All Year Arround Falling in Love : Happy Birthday Hyde … (Another me, yasu and Hyde)

today is/ or yesterday was (if i post this journal after midnight) January 29th, and my dear yasu with his brilliant idea officially made that day as Japanese Christmas, ….  so

Happy Birthday Hyde,
I have a lot of things to say and how grateful i am to know this man, the number one iconic man in Japanese Rock Music. so what i am gonna say to him on his 43rd birthday is :

Dear My one and only King Hyde,

Thank you so much for being who you are and you gave me a lot of things. One million thank you from me for everything you gave me, and if you want me to make a list …

hyde    :   yes, make a list …
noi       :   okay …. OMG what do i have to start it with …? *call yasu*
hyde    :   hey, noi_chan is everything okay ?, yasu is busy btw ….
noi       :   yes, it’s okay …. aahhh he is busy again ….

well, here’s my thank you Hyde list :

~   Thank you for open my heart, eyes and ear (even i am a little bit deaf) to the magic of Japanese Music Rock, yes, you are the one who open the door and change my life step by step …
~   Thank you for being so amazing and genius with all your songs ..
~   Thank you for wrote Glamorous Sky, for me that song is brilliant, …
~    Thank you for let me chase you to Bangkok and thanks for chasing me back to my country this year,

Happy Birthday, you are 43 years now but i skipped 20 years so yes, you are still 23 years old for me, I wish you all the best, I love you and i will obey you now on and then.


noi        :   huff, i found you ne ….
yasu     :   nani …..?
noi        :   just wondering, what you did on hyde’s birthday …
yasu     :   that’s secret ne and no fangirl allowed …
noi        :   heee ….
yasu     :   what about you ….?
noi        :   well ….

what i did on hyde’s birthday is, i tweet and retweet a lot use hashtag #hydeBD and to make it as trending topic on twitter with all l’arc fans/Hydeist  all over the world and i think we made it, because i saw that #hydeBD as trending on Japan twitter.

i didn’t tweet much and i think i am not a tweet person, because when i open my tweet what i did just watch my time line and re_tweet if there’s something interesting on my timeline.  sometimes i dunno what i have to tweet,  and i am so amazed with all people who able to tweet lot of things, … many things from they wake up in the morning, unwell, busy, paper to do, eat,  and many more,

OH God,

they must never let their IPhone far from their hand ne, and shame on me because i kinda lost in twitter when somebody reply me, i mean who i have to reply first , this one or that one, … etc etc. Did you know, i know if someone reply my tweet if i open my mail and there’s a notification about it.

that’s how massive is twitter effect on people. Nah one day i asked one of my friend : hey, do you have twitter, because maybe it’s gonna be more simple if i talk to him via twitter than text messaging,

but then he said  :   I don’t have that blue bird, ….
me                     :   the bird is green ne …
him                    :   whatever, blue or green i don’t have it …

waw that’s unbelievable, can you imagine this time when everybody tweet all about them , every little thing about them, include tweet : I am Hungry … (yeah, that’s me) he don’t have it, he survived from the twitter euphoria just like how i survived from Reichenbach Fall and L’arc Storm on my country ….

yasu     :    God no, i am hungry, you posted that on twitter  …?
noi        :    i did that because i dunno what else to tweet,
yasu     :    go find another or  don’t tweet …
noi        :    i’ll retweet then …
yasu     :    -_-

for me, twitter is a really usefull  especially for a writer, a scriptwriter, novelist, or a musician because  they can tweet what is on their mind without they have to write it on a paper. All they gotta do is grab their IPhone, or BB then tweet it. Simple ne …

ah ya back to my Japanese Christmas last night, i pray for Hyde to be healthy and wish for a sweet dream with him. but he didn’t come to my dream. I had a dream with hyde for many times, and i really enjoy it. nah last night i thought if i had a dream with hyde, that would be awesome ne because last night is a Saturday night and this Sunday Morning  is my day off, so that dream is gonna be a long and fantastic dream …

even i did listen that song before sleep, it didn’t work, hyde was not in my dream, not only that i also watch L’20 Anniversary DVD ,  guess what i feel when i hold my DVD and put it on my lap …?

i dunno why i feel like i am Forrest Gump, remember the opening scene when he was sit on the park and with his chocolate box , start to open it while saying :

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Bloody Hell, i love that scene especially when he started to eat that chocolate, i love chocolate and i eat a lot of it but i never have a box of chocolate like that, and honestly i want that, i wish someone give me a box of chocolate like that as a present on my birthday …. ahahahahaha …. *got slap by Megatron*

nah that’s what i feel when i put my L’20 Anniversary DVD on my lap and open it, and then put it one by one to my DVD, … it make me feel like Forrest Gump who open his chocolate one by one and put it on his mouth, damn i want a chocolate box now onegai ….. *rolling2 on my bed*,
and for the line, because i am in a fandom world i am gonna change the chocolate box phrase into this

Life in this fandom world is like a complete box of L’20 anniversay. You never know who you’re wanna marry to after you watch it, is it Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya or Yukihiro …. xD

i got that question about 3 days ago from one of my new friend on Facebook, yeah i add more friend now on Facebook until it reach 221 friends , why 221 that’s because my address is Bahama 221B

yasu      :  that fake address again ….
noi         :  no it’s real and official …
yasu      :  official by who …
noi         :  by noi, me …
yasu      :  so boring …

nah i remember i read her Facebook message at office, she asked me : noi_san, from 4 L’arc members who you wanna marry to : Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya or Yukihiro? ….

and then i just can’t stop laugh, OMG this is really a brilliant question and nobody ask me about this before, Oh God i love this question, even i haven’t answer her yet, but i am gonna answer it here because who know if she read this post .

i choose Yukihiro, my numero uno drummer, … and don’t ask me why, because as always i have no idea why and if i do know why Master Yoda already erased that reason from my brain.   about Yukihiro, i just read this ,

that’s a  small part of The Hyde translation, he talked about Yukihiro to replace Sakura, after read that, i am glad the fact that they (L’arc) decided not to discontinue L’Arc, and try Yukihiro, and eventually he is fit L’arc

enough about that, and back again to my Japanese Christmas night, then i watch my L’20 Anniversary DVD. actually this is he frst time i really enjoy waitching a DVD, i didn’t skipp. Only L’arc and SID DVD i didn’t skipp or move forward, else i used to skipp skipp into my fave part.

that night with my DVD, shock blanket (just in case i got shock by seeing Hyde do something), my pillows, 2 pieces of that big chocolate bread (so delicious, i better ask Tekki to buy that again), 2 slice of pizza, a bottle of cola then i was in heaven ….  but still there’s no hyde on my dream last night, or yasu …. well maybe he is busy

right now i listen to this song Sell My Soul from L’arc and yes, with this song tonight after read one little part of the Hyble translation and found out if Hideto Takarai is his real name, he is 161 cm (thank God he is taller than me …. wekekeekeke … *kicked to Alaska*) and his blood type is O (well he is a universal donor and  i am A so he can give me and yasu some of his blood)    i decided to  sell my soul to Hyde, ….

yasu    :   are you sure hyde_san is gonna buy …?
noi       :   well if he doesn’t want to buy, i’ll give it for free …
yasu    :   then …
noi       :   but don’t worry ya_san, you still have my heart, always …
yasu     :   whatever …

because today is my day off, i woke up in the morning and then i sleep again, wake up again, then sleep again like a zombie and still no hyde in my dream, oke i failed to have hyde in my dream  …. but i enjoy this Sunday, just be lazy at home, do nothing and then at 03:00 after wash my hair twice i scan my magazines, nah here’s my scans :

CD&DL February 2011

~    Acid Black Cherry

~    L’Arc_en Ciel

Songs February 2012

the point of this post is about how failed i am  to have hyde in my dream last night on my Japanese Christmas eve, ….



i forgot this one, the biggest thing i should thank to Hyde, thank God i remember this one and my brain didn’t screw me writing this post. it’s fine if i forgot about what i want to write about world war and Edith Piaf song La Vie en Rose related to , i’ll write it tomorrow.

and my last but not least grateful is

~   Thank you for having yasu as your number one fanboy and let me know him and accidentally in love with him …

yasu    :   hmm accidentally, ….
noi       :   thanks to Hyde ….
yasu    :   so if i am not Hyde_san fanboy, you are not my fangirl and this blog is not exist?
noi       :   maybe. nee ya_san, Blood is red, Dead bodies are blue, Hyde introduced us, and now I love you , that’s true
yasu    :   okay



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