D Minus 16 Post : When I was 13 …… (Another me, yasu and Justin)

This morning i arrived at office early, too early btw it just 06:40 AM and i am already at office. When my office mates started to arrive, first thing they said was :

Noi Himura come so early. No wonder rain was fall last night, all night long. btw if you come 10 minutes more early i am sure there’s gonna be a flood today ….

what, did they said that? ….

i know i often late, my arrive time at office in the morning always 20 or 15 minutes late from the time i supposed to get there.And i know  i should come at 07:00 AM no matter what but hey, i am still tryin ne,  tryin to find the new bus route. A faster new bus route than this Route 666 i used to have together with Hyde .


OMG  look at him ……!!!!

see i can’t swim and that’s fine. i am not gonna waste my time to learn how to swim. To handle the wide river that might come between me and yasu i am gonna do just like what he did with that baloon thing.

yasu      :   you give up, again ….?
noi         :   yes, i know that’s gonna be useless
yasu      :    why …..?
noi         :    because i was born to be a rock ….

~   rock_headed (that’s what my mom and dad use to say about me)
~   a rock body (plus sexy  ….  kyaaaa *kicked by Optimus Prime*) that make me drown as soon as i jump into water .
~   and i still hope another one rock ——> a rock star …..  ahahahahaha …. *laugh with Dr. Jekyll* but for now i’m quite satisfied with my job as a rock star full time fangirl ….

hyde     :     a rock star, you ….?
noi        :     well maybe ….
hyde     :     then fangirl, you should learn  to swimm first,
noi        :     but you and that …
hyde     :     come on, just because of this you think i can’t swimm …?
noi        :     heeee ….

ah, he can swim, i am sure Hyde’s can do a BUTTERFLY style ….. talking about BUTTERFLY, look what arrived yesterday …..

My BUTTERFLY Album …..

I open it and tarara …..

look at the BUTTERFLY ….. !!!

this L’arc_en_Ciel cover album is fabulous ne, ….  and for the DVD bonus the LEC 20th things, for me it’s the same with the one aired on NHK last week. But the different is in this DVD there’s Kobayashi_san talking in English but i think the point is still the same.

ok  i’ll think about the swim thing later now back to the topic. nah came 50 minutes earlier than before didn’t make me work faster. It still the same , i finished my works at the same time i used to. nah the question is what the hell i did on that 50 minutes? …. i did nothing ,

i just sat there in front of my netbook, tryin to erase the sleepy feel out of me bye start my coffee morning. The Cafetaria lady came this morning asked whether i want a coffee or not. Of course yes, then i did what i always did in the morning at office before i start my work. Coffee morning while post something on my twitter (ah no i should type tweet ne?) with [info]minlilin

i don’t have many things to do today at office, i only have one appointment with one of my client because there’s some miss_understanding happened yesterday between us. And it’s all about money. Money, money and money. I deal with money everyday, and we should make it clear as much as we can for something connected with money ne?.


it was my fault btw, i wish i can separate  things between personal and business. Because i mixed that 2 things nah viola this is what i got ne, a miss_understanding. I want to help him but now what i get is this chaos. No matter i watched The Godfather and listen to what Michael Corleone said :

It’s Not Personal, I’t Business

over and over again but that phrase is easy to say but so hard to do ne. I should ignore him when he asked me to give him the money before the day he supposed get the money with his miserable reason. But i feel so sorry and gave him the money.

Maybe this is because i am a woman, the woman (read : Noi, not Irene Adler btw) who often use her heart to decide anything instead of her brain. …

yasu    :   then what are you doing with your brain?
noi       :   work  and ….
yasu    :   and …?
noi       :   to think about you ne. for you i used both my heart and brain  …
yasu    :   ah stop it ….
noi       :   love …? *sing*
Stop it love まだ 今でも許せない自分が嫌いで ….
yasu    :   eeehhh …. *dizzy*

well at least i learned something from that, see this is what human always and should do. We learn something from a mistake we did, so in the future we will not gonna jump into the same hole, the same mistake.

Thank God that miss_understanding is gone, fuihhhh ……. and now i only have to finish this one last assignment. Deal with this intern students. I am the one who is in charge to them, what they do, learn and the final exam.

i am not good in teaching, so what i did to them is say watch and learn, and ask me if you have a problem ok ….  nah the problem is none of them come to me and ask something. In the end, i dunno how but most of them pass the final exam. It make me happy ne …

but last year one of the boys failed in the final exam for his internship. When he came and told me about his fail , i was like ….. eeeh ...? OMG  did i make it (the exam) to difficult? i don’t think so, i made it based on what they did everyday and i think the should can do that.

but he failed ? … Oh dear God i should do something about this.

2 days a go i watch this Behind The Story of Justin Beiber on my telly and i found out how young is her mother, how he started from a Youtube sensation became how he is now and many more …

He was only 15 at that time so in one of his song Baby, Ludacris wrote the rap part with ….When i was 13, i had my first love ... etc etc this song made me think what did happen in my life when i was 13? …..

when i was 13, i fall in love to him. Yes, he is Kotaro Minami. Somehow for me he was so amazing. see the white jacket, motorbike, his hair and that white gloves just awesome. ….  and when i was XXX

i fall in love with this man ….

yasu      :    when you was XXX  …?
noi         :    i told you ne, Master Yoda erased my all memories at that time, the time when was in love with you, ….
yasu      :    that’s boring ….
noi         :    oke i’ll sing for you then …. *start to sing* ….

Are you feeling fine?
I  said,「Loving you made me happy everyday」 ….

yasu      :    hey noi_chan, stop it and go get some roses …..
noi         :    ah that roses again …



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