D Minus 20 Post : A Gardener ….? Okay … ( Another me, yasu and A Bucket of Roses)

nah there you are ….

i am a gardener now. , just like what i said to [info]freenacold when i tagged her in this new ID card on District 11 (even they might be a little bit sleepy so instead of Hirakata_Shi, they typed Mirakata_Shi …. xD) , until the release date 3rd Album 『2012』 i took a temporary off from my precious job as a full time fangirl of Acid Black Cherry to a gardener ….

why ….?

that’s because of this , look at this …

see how he just lyin down there, and i am sure he is gonna need plenty of roses for next March 21st. So that’s why i decided to stay in the garden for a while, plant some roses until at least i get a bucket of roses for yasu ….

noi       :    Remember when i told you if i will jump into any division for you? ….
yasu    :    a gardener ….?
noi       :    yes ,  nah what next ya_san ….?
yasu    :    what about jump into a pool, a swimming pool ….
noi       :    Bloody hell no, you know i can’t swim …
yasu    :    then you better do something for that ….



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