Dear Jim …. : What A Lovely March … (Another me, yasu and Jim Moriarty)

I am waiting for  a lovely March, then what about the next February ………. ?

well as always before a lovely month, there’s gonna be a very long month, so next February is gonna be a very long February ….. uwaaaaaa ……. *jump to Limbo*

yasu     :    hey hey noi_chan, nani ….?
noi       :    i am so exciting about next March ne
yasu    :   why ….?
noi      :    ah don’t be like that, you know why …
yasu    :   well, then enjoy your time in Limbo ne, bai bai ..
noi      :    eeehh  …..

next March, the 3rd month every year, is gonna be a very worthy month for me as a fangirl who live and lost my self in this fandom world. and yes, of course it always connect with this two man in my fandom world :

1.  hyde

in this case L’arc_en_Ciel who’s already show me the magic of JMusic and all things related to. As you know i am in 2 fandoms. L’arc _en Ciel and Acid Black Cherry.   i never buy L’arc stuffs until now, because Tekki is the one who bought all of it.

But yesterday she said to me about her changing, she said she is still Hyde’s fangirl but not like she used to be, she became a relaxing fangirl, i mean not a rush fangirl who always have the feeling having all the idol stuffs is a must like me,  (^_*) ….

i know this is because of SHERLOCK, and i tell you ne since we both watch SHERLOCK and get Sherlock_ed together, she became more British, and we both start to talk in English at home if we are talking about our L’arc trip to Thailand, why?  this is because

our L’arc trip is on KPC (read : Keep Parent Clueless) category ..

yasu   :   KPC, you mean another lie?
noi      :    ya but this one is the gentle one ne …
yasu   :   but it’s till a lie ne noi_chan …
noi      :   no no this is different this is different ne, this is yasashi uso, … it’s fine ne, nothing’s hurt
yasu   :   what the ..

this is because i have a drama  queen as my mother, if i told her majesty i am gonna go to Thailand to chase L’arc i know she is gonna freak out and start her own drama again, and the drama is gonna be a never ending one , Until now i haven’t find a good reason (yeah i mean a good lie) to cover this even i often said if i am a Big Fat Liar but now i think i am not that big as a liar because it still kind a hard for me to find a good lie for my L’arc trip.

last Friday i went to the Immigration office to fix my passport, because i missed a recommendation letter from the company i work for. at the first time i thought i am not gonna need it because only a government officer like Tekki who need a recommendation letter from her superior if she wanted to go abroad. but the fact is everybody have to get a recommendation letter. so they still delayed my passport until i give them a recommendation letter.





why is so hard to chase L’arc ne? …. but i know sometimes we have to work harder for something BIG like this, and the funny part is when i was there in the immigration office it just remind me to one book from my fave writer Chitra Banerje Divakaruni   you can read my review of this book in here

if in that book Mrs. Divakaruni wrote about group of people who trapped in the India Embassy of India for a visa to go to India with different reason, nah for me i was stuck in the immigration office with another 64 peoples there with many various reason to go abroad.

i  came there at 11:00 am, because that day is Friday, so when i arrived there it’s already break time because it was  Friday Pray time, then ah ya as usual i remember again about him, him, the one and only him (read : not yasu). he is Mr. Friday .

yasu    :    ah come on, noi_chan, sto taking bout him and go finish your post …
noi       :    nee ya_san, did you know if i think about ..
yasu    :    about what …?
noi       :    about stealing his picture and post it here …
yasu    :    why?
noi       :    maybe if i do that i am gonna forget him 100%
yasu    :    you baka …..!!!!
noi       :    so, that’s not a good idea ne …

okay i am not gonna do that then, let’s back to the topic. so i have to wait until 13:00 PM after the break time. i get a number line, and my number is 96, i saw the number on the board is 23. so yes, ….  i still have to wait …  96 – 23 =  ….


is …. *look for a calculator*

for another 73 peoples more, and i am gonna be the last person there. i hate waiting and honestly patient is not in my blood line, i mean why do i have to wait longer ne, i spent my whole life for waiting : waiting for my bus in the morning, my period every month, all my yasu’s stuffs that i bought, and now a passport?

i was sit next to a woman with her 2 years old son who was cryin so loud, OMG what kind a food and milk did she give to her son ne, so he can cry that loud …?  …

then she asked me :  where do you wanna  go?
me                        :  to Thailand
her                        :  for what …? study or work …?
me                        :  to watch a live concert …
her                        :  what ….? … *with her surprised face*

okay, there you are again that face, the face that people gonna give me if i told them about the reason to go Thailand for. not only her, even the man who interviewed me also gave me that face and add another question : what band?, oh you must be love them so much until you go abroad just to watch them … etc etc many more …

hey what is wrong with that? …  i think there’s nothing wrong but it just not a common reason here in the small province i live if somebody go abroad just for a live concert, and they have no idea about a fangirling things and yes, they are all muggles …

i think this also the reason why the rumors at my office, yeah long before my trip begin the rumors is just everywhere. see instead of i am going to Thailand to chase Hyde, the rumors said i m going to Mecca for an Umrah.

what the

what the

Umrah? Umrah is a trip to Mecca to visit many religious place there, and it is not the same trip with Hajj, ah ya you can say Umrah is more simple than Hajj. I mean if Umrah you can go by yourself, you don’t need to be on the waiting list. because if you register for Hajj now, for example me (really?) so i am gonna go to Mecca on 2019,…

waiting list , in my country now everybody who have enough money and wealthy want to go to Mecca for Hajj.  and Hajj is one of 5 what a muslim must do, but for Hajj if you don’t have enough money you can skipp it.  Going to Mecca for Hajj is not cheap ne, it’s so expensive. nah if i have enough money i am not gonna go there,  but maybe i am gonna send my mom there to Mecca for Hajj.

back to the rumors, i dunno why the rumor is so fast ne, even my boss asked me about me going to Mecca. the funny thing is when i asked my friend who told my boss about this : why did you told him i am going to Mecca for umrah …? her answer is simple : because that’s more reasonable than to watch a live concert

well okay then, i don’t care about the rumors or whatever they gonna say about this but the important thing is i am going to see L’arc ne, imagine Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya and Yukihiro, the band that i never imagine i am gonna see them.

i am gonna go there with Tekki, [info]adrio_nevralka, and another 30 people from Larcology and i am sure we all gonna have some fun there. …. and about what reason i am gonna say to my mom Her Majesty The Drama Queen  …..?

I’ll think about this again later and now le’st watch Hyde on the New Roen photos, thanks to [info]aalenchan who post it on [info]larcenciel.

OMG look at Hyde, ….!!!!

as time goes bye, people gets old and they gonna look old but not this man, hey this year he is gonna be 42 years old ne, but look at him, he is still the same and somehow he always look younger ne, Hyde, the flawless Hyde ...   and

2. yasu

his number one fanboy whom i accidentally in love with and until now i dunno why, but sometimes something just happen like that, just bang ….!!!!  and you have no idea why that’s happen, even n this universe there’s always a reason for anything but in this case (my case with yasu) …

i don’t have a reason to answer the why do you became his fangirl or what make you admire hime like that questions. I got many question like that btw,  and i can’t answer it correctly just like when somebody ask me when did you start to love yasu/ Acid Black Cherry …


what is on your mind if you hear March ….? for me when i hear March,  my mind just full with one girl name Marchia , ….. Marchia, what a beautiful name right? i can’t remember exactly who is she but i remember she is one female character on one of my fave manga that i read when i was a little.

her name is Marchia and in the story she was born n March so that’s the reason why her name is Marchia, …. one of my friend also born in March, but her name is Martha. ah ya talk about her i remember she is one of my friend when i was in collage. but about 3 months ago she got married and i dunno why i didn’t get the invitation for her wedding .

am i disappointed? yes, i am …. i just feel being invisible again, in my friend’s wedding day that’s her big day ne, did she forget about me or there’s something happen that i dunno and that things make her skipped me from her wedding guest list …? ah i dunno

ah ya stop talking about that, i better talk about fangirl ne, because this blog i made with a main purpose is for a fangirling thing not else even sometimes i wrote many craps here, but ahahahaha as time goes bye, so does my craps ….

so next March one month after February, finally i am gonna see L’arc_en Ciel, and not only that. , but yasu is gonna release his 3rd album on March, see see what i am talking about? is this a coincident or I dunno if this is another conspiracy between Hyde and his fanboy yasu to turn me into a very busy fangirl (so i can act busy) on March but i am sooo *with triple o*  excited about this :

”終わり”の時は 今すぐじゃなければいけませんか?

Acid Black Cherry


God, Tell me
Is it The End now ….?

Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album “2012” (Read: Ni-Zero-Ichi-Ni) Release on 2012.03.21

Every human being born into this world
Living with their rights and
a responsibilities as well

Jacket A : 【CD+DVD①】〈MUSIC CLIP Edition〉

品番:AVCD-32200/B ¥3,940(tax in)


・Re:birth (9th Single)
・少女の祈りIII (10th Single)
・ピストル (11th Single)
・シャングリラ (12th Single)
・蝶 (13th Single)
・CRISS (14th Single)
・イエス (15th Single) etc
(there will be 13 songs all)

<DVD> (Approximately 80 minutes)

◆7 Singles Music Clip

1.Re:birth【MUSIC CLIP】
3.ピストル【MUSIC CLIP】
4.シャングリラ【MUSIC CLIP】
7.イエス 【MUSIC CLIP】

◆[MUSIC CLIP] Special Edit Version
Special Edit Version

1.Re:birth 【Special Edit Version】
2.少女の祈りIII【Special Edit Version】
3.ピストル【Special Edit Version】
4.シャングリラ【Special Edit Version】
5.蝶 【Special Edit Version】
6.CRISIS 【Special Edit Version】
7.イエス 【Special Edit Version】

◆yasu [MUSIC CLIP] Special Interview
special interview with yasu for review of the album MUSIC CLIP

bonus : digipak, application card (valid only in Japan)

CD Japan :…
HMV        :
YesAsia   :…

Jacket B : CD+DVD②】〈Osaka Jo Hall Live Edition〉

品番:AVCD-32201/B  ¥3,940(tax in)


・Re:birth (9th Single)
・少女の祈りIII (10th Single)
・ピストル (11th Single)
・シャングリラ (12th Single)
・蝶 (13th Single)
・CRISS (14th Single)
・イエス (15th Single) etc
(there will be 13 songs all)

<DVD> (60 minutes recording)

◆ABC X’Mas Live _ Acid Black Christmas
〈2011年12月25日 Osaka Jo Hall〉

01.Opening Movie
02.CRISIS ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
03.蝶 ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
04.眠り姫 ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
05.冬の幻 ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
06.Black Cherry ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
07.ピストル ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
08.少女の祈りIII ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
09.Re:birth ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
10.SPELL MAGIC ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
11.イエス ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
12.シャングリラ ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
13.20+∞Century Boys ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~

CD Japan :…
HMV        :
YesAsia   :…

Jacket C : 【CD ONLY】

品番:AVCD-32202 ¥3,000 (tax in)


・Re:birth (9th Single)
・少女の祈りIII (10th Single)
・ピストル (11th Single)
・シャングリラ (12th Single)
・蝶 (13th Single)
・CRISS (14th Single)
・イエス (15th Single) etc
(there will be 13 songs all)

Bonus : 44 pages Booklet

CD Japan :…
HMV        :
YesAsia   :…



can you imagine, Acid Black Christmast …. i know they gonna make that live into DVD but i never imagine if they gonna put it into an album like this, i always think if they gonna put The Free Live on album but ah ya because they already share The Free Live to download so okay .. …

Acid Black Christmas on DVD ….? is brilliant ne ….

nah i think i have to do some cuts on my CD/DVD list to buy because next March is gonna be hell for my wallet. so yes, i am not gonna buy another artist than L’arc , Acid Black Cherry, and BREAKERZ. so that’s mean no movie dvd,

~  L’arc_En_Ciel : Butterfly album  done
~  BREAKERZ  : Miss Missery done
Acid Black Cherry 3rd album : Jacket C : 【CD ONLY】  done
Acid Black Cherry 3rd album : Jacket B : CD+DVD②】〈Osaka Jo Hall Live Edition〉  done

nah one more for the Jacket A : 【CD+DVD①】〈MUSIC CLIP Edition〉 and maybe for the FC edition if they gonna release some FC edition like the 5 consecutive singles .

credit to : alt_A_

I always wait for the Edit version PV , i mean they gonna edit what? …. but i am sure for CRISIS they gonna bring back the nerd because look at this …

see that’s Hiro, so ….. so okey i hope this is right i am gonna see the nerd version for CRISIS edited version and maybe all of the single? … who knows …. ahahahaha …. *so exciting*

today i went to spa, to get a whole body scrub and some sauna, and i am already do this spa things start from last month, every Saturday or Sunday after work ….

yasu    :    eeeh, you spa, sauna … really …
noi       :    ahahaha yes, ..
yasu    :    what’s wrong with you …?
noi       :    nothing’s wrong, i’ll tell you why ….

wekekekeekkeke, it sounds girly ne, and can you imagine how boring i am for stayin there and waiting inside the sauna, while watching my body melting, … then i remember him, Jim Moriarty with his scary words

well okay that’s only my feeling ne, somehow inside the sauna i feel like i was burn alive and my whole body melting … but maybe Jim Moriarty the number one crime consultant can do something with me, i mean with my skin …

i really want my skin to be lighter than now because i am so tanned now, and this whole body srub things so boring and i don’t have time to go to spa every day, but when i finished the whole body scrub part and then drown myself in the bathtub for a milk bath treatment about 30 minutes then when i got home thanks to how lack my health now is, i got a fever, and the fever is 100% not a Saturday Night Fever …..

so okay this spa and sauna things just make me sick. maybe if i ask Jim, he’ll think about something for me. He is capable of anything ne …

Dear Jim,

can you skipp the I will burn you part and straight to the I will skin you part and erase the I’ll make you into shoe for my skinn. I just wanna make my skinn lighter than now for my L’arc trip to Thailand …

Thanks before.


yasu    :   chotto ne noi_chan, skinn you, really ..?
noi       :   yes, you know be more lighter than now …
yasu    :   and , i am sure he is gonna make you into shoe  …
noi       :   noooooo …..
yasu    :   then don’t be silly, you’re not a snake ne …
noi       :   oke then i’ll just scrub …
yasu    :   nah there you are …



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