D Minus 19 Post : When yasu Meet Jim Moriarty …. (Another me, yasu and Jim)

Oh dear, involved in more than one fandom just make me dizzy.

When i am dizzy my brain turned into a tiny mixer inside of my head. It mixed all the fandom things over and over and then viola somehow yasu (my pilot in this spaceship fandom of Acid Black Cherry)  meet The Criminal Mastermind Jim Moriarty ….

so instead of When Harry Meet Sally, this one is When yasu Meet Jim Moriarty

of course Jim is gonna say …

and yasu’s gonna reply him :

Like this …..?

see that’s brilliant. and yes, Thank God he is save, he survived from The Reichenbach Fall . . unlike this fanboy who really can’t handle it ….


OMG ……

*laugh like an idiot*

you have to watch this video, this one is brilliant. Again and again i am gonna say this one for how many times i forgot : SHERLOCK fandom is brilliant, and i think i have to read Alone in The Water

ah ya i received that Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy  DVD with my Fools Mate, i’ll watch this movie tonight, and there you are my scans, I am gonna call this as yasu and a bucket of roses again. Recently roses, just all over him ne?  .

I’ll scan the rest this weekend ….

so the point of this When yasu meet Jim Moriarty is yasu survived from The Reichenbach Fall just like me. Both of us (read : me and yasu) survived  from The Fall, ….

and what i learned something from that fanboy above is The point of fandom world is wait, i’ll wait for the next SHERLOCK season 3, all my yasu’s stuffs and maybe the chance to watch him (read : yasu) live on stage. Because for this man, (read : yasu again) i will wait for evaaaaaaaa …..

Matsu Wa, Itsumademo matsu wa …

noi         :    omo omo ya_san, we survived ne ….
yasu      :    nee noi_chan, rather than mix and messed up with this fandom stuffs , you better do something else in the garden …
noi         :    for what  ….?
yasu      :    roses ne ….
noi         :    ah, ya okay …..
yasu      :    me, Jim Moriarty …. what the


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