D Minus 27 Post : Yay ….!!! (Another me, yasu and The Private Fangirl)

the company i work for announced some new rules yesterday , and …..

the new rules is about time, what time you (i mean me) arrive at office and  what time you (me again) leave office and because i just get busted yesterday so yes, i think they made that new rules for me. Honestly i often cheat about time at work, i came 30 minutes late and i ran off from office 30 minutes earlier.

now the new rules said : arrive at office 07:00 AM and leave 16:00 PM and addition  there gonna be a warning letter for somebody who break the rules …. @_@ . Then i said to all my office mate : Ok, i’ll be here at 07:00 AM tomorrow with a torch in my hands like a marathon man

yasu    :   eeh, a marathon ….?
noi       :   hmmm …..
yasu    :   that’s not true right, i know you love to run, but just run away from troubles not for a marathon ….
noi      :   yeah you’re right , you always do …

i said with a torch, because if i have to be there at 07:00 AM in the morning at least i have wake up early than i used to be and leave home at 05:30 AM, nah at that time the sun is still shame to show it face to me (i have no reason why) especially now it’s February where rain with clouds always cover the sun in the morning. So it’s a bit dark, nah i have to bring some light nah see what i mean …

btw it’s only joke so don’t take it seriously. but i manage to arrive at office at 07:15 AM today, yeah 15 minutes late because i wake up late even did put my alarm on 04:30 AM. But what happen is yes Hyde sing Bye Bye on 04:30 AM but in Japan Time,

yasu    :   Japan Time ….?
noi       :   so it was 02:30 Mars Time, ….
yasu    :   well ….

i forgot to set my watch on  my phone back to Mars Time, so i wake up at 02:30 AM and just do nothing. then i remember about ZIP  and decide to wait for it, but because i was so sleepy i did watch all of it and i don’t understand what the hell is this program about.

but hey there’s Acid Black Cherry ne

it just nice to see him again on telly. haven’t see him lately after his last performances on Happy Music and Coming Soon ..!! . i wonde what he  is doin now. sill on his fashion activity or prepare for the next album release and tour maybe.

ah at least he’s got some time to have a rest ne, 5 single on 5 months that’s not easy ne. He need some rest, some recharge maybe to be fresh for the next activity  ….

yasu    :   recharge …? do i look like a sellphone?
noi       :   of course not, i just can’t find the perfect word for it …
yasu    :   nah that means you should learn more ne …
noi       :   okay ….
yasu    :   and i am gonna say this again :  noi_chan,  i am not a sellphone ne …
noi       :   yes, i know ….

then i fall asleep and wake up at 06:00 AM, Oh Dear God, i am late …. because Tekki is out of town today, so i drive to office. I did it fast so fast, at least for me 60 – 70 km/h is fast enough. if more than that i can’t control it.

i was in the coolest driver’s high this morning, even i am 15 minutes late. but when i looked around omo i didn’t see a black Mercedez anywhere near office and at 08:30 my boss arrived. he entered office, look at me and whe i said : Good  Morning sir, he said nothing but  Hmmm ….  Then i found out he got stuck in a traffic jam for almost 2 hours.

i was like : yes, yes, yes ….  see he the one who never accept a traffic jam as a reason for my late come at office in the morning now stuck in it, he use to saiy : that’s boring … OMG can you believe it he said it like SHERLOCK. so i am save today …..




but then when i open twitter i get fooled by some fake twitter account‘s tweet said that L’arc is gonna dissband after finish their World Tour, what the hell is that, a fake twitter account just fool me, damn that ruin my day ….

deep in my heart i know there’s a possibility of that happen but still not now, i am not ready for that. if L’arc dissband then what about me, what should i do, what should i listen to because i only have limitted artist to listen and all of them are L’arc based. ….

No guys not now, not this year i am not ready. Hiatus is okay and i’ll wait for all of you but dissband is gonna break my heart into a million pieces. and nobody can fix it. because Valentine absolutely is not my division …

yasu      :   then what is your division …?
noi         :   don’t you know, that’s so obvious ne ….
yasu      :   then tell me …
noi         :   no, i am not gonna say anything until i get a lawyer …..
yasu      :   what the, i am gonna leave you now  …… *dizzy*
noi         :   oke, oke ….  Halloween is my division ne,  …
yasu      :   oh ….

we have this mass work this week. I have to finish this project before the end of this month, because i don’t want to go to Bangkok but still have this project on my mind. Nah if i don’t finish this, that[‘s what gonna happen. i am sure even i am already there, on the venue and watch L’arc but my mind is still on my work while non stop send text message or email to my office mate.

today Tekki’s already finish what he has to finish before our trip. His final exam to get his Master Degree. He passed the exam and the weird thing is he didn’t call me or send me a text message. I know his phone is stupid and i keep disconnect every time i wanna call him.

last night he didn’t sleep prepare for his presentation, and i remember i said to him while sleepy, eh did i say it or not ah that’s blurry. but i think i said this : you have to pass this exam ne or you are gonna ruin our trip and if you did that i’ll burn you, i will skin you and make you into shoe ….

Oke i watched SHERLOCK too much, well maybe that’s the reason why he didn’t text me as soon as the exam finish. but at least he reply my Facebook status, … even i read t after i am at home. We celebrate it with watch SHERLOCK season2 DVD together ….. quite simple ne, but it was fun and how SHERLOCK_ed we are, we watch the DVD while talk exactly like all the cast sayin on it, …

and i said to him just like what Mycroft said to SHERLOCK at The Buckingham Palace scene : Oh Dear brother, your name has arisen …. then we just laugh together while lyin on bed. I knew he is gonna pass the exam like he always do. Tekki is always like that, he the one who never study but always pass on every exam.

That is the different about me and Tekki, he never study and i am the one who always study like crazy for the rest of my life because of the stupid government officer exam every year plus my mom’s wish for me to be a government officer just like Tekki. But i keep failed until last year is the 4th times. …

btw my dad is the one who told me about Tekki’s exam. I arrived at home, then he call me just to say that : Boo listen, Tekki passed his exam …!!!. I reply him with : Okay …. then i leave his room. I dunno why he keeps tryin to talk with me while i keep avoiding him, ignore him and many more. I just don’t want to deal with him.

because every time i saw him i always see that, that look on his face how he hates me. ah no, now  i know what is on his face when he look at me that’s not hate. but that’s a regret. his regret for adopted me as his daughter.

ah ya i never mention about this ne, but yes i was adopted a long time ago when i was about 2 or 3 years old. In one episode of NCIS season 9, Abby Scuito found out if she was adopted and with her forensic background she can do some DNA test and find her biologic brother.

I need more than 10 years to know about all of this, and  for me this is my biggest deduction i ever made. it all start because of a maid, this is the reason why i hate maid all of them. No matter how much i love Jennifer Lopez movie Maid in Manhattan, i still hate maid,  for me maid is always like thet. they tend to wanna know about anything, talk about something that 100% not their bussines and many more ..

This maid, she is my neighbor’s maid. One day when i was about 12 years old, i walked home from my Arabic school and she just standing in front of her master home, call me and said : Hey you and your sister are not Mr. and Mrs I’s daughter, they just took you from the monastery.

at that time i didn’t tell anybody about it but still think about it, i look at my mom and dad and found out how different i am from them. My mom is so pretty and her skin is so bright unlike my tanned skin. and my dad, even there’s some people said look like me but ah that’s not true.

as time goes by then i know if my mom’s blood type is B and my dad is O so the fact that my blood type is A is obvious ne i am not their daughter. but i remember at that time in the hospital where i did the blood test for my junior high final exam, my mom said that her blood type is not B but AB

i know she’s lyin her blood type is B, and also how my mom’s sister and brother never like me, especially my uncle. he said to me once : You should know who you are, you don’t belong here. I also remember when i visit the monastry with my late aunt, the bishop look at me, touch my head and said : is this you, Oh God you are big now. and one of the sister, sister Mary Frederic said : I used to carry you when you were baby you cried so loud …. so my real parent maybe just dumped me in front of the monastery. well at least they didn’t separate us, find a family who want to adopt both of us.

not only that, i never see my mom get her period, or a picture of her pregnant and me when i was baby. There’s only picture of me and Tekki when we was 2 or 3 years old. that’s obvious ne.  I never talk about this to my mom, because the fact is i am so affraid if she told me the truth. i don’t wanna hear her sayin : I am not you mother and you are not my daughter.

Bloody Hell no.

i talk about this with Tekki, many times and this make us decide to start save some money to buy a house, a house for us just in case if my mom and dad gone, all of them my relatives is gonna kick us out of this house because we are not their child, we’re just adopted.

I am not sure about this, but i think my mom maybe near when we talking about this at night before we go to sleep. One day when i complained to her about what Tekki did, she reply me : what you want me to do Boo, she is your sister, both of you are my daughters and I am your mother …. with that face …

i know that’s is simple but what she said just close this, my biggest deductin of my life. I don’t care who are my biological parent,  i think they already died or forget about us. I am my mother’s daughter. that’s enough. I know she didn’t carry me on her belly for 9 months but i always know she carry me forever until now in her heart. so that’s it, my biggest deduction, my final problem is done, it’s officially over tonight with my mom said :

I am your mother

noi     :    see ya_san, my final problem is over …
yasu  :    your biggest deduction maybe yes, but your final problem, i don’t think so
noi     :     do i have another problem …?
yasu  :    Mr. Friday ….
noi     :    him …?
yasu  :    yes, he is your final problem …
noi     :    i’ll think about that …

enough about my life, this one arrived yesterday , yes the one and only book that every Hydeist talk about recently. All of you who said you are Hydeist even not official like me, you should have this . and read this no matter how …

i am not gonna scan it because somebody is already scan it. not only that but i think i am gonna ruin this book if i do that btw. Yesterday Risa from L’Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team) @Facebook already updated The 2nd Part Translation of The Hyde

you can read it here :

TRANSLATION: ‘The hyDE’ – Chapter 2. BIRTH

i read this over and over while open my hible even i can’t read it 100% ,  actually if this book is just and ordinary book i might have write all the translation on the book just like my Arabic Language book. but this is The Hyde ne ,  i am not gonna do that …

i love this part, i mean Hyde revealed his birthday because he want to make it officially so all his fans can celebrate it, celebrate the Japanese Xmas together. but the part when he feel if people think he is embarassed of his hometown Wakayama because he never say it, …

that’s just make me sad.

he still keep his real age as a secret, that’s fine ne for me he is still the same Hyde, the flawless Hyde no matter how old is he. for me this book is a gift from him to all of his fans. a book with all of his mind, what he think about, well i can’t wait for the L’Arc_en_Ciel part btw

i downloaded P’unk_en Ciel album because mine is not arrive yet , and still my fave is Dune 2008, i love leader_sama‘s voice and of course Yuki’s 123 ….!!!!!  ahahaha still make me laugh until now. but when i finished download the DVD, damn that’s ISO file, …. i can’t even open it, well i  have to wait mine ne …

all this time i never think hyde is embarassed about his hometwon, the fact that he never mention about that is because he just wanna keep it, and some privacy. Even in the end he finally realized if he can’t remind silent and keep his all life as private because he is Hyde part of the Larger Than Life band L’Arc_en_Ciel

not only hyde, i think everyone not only a public figure also want to keep something of him/her as private. for example oke, me. see i am not often post or write where i come from, even all of you know where i come from but i keep sayin that i am from Mars, Osaka, or Bahama.

i also have my own reason to do that, my reason is i wanna keep a line, a border for my real life and my cyber world/ fandom life. see from all my facebook friend only 2 who is from my real life and add me on Facebook. The rest i meet online via all of this, fandom things, the same love about L’arc, hyde, yasu and Acid Black Cherry  ….

And i wanna keep it that way …

yasu     :    really, and why …..?
noi        :    because as you know i am a private fangirl, so what i need last is a public image
yasu     :    that’s from SHERLOCK HOLMES  right …
noi       :    omo how did you know that ….? and btw i also have that ya_san …
yasu     :    what, the book …?
noi        :    yes, …
yasu     :    what about the album …?
noi        :    not yet …
yasu     :    so …
noi        :    yes, you’re the winner tonight and still hyde’s number one fanboy  …



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