D Minus 14 Post : Another ABC Qestionnaire …….. ( Another me, yasu and 3rd ALBUM 『2012』)

Something change about Facebook today,

especially on the group . There’s no group profile picture but they add a changeable banner on the top of the group. Not only that, Facebook also send you a notification for yourself everytime you add a comment to a photo.

it feels weird ne, at the 1st time i got the notification this morning, i was like …. eeehhh a notification to let me know that i just added a comment? omo did someone use my Facebook, etc etc . But the funny thing is for me it always like this :

Noi Himura (friends with Acid Black Cherry Dreamcup) comented on a photo of you



can you believe it? that is brilliant ne, and also  Acid Black Cherry Dream Cup (期間限定サイト) posted this on their Official Facebook page  today, …..

yes it is Another Acid Black Cherry questionnaire from Only Star Magazine, related to the next 3rd ALBUM 『2012』 and the questions are :

1.  the prefectures (country) in which you live
2.  age
3.  sex
4.  Something you want to ask Acid Black Cherry (about music)
5.  Something you want to ask Acid Black Cherry (about private)
6.  Something you want to ask Acid Black Cherry (something else
7.  Your favourite point about Acid Black Cherry

you can go here ——> Acid Black Cherryへの質問を大募集! to answer it and the deadline is on February 27th at 12:00 o’clock . I haven’t post my question btw, but i can’t stop thinking about point number 5 : ask something private,

oke i am a private fulltime fangirl, thanks to SHERLOCK i created this job (maybe if this job real exist outside this fandom world ….. ahahaha *laugh with bananaboy*) but ask a something private is 100% not my division.  i wonder what i am gonna ask him. The fact is i dunno what private things i wanna ask him.

It always like this, this is also why i never able to tweet to Ken_chan when we was online on twitter, tweet a lot of things, reply tweets ….  i can’t find something to say to him, ……

days ago someone tweet to Mark Gatiss about saw him on somewhere and he kindly replied her/his tweet with : Next time say something ….



see i am the one who have no idea about what i am gonna tweet to my idols when they are on line tweeting, and this say something when i meet them (read : my idols, not only yasu) in real, somewhere maybe. …. but for this man Yukihiro_san, i know exactly what i have to say to him

what i am gonna say is : Yukihiro_san, 1,2.3,4 …..!!!!! …..  kyaaaaa *dumped to T_Rex cage* . well at least i know what i have to say,

i was so excited about this one , the rumors about yasu and Daigo watch L’arc_en_Ciel live together on twitter and it was official yay  even if that’s not official it still gonna be the same yay …!!!.

My twitter time line is kinda change now, i’ll say it more various than before, because i followed some people again. Mostly all of them are my moviegoers friend and of course who is on the same fandom spaceship Acid Black Cherry or L’arc_en_Ciel. And i am so lucky because i am somebody’s 100th followers today, see 100th is the golden number, so yes i am lucky ….

oke Back to the topic, 3rd ALBUM 『2012』 , it’s about the bonus stuffs, and look at them ….!!!

~  The bonus for FC Editions , a bollpoint ….?



CD ONLY盤:クリアホワイト

~   Janne Da Arc FC mobile

~   mu_mo Shop

i know i am not gonna able to buy via Janne mobile but i better start to think about this now. I thought i am already finish all my Acid Black Cherry bucketlist after i finish all the list on CD japan (at least after March), but it not over yet.

So this fangirl still and always have something to deal related to Acid Black Cherry, and for  this 3rd ALBUM 『2012』 ….

Oh Dear God, until the day comes i am not gonna miss this album for the world … so … *bai bai to the world*

noi        :     bai bai bai bai …..
yasu     :     hey noi_chan, who gave you the drama juice this morning ….
noi        :     nobody. eeeh a drama juice …
yasu     :     yes, a drama juice ….
noi        :     i only had coffee this morning …
yasu     :     then there’s something on the coffee , bai then …
noi        :     what ….?



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