D Minus 15 Post : 3rd Album 『2012』 Songs List ……… ( Another me, yasu and Bad Fangirl)

Acid Black Cherry Official Home Page updated today with a video for the next 3rd Album 『2012』  …. even the video is a little bit fubar and make me wonder if that is one of the new song intro or something ,

but as always i am happy with that and blow me away. and this time i was blown away to Middle Earth with Frodo Baggin



again and again he just lyin like that with the pocket watch beside him, waiting for something . and there will be 16 songs in this 3rd Album 『2012』 …..

01. ~ until ~
02. Fallin’ Angel
03. in the Mirror
04. ピストル
05. 少女の祈りIII ~『2012』ver. ~
06. Re:birth
07. 指輪物語 『Yubiwa Monogatari/Lord of The Rings』
09. ~ the day ~
10. その日が来るまで 『Sonohi ga kuru made/ Untill The day Comes』
11. so…Good night.
12. doomsday clock
13. 蝶
14. イエス
15. シャングリラ
16. ~ comes ~

i am so curious with track number 07. 指輪物語 『Yubiwa Monogatari/Lord of The Rings』 ….? xD i have no idea this song is gonna be about what? a wedding ring? (you know how the end of イエス lyrics) is it? or not? …… *dizziness 7 football fields around*

but somehow i think about Peter Jackson’s The Lord of The Rings movie (yeah i am a movie freak) and all the doom day related to, Mordor, Sharuman, Gandalf, etc etc

see i always said how brilliant is yasu and i am not brilliant enough as on of his fangirl. I am just a simple fangirl and it always easy to make me happy. Not only that i also think that i am the stupid fangirl. How i found out something late than the other.

here’s what is on my mind : For example if i go to Japan to watch him (read : yasu) live on stage together, let’s just say with my Black Cherry Sista (Freena, Vale_chan, Monika and Gio) nah when all of them already on stadium i am gonna left behind. Maybe i am still gonna be lost in the airport just like what happen to Victor (Tom Hanks) on one of his movie The Terminal .

nah what happened today is ….

noi       :     nee ya_san, are you listening …
yasu     :    yes, i am listening , so what happened today ….
noi        :    well this is embarrassing , ….
yasu     :    hmmmm ……..

ah he isn’t listening, ….  so here’s what happen today. When i open The official Home Page after Acid Black Cherry Dream Cup (期間限定サイト) posted the video link on Facebook and i went to the Profile page and ….

I found out if his blood type is A, just like me …. 



how can i never see that ne, i am such a bad fangirl, i should jump off the roof just like what SHERLOCK did while sayin  bai bai ya_san  i am a bad fangirl,  am i ….?

yasu    :     indeed you are ….
noi       :     but i’ll pass this jump off the roof things …
yasu    :     eeehhh ….
noi       :     because i am gonna be your eternal donor and this year is officially a wrong year to die for me , yay …. *so happy*
yasu    :     whatever  ….



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