->in here . Bloody hell i love this song i mean now i can hear the clear version than the youtube one ne, and yes, one million yes again this song is brilliant and yasu sounds brilliant as always ….

and do you remember when i said if this song flattered me, and by listening this one tonight, again and again i feel yasu call me with love, see from stop it, noi_chan to stop it, love ….!!!



that’s so sweet and make me stop doing anything but write this post and listening to this song over and over again, well i can’t sleep tonight btw …..

yasu     :    just stop it, noi_chan …
noi        :    hey where’s the love ne …?
yasu     :    ah whatever …

Stop It Love

何か話して あなたから かけた電話でしょ?
嫌な予感してた 友達に合わせた日から


Stop it love まだ あの娘(こ)とキスしないで
Stop it love もう あなたは振り向かない


今さら割り切れなくて これ以上強くなれない

Stop it love でも あの娘(こ)は私以上に
Stop it love 今 過ぎ去る季節の中

Stop it love まだ 今でも許せない自分が嫌いで
Stop it love 今日 初めて声で泣いた
彼女 泣いて何度も謝るから

Stop it love でも あの娘(こ)は私以上に
Stop it love 今 過ぎ去る季節の中

Please don’t forget my love
もう あなたは振り向かない


Nanika hanashite anata kara kaketa denwadesho?
Iyanayokan shi teta tomodachi ni awaseta hi kara
Anata No mae de naku no ga tada kuyashikute
Demo nani mo ienaku natte karuku owara setadakedo

Stop it love mada ano (ko) to kisushinai de
Kanojo kirai ni naritakunai no
Stop it love mō anata wa furimukanai
Kanashī omoide dake nokoshite

Rentai-kan toka yūjō toka kanojo no egao mo
Utagaitaku naru mayonaka ni hitori de iru to
Mada kanojo kara no denwa dake torenakute
Imasara warikirenakute kore ijō tsuyoku narenai

Stop it love demo ano (ko) wa watashi ijō ni
Tsurai omoi shi teru kamo shirenai
Stop it love ima sugisaru kisetsu no naka
Nani ka okiwasure teru ki ga suru

Stop it love mada ima demo yurusenai jibun ga kiraide
Daijina mono miushinatta mama de
Stop it love kyō hajimete koe de naita
Kanojo naite nando mo ayamarukara

Stop it love demo ano(ko) wa watashi ijō ni
Tsurai omoi shi teru kamo shirenai
Stop it love ima sugisaru kisetsu no naka
Kanojo o kirai ni naritakunai no

Please don’t forget my love
Mō anata wa furimukanai
Kanashī omoide dake nokoshite

credit to : Chris Yu Hiroaki @Facebook

here’s the funny thing, i dunno maybe there’s something wrong with my ears, but somehow when i hear this song on the part whe yasu saing Stop It Love, it sounds like stupid, so it’s stupd love? …. well sorry ya_san maybe if i have no idea what’s the title of this song before i am sure i am gonna think if the song title is Stupid Love, instead of Stop It Love …

oke oke you can mad at me and step on me like that but this is real ne i feel like this before when i listen yasu’s version of Glamorous Sky at the first time. I think he skipp Thursday and straight to Saturday but then i listen again and again ah he said Thursday like Saturday ….

btw CD Japan mailed me if they shipped my 「イエス」 single on  January 16th but as always happen to me, this alien always have to wait longer than the other, because there’s no post route to Mars, so i have to wait for Superman. Waiting for his time for weekly trip for visiting his father Jor El. A weekly trip from Earth to Crypton, and he is gonna stop by in Mars to give my CD …. ahahaha …. *mentally broken*

because today is January 18th so nobody shoud say no, because today is 「イエス」 day  let’s smile and say a lot of yes, one million yes for today and one million yes for this man

and btw i am already scan my Fools Mate February 2012 i magazine, and this time they (the postman, not aliens) delivered the magazine to my home, not like usual i have to pick it to the post office, and there you are my scans :

i haven’t scan the rest of this magazine because well i kind a busy now, but i am sure i am gonna scan the rest of it nah if some of you want your fave artist in this edition of Fools Mate and want the scan, just tell me by add a comment on this post or message me , tell me what artis, i’ll scan it for you.

well okay , tonight i am gonna talk about The Fall, my fall and The Reichenbach Falls . I watched this 4 times already and it just stay in my mind, this last episode and closing for SHERLOCK season 2 is so brilliant, Steven Moffat is one of a kind man with his brilliant idea that make me cry, laugh, cry, break my heart, laugh and cry again over and over when i watch it.

This episode started with this, a scene when John meet his psychiatrist after a very long absence. and he said   :   My Best Friend, SHERLOCK HOLMES is dead ....

and i was like , eeeehhh …… while drink my big glass of iced vanilla latte, i chosed that than a shock blanket because i am ready shocked and fall thanks to Steven Moffat’s tweet, so yes i need my coffee than a shock blanket.

and the final duel between the most dangerous criminal master mind James Moriarty and the Reichenbach hero SHERLOCK HOLMES is on. Jim Moriaty started it with 3 crimes at the same times meet face to face with SHERLOCK in the court OMG if i am a lawyer or DA i am not gonna ask SHERLOCK as my witness, because ah you know why…

he just can’t stop his show off, but for me that’s not a show off, for me that’s the real SHERLOCK, he has to be that way, it is the consequences by having the not boring and brilliant brain like him. He also know before the court is over if the jury say not guilty to Jim Moriarty.

then he just made some tea because he knows Moriarty is gonnna come to Baker Street 221B to visit him, this scene and the dialogue is brilliant.  how Moriarty said to SHERLOCK : every tale needs a good old-fashioned villain. You need me, or you are nothing because we are a like , you and i except you are boring .

that scene remind me of one scene when Joker meet Batman and said the famous quote of Jerry Mcguire : You Complete Me …!! …  Just like what SHERLOCK describe about Moriarty in the court as a spider, a spider in the center of a web, a criminal web with a thousand threads and know precisely how each and every single one of them dances.

So the line of this last episode is how Jim Moriarty be a director in his big drama, and the scenario is how to make everbody see SHERLOCK as a fraud, to see his fall because he owe SHERLOCK. and the I O U just everywhere to remind SHERLOCK.

Even in the end he did fall and OMG i can’t stop cryin for how he say Bai Bai to John, and ask him to tell everyone (Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, and Molly) how fraud is he OMG i cried again  and spent all my ABC tissue (thanks yasu) like an idiot infront of Tekki’s laptop. I know he is not dead, because i read it on the book a long time ago but still that scene is so sad, ne.

noi      :   nee ya_san, we should watch this together ne …
yasu   :   for what …
noi      :   mmm … you know cry together …
yasu   :   i am busy ne so i have no time to cry with you …
noi      :   okay ….

back to SHERLOCK, everybody just got into Moriarty’s game include John or maybe not 100% fall like  Lestrade.Sally Donovan, Anderson with his idiot brilliant impression. But Moriarty missed one person, he missed Molly, his ex fake girlfriend. He didn’t count her, because he think SHERLOCK never count her, so he only mentioned 3 friends of you : Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson and John.

Molly, the sweet Molly who always be there for SHERLOCK and also his big admirer, and she noticed there’s something wrong with SHERLOCK. and when he finally go to see Molly and ask for a favour, said I Want You to Molly …. OMG that’s amazing, finally Molly got something.

they end this 2nd season with the fall of a very brilliant man but we all know if he is gonna be back with The Return of Sherlock Holmes, if you read the book . And i think Mark Gattis had enough seeing so many fall out there on SHERLOCK fandom so he tweeted this

but the question is how and what did Molly and SHERLOCK finally do, to make the fall ended like that and everybody believe it. I know there’s something wrong with the truck and the biker who hit John and what make John believe if SHERLOCK is really dead after he feel there’s no pulse after he touch his best friend’s hand …?




noi       :    what what ya_san, what …
yasu    :    why did you ask me ….
noi       :    omo ….
yasu    :    go make your own deduction ….
noi       :    okay i’ll do that tomorrow …
yasu    :     you, lazy …

enough about The Reichenbach Falls, now it’s time for my fall, i got a lot of fall recently ne. i remember about something what people usually do before new year, a something called resolution, well i don’t have resolution, but i deal it whit remember of all hat i am already get last year, everything

last year a lot of things happen and have i told you how fair God is? … God is so fair, God gave me a lot of gifts and also a lot of falls especially in the end 2011. now i can say i am financially okay, i can pay all my dad’s medical bills with no double think about change some med into another brand because the brand that my dad’s doctor gave is too expensive etc etc .

the project i am on now going smooth until now, but then God also gave me another thing, at the end of December i start to sick again, and now it’s January when rain just fall everyday, it just make my health up and down like a yo yo.  today i feel better and the next day i feel sick. that’s what happen now me and my yo yo health.

so now i am not only pay for my dad’s medical bill but also my own medical bill. see this is how God make it fair to me by gave me and also make me spent more. see money is like a salt water, more you drink it more you gonna feel thirsty.

about money, i never want a lot of money ne, because my mom always say : enough is always better than much but always not enough.

and something just happened recently and it just scared me, i am so affraid. it just make me affraid to anything , get on line, open my email or text message, and everytime my phone ring, my heart just beat fast. this is so scarry, nobody knows what is all about but Tekki and she also scared like hell just like me.

and my health and that scarry things combination made my days worst. i can’t work perfect while my boss keep pushing me to do my best, i feel like i just trapped and imagine like a spy who got arrested and got nowhere to go . But thank God eveything is over and i survived from the Fall, my own Fall

and during my 3 weeks fall, for some reason that only God know, this man always make me better, and also this Acid Black Cherry TV schedule update makes me more better :

1/23 TBS系「カミスン!」 new

Acid Black Cherry is gonna perform on TBS Coming Soon   with 「イエス」 not only that but there’s also gonna be BREAKERZ there, …. i am so exciting for this, BRZ and ABC , yasu and his broomance Daigo …. omo omo …. kyaaaa ….. *fall from bed*

nah just like what Jim Moriary said to SHERLOCK how he owe him, i am gonna say the same thing to my brilliant man, for  「イエス」  day what i am gonna say is

ya_san , …   I  O   U

yasu      :     oke you owe me, but …
noi         :     but what ….
yasu      :     just don’t ask me to fall from the roof oke …
noi         :     eeeehhh  …..



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