D minus 28 Post : Things Make Me Better …. (Another me, yasu and Bye Bye)

Bloody Hell …..!!!! what a Bloody Tuesday i had yesterday ….

i know Bloody Monday is a very famous dorama and that’s one of my fave, and it is Monday not Tuesday. But what i had is one day after than what Falcon’s. Mine is Bloody Tuesday

i arrived at 07:45 Mars Time or 08:05 Earth Time, and then i saw my friend BCL waving at me while keep saying : He is coming ….!!! and i just like : Who, Who ….? and when i looked at the parking place viola, there you are. There’s one black Mercedez Benz there ….

he is comin today, my boss. He was already there at 06:30 and i just got there, so yes, yes yes i get busted today. He is mad very mad when he can’t find me … all my friends text me and tried to call me but because i was at bus that day and i can’t hear that ….

he was mad like that just shocked me, my heart beat so fast i feel all my body just freezed at the same time, i should get a shock blanket at that time but ….  i know the fault is mine 100%, i should come at 07:00 no matter what happen. i was wrong and he mad at me, that’s what supposed to be happen. but still it just make me un_well, ….

Thank God, now at 45 minutes after midnight, i feel better. Thank God i have all of this that make me feel better

~  Two Hours Sleep

while lyin on my bed i look at this poster of him (read: yasu) while said : ya_san, look what happened today, i screwed ne …. and then just fall asleep like something bother me gone just by talk to a poster. that’s my fave poster of yasu btw ….

noi     :   ok ya_san, call me crazy but that’s all
yasu  :   i am not gonna say anything about this  ….
noi     :   you shouldn’t, because if i can talk to you i am not gonna like that talk to your poster …
yasu  :   demo ne, i remember somebody said about learn Nihon_go first before talk to me …
noi     :   ah ya that’s me ….
yasu  :   so …
noi     :   aye aye ….

sleep always make me better, if something happen and it bother me a lot, what i usually do is take some sleep. i know everything is gonna be ok when i wake up. My mind is more freash and i can think better and calm my self. Just like what His Holiness Dalai Lama said :

A calm mind is really helpful in sustaining a healthy body

i did that again be calm and get some sleep, and when i wake up, there you are Tekki cooked for me

~     A Bowl of Hot and Spicy Instant Noodle

while watching …

~       BBC Sense and Sensibility …

i really love this. A lovely British love story with un_axpected ending and i cried like an idiot in front of my Telly because of this.

this story is about the Dashwood sisters. Their love story, how they cried, laugh and deal with something named love. it begin with the death of the rich Mr. Henry Dasword. Because at that time only a son who deserve a heritage, so all his estates passes onto his son John (Mark Gattiss)

So he left his second wife mary and their three daughter (Elinor, Marianne and Margareth) with nothing. But before he died he ask his son John to take care of them, and he said yes,father. John himself is not a bad guy, but because wife is (the one as the wicked step doughter in law) made him to give a very small amount to his half-blood sisters .

the big house no is not belong to them anymore, it belong to John and his wife, Fanny now. One day Fanny’s brother is gonna visit her. Fanny ask everybody include her new family that she hate and hate her so much to get ready.

next what happen is Lorianne meet the dazzling Mr. Edward Ferrars for the first time. they spent times together and have lot of fun. and yes, they both kust fall in love. But Edward never say about what he feel about Lorianne and keep the line as a friend by offer her a friendship. i am not gonna say why because you have to find it yourself by watch this movie.  And when they move to Devonshire, he gave her a book as present.

the younger sister Marianne found her first love at Devonshire when she was avoiding to meet Colonel Brandon who is deeply in love with her. He refused him because she think he is too old for her. That day she meet the handsome John Willoughby who help her/carried her back home.

the love story between them, Lorianne and Edward, Marianne and John and then with Colonel Brandon and how the circumstances always play all of them. all of that described beautifully as a package with a beautiful scenery of London and southwest England in 1792 through 1797, plus the lovely outfit.

for me the love story between Marianne and Colonel Brandon remind me of love story between Bridget Jones and Mr. Darcy  on Bridget Jones Diary movie. A quite and humble man who never forget about his first love even she is already died with a naif young woman who is madly in love to a wrong man.

i love the character of Lorianne as the older one who take care of all her younger sister and her mother as well in their new life with limitted fund and she never cry and able to keep all what happen to her. nobody know it. I wish i can be like her ….

i can’t wait to see this on the movie version with Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman, waw … imagine Alan Rickman, Severus Snape  as Colonel Brandon, not far away from Severus Snape. In love to the same woman, his first love … this movie is great, i cried because of this movie and i am in love with Mr. Edward Ferrars, ….

yasu     :   tonight is Edward, then what about tomorrow?
noi        :   i dunno, ah you know how change_able i am …
yasu     :   well ….
noi        :   but don’t worry you are still number one ne …
yasu     :   whatever …..

~   1st Part Translation of The Hyde

you can read it in here :

TRANSLATION: ‘The hyDE’ – Chapter 1. ABILITY

by L’Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team) @Facebook. She really did the translation and i am so grateful for this, …. reading this, read what is on Hyde’s mind waw this is totaly glorious …

~  BUTTERFLY Album –  L’Arc_en_Ciel

finally BUTTERFLY, …. i listen to this album over and over and i love it, as always they never dissappoint me.  i love all the songs but my fave is Bye Bye .  I remember i heard this song for the first time on 15th Live Anniversary DVD, just small clip but it already make me love this song …

you can here the song in Here
Bye Bye
Word: hyde
Music: tetsuya

公園のそばではじめて出会った時を ねえ、君はおぼえてる?
朝日の眩しい 見慣れた景色のところへ 君は歩き出したよ
息を止めたって時は過ぎる 声を上げて

もう少しそばにいてほしいって 本当は 思っていたよ
絵の具ぶちまけて 道を塗り替えていった まるで魔法だったね
湿っぽいのは 好きじゃないから
なんでもないって 顔してみたけど

ほら君に 新しい世界が待ってる
誰よりも 素敵な笑顔 宝物
小さく手をふって 背中にそっとbye bye

離れ離れでも怖くない 不安でもね
君の魔法はきっと みんなが好きになる
華やかな 季節に君は囲まれて
もう少し そばにいてほしいって
本当は 思っていたよ

小さく手をふって 背中にそっとbye bye
振り向かないように 小さな声でbye bye


kouen no soba de hajimete deatta toki wo
nee kimi wa oboeteru?
asa hi no mabushii ima tokei shikiyou mukou e
kimi wa arukidashitayo

iki wo tometetatte toki wa sugiru
koe wo agete mudana teikou nante suruki mo nai keredo

mou sukoshi sobani ite hoshii
hontou wa omotte itayo

e no gu buchimakete michi wo nurikaete itta
marude mahou dattane

shimeppoi no wa sukijanai kara
nandemonaitte kaoshite mitakedo umaku ietetakana?

hora kimi ni atarashii sekai ga matteru
utsu nuke mo iide
dare yori mo sutekina egao takaramono wasurenaidene
chiisaku te wo futte senaka ni sotto bye bye

hanarete no ritte te wo wa kattari
suraun demo de
kimi no mahou wa kitto
minna ga suki ni naru

hanaya kana kisetsu ni kimi wa kakoma rete aruiteita
mou sukoshi sobani ite hoshiitte
hontou wa omotte itayo

chiisaku te wo futte senaka ni sotto bye bye
furi mukanai youni chiisana koe de bye bye

but even i love this song so much i am not gonna say bai bai to this man, not yet. Because this man,

yes you, i am talking about you ne ……

yasu     :     me?  …..
noi        :     ah i forget what i am gonna say  …
yasu     :     you forgot a lot of ne …
noi        :     i know that, but i promise you one thing …
yasu     :     ah another promise i am sure you’re gonna forget
noi        :     no, if in the end i am gonna lost my memories i’ll make sure you are the last person i am gonna forget ….



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