D Minus 21 Post : Happy Valentine ….. (Another me, yasu and Mr. Darcy)

well okay today is Valentine’s day so this time i am gonna talk about love and sweet things related to. ….

Last night i watched something sweet on The Orange British Film Academy Award (BAFTA). yes, the host was Stephen Fray.

Meryl Streep kind a slipped on her way to accepting BAFTA  for The Best Actress on her role in The Iron Lady . and Colin Firth who re_present the award did what a man should do in this situation. Yes that night on BAFTA, Colin was the prince charming, like in the Cinderella fairy tale, took the slipper and put it to her .

photo credit to : queen-of-bakerstreet @tumblr

that was so sweet ne, Colin Firth is always like that, remember him as Bridget’s fiancee on Bridget Jone’s diary?  The sweet Mr. Darcy  …. What happen on that BAFTA night just bring back my Cinderella syndrome back for a moment.

Cinderella syndrome is a syndrome that every girl in this universe have it no matter they might deny it. A syndrome/dream about there’s one prince charming who is gonna find you among all the other girls. I had my syndrome and i am sure you all know who is my prince charming is ….

yasu     :    me ….?
noi        :    gomen ne, but not you ….
yasu     :    him …?
noi        :    yes ….
yasu     :    ah, that’s boring ….

i know how boring this one is but even i passed my Cinderella syndrome time and moved to this fangirling time with hyde and yasu , but my prince charming is stil the same, the same Mr. Friday and i dunno when this is gonna change.

even in the end we (read : me and Mr. Friday, not yasu) were not M.F.E.O (read: Made For Each Other) but i dunno why last night i think maybe there’s a possibility of me to be with him again if i wait. Remember Yui Aragaki and Toma Ikuta’s movie Hanamizuki …. ?

see how fate just playin on both Sae (Yui Aragaki) and Kohei (Toma Ikuta)’s love and life in this movie. Sae a smart girl who always want to go to Waseda University in Tokyo and Kohei a simple and funny boy who has a fisherman soul inside him.

after their first meet (Oh God, i love this bus related scene because i love bus so much and if there’s a route from my place to Thailand by bus, i’ll go by bus) they just in love each other and be a couple. They both share their dream and support each other and when Sae move to Tokyo and Kohei stayed in Hokkaido be a fisherman, they decide to try a long distance relationship.

In the end that LDR just didn’t work for both of them. In Tokyo Sae start to get close with one of her senpai Junichi (Sakurai Sho) and Kohei deal all his family troubles still in Hokkaido just made a distance (both litteraly and not) and also an end for their love story.

8 years later they meet each other on their childhood friend wedding in a different situation. Sae as a career woman who still chasing her dream in New York and Kohei who is already married to his wife Setsuko.

1st love is never die, …

nah that’s exactly what happened to both of them. they still can feel the love inside themself.  But because they both are an adult who knows the fact that everything is different now. They try to let it go even it was hard.

there you are fate started play on their life through all the coinsidence happened. When Sae want to have her own moment and go to the mercusuar with the little ship … there you are Kohei already there. At that time Sae start to let go anything by say to Kohei how happy she is now just be able to talk again with him ike this time.

She also told him if she want to marry soon and not gonna back to Japan again, even she didn’t mention who is the guy, but stil Kohei ask her whether the guy is American or Japanese …  For me the next scene when they hold each other for the last time is so sad ne …

Kohei asked her to be happy, ….. OMG only by that simple word, we all know how he loves Sae so much. See the final things you can do or say to somebody you love so much but you can have it is only that :

Please be happy ……

and pray for his happiness no matter how hard is . Believe me that is so hard to do/say ne at least for me ….

yasu      :    nee noi_chan, are you still talking about the movie or your story with him …?
noi         :    OMG sorry …
yasu      :    remember the line ne …
noi         :    i’m tryin ….

okay back to the movie, that scene made me cried, OMG  ….. n.  I never think if Kohei’s wife leave him and Junichi‘s death in Iraq. I thought the movie is gonna ended on that scene, and they just move on in their own path. Nah, fate’s game on them just not finished yet it’s still long and long story. A long story to show if the red thread between them is still connected all this time.

the red thread, like what is on the ancient story A Thread from Ariadne . Ariadne (not Adrianne) remind me to one of fictional character on Agatha Christie‘s novel Mrs. Ariadne Oliver. She is a novelist who often get involved into Hercule Poirot‘s case and she loves apple so much.

but this Ariadne that i am gonna talk about is a princess from Greek. So the story begin with Minos, he is Zeus‘s son from a woman named Europa. Minos has his own kingdom with him as the king on the island of Crete, the biggest island in the Aegean waters.

One day Minos did something that make Poseidon, the God of sea mad. Poseidon is so mad at him and he punish him by giving a curse. Minos’s wive gave birth a baby named Minotaurus, but the baby is different. He is a human headed bull.

Knowing his son’s condition, the king Minos ask a genius carpenter Daedalos to build Labyrinthos, a giant labyrint where he is gonna keep his son Minotaurus. As time goes by Minotaurus get big and bigger so hard to control him.

to calm him down every 9 years, Athena as a colony of Minos kingdom has to send 14 young men as a sacrifice to Minotaurus .  All of them who sent into Labyrinthos were died, Minotaurus eat all of them (he is a monster btw).

From there, the hero finally come. He is Theseus he joined the 3rd group go to Crete. When he was there, Princess Ariadne, king Minos’s daughter saw him and fall in love to him. She don’t wantTheseus die inside Labyrinthos.

she told him                   :   Minotaurus is a monster, once you get into Labyrinthos  you will never out from there alive.
but Theseus answer her  :   thank you for your kind, but i have to do this. i have to kill the monster.
Ariadne                          :   hold on, if you still wanna go i want you to take this …. * she gave him a red thread* …. i am  gonna wait you at the end of this thread. by following this thread you are not gonna lost inside the Labyrinthos.

Theseus  beat the monster Minotaurus  and back to Ariadne save. And because today is Valentine days so i am gonna end this story like all the fairy tail they both live happily ever after … i am sure some of you know how this story ended with …

yasu    :   nee noi_chan, don’t say you start to collect red thread now ….
noi       :   actually i wanna do that ya_san, but …
yasu    :   eeh , you did …
noi       :   no, i am not gonna let you get into Labyrinthos  and meet the monster because …
yasu    :   because ….?
noi       :   you are not a ghostbuster anyway …
yasu    :   what the ….

nah what i get from this story is everybody hold their own red thread, and it connected to someone.  Nah that someone who is in the end of your red thread is youe soulmate and both of you are M.F.E.O. When somebody told me if  I am the light in the end of his tunnel , i was so happy.

I thought finally i find my soulmate. but when the things went differently, i realized that both of us are standing in the different tunnels. Of course he is not gonna find me in the end of his tunnel while i am still standing here until now waiting for someone came out from this tunnel.

nah the question is : how many tunnels are in this world and if i  wait for yasu, at the end of which tunnel i should wait ? …. tunnel A, B, C or ABC …?

and now i wish there’s some conspiracy up there to make my red thread re_connected again with his red thread (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu). I dunno how and i don’t wanna know. Oke yes, i know this mean i hope there’s something happen between him (read : not yasu) and his wife so he can be with me eventually ….

i am sorry that was on my mind last night. it just a think and nobody especially him or her know about this. I am gonna lock this hope/pray/thaught here in this post forever and i am not gonna talk about it again. …

enough about the Ariadne story, now back to the reality. Yesterday i decided to add some color to me. I bought this red outfit. can you imagine a red outfit like this ….

plus a pair of purple shoes like this ….

so if SHERLOCK has his own purple shirt of sex, nah i am gonna call that soes as my Purple Shoes of Sex …. ahahahaha  …..  *dumped into Minotaurus’s labyrinth*

so here i am now, i feel so full of color just by adding 2 colors among all my black outfits. Ah ya today is 14th February, it’s Valentine and that’s mean 21 days left to my L’arc trip to Bangkok, ….



i can’t believe how fast time is …. and i haven’t finish all my L’arc singing, and when NHK aired this

L’Arc~en~Ciel ―The path of 20 years―


this one is my fave part ne, look at the princess …..

that is a reminder for me to watch L’20 Anniversary DVD again ne. I don’t want when i am already there and the guys play a song and i can’t remeber what song is that and keep ask nonstop

what song ?

what song ?

what song ?

and i am sure if i keep askin the same question i my tongue is gonna slipp and the question change into …..

watson ….?

i’d be fool if that’s happen ne and i can assure you i don’t want all of them (hyde, ken, tetsuya and yukihiro) said …

hyde         :    is that a good fangirl …..?
tetsuya     :    she can’t remember our song ….
ken          :    absolutely not a good fangirl…
yukihiro    :    100% not ….


Bloody Hell,

that can’t be happen. I am a good fangirl and i am gonna keep it that way ne, oh God i better start to watch L’20 DVD again  …..

so i am gonna close this post with a Happy Valentine to you (read : yasu) and all of you who read this even Valentine is not my division and i don’t celebrate it but just in case you (read : yasu) celebrate it so ……

Dear ya_san,

Happy Valentine, may the love blooms for you today and everyday for the rest of your life ……


yasu    :    so, today you jump into this Valentine division ….?
noi       :    yes for you ya_san i will jump into any division …. and

Roses are red,
At least in my vision,
Being without you,
Is not my division.

yasu    :    well okay, is there something else ….?
noi       :    nope, that’s all for today …
yasu    :    then go away, don’t you see i am in the bathroom ….
noi       :    ups ….



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