D Minus 10 Post : Ah, I’m always late,….. (Another me, yasu and Glamorous Sky)

Chasing the Rainbow ….

i think i messed with the D minus/ my counting day for Chasing The Rainbows. Somehow i forgot if this month February is only 29 days,  and on my tick tock tick tock counting day is 30 days, so yes, that D minus post counting is chaos ….

btw i just watch this show Dotomo Kyoudai tonight. i watch this because there’s GACKT and my fave part is this one, when he performed Remioromen song Konayuki with Takanori ….

i always love this song both G (this is how [info]adrio_nevralka call him, and it sounds sexy ne) and Takanori did great and i love this duet so much , so i think i am gonna convert this video into MP3 and save it on my MP3 player . but i hope someone is gonna do that, so i don’t have to do that ….. *lazy*

yasu    :    don’t tell me you are gonna start to call me with Y ….
noi       :    me call you Y? ….  of course no …
yasu    :    why, don’t you think it gonna sounds more sexy ….
noi       :    i don’t think so, because somehow if i calling you (i mean mention you) with Y it remind me of XYZ
yasu    :    XYZ , 3 last character of alphabet? …
noi       :    yes, and XZY means : no where to go. so for me ya_san is more sexy and show how i really appreciate you …
yasu    :    okay then but tell me, did you get that XYZ from City Hunter ….?
noi       :    omo how did you know that …
yasu    :    well …..

back to the song, Konayuki i listen it at the first time on the dorama, and yes, the dorama is sod sad and this song just make it more sad than before …. and in the end what i said was …. why why why, why God, why ….. like i am the one who is gonna die ….

so that song Konayuki from Remioromen is one of many songs that what i call as forever playlist. i mean  songs that stay on my playlist for many years until now. They only about 7 songs btw and the lattest one is this song ….


what else but this song ne, i mean i listen to this song every morning, dawn, on my bus time after work. This is why i often say how brilliant is yasu, with this song he able to make me feel a lot of things, such as sad, regreat, wondering  (because of the lyrics), and of course the feeling of blown awyay to Africa over and over, …..

and tonight for the first time after how many times i forgot i clicked this Shindanmaker ABCの曲ったー   i cliked this one every time i an on line, and tonight  finally i got  『イエス』 ….

今日のnoiさんにオススメするAcid Black Cherryの曲は『イエス』です。 ….




maybe this is the reason why how tanned my skin is, thanks to him (read : yasu) for blown me away again and again to Africa ….

noi       :    nee ya_san, why Africa ….?
yasu    :    that’s random ne so you can’t choose …
noi       :    next time can you just blow me to  Japan or Hongkong …
yasu    :    okay, but i can’t promise you ..

the other song is, this is random btw because seem like tonight everything is random  ….

1.     Counting Crows – Accidentaly In Love



this song is forever for me, it just me , how i feel and for this time i listen to this song over and over again because how desperate i am about being in love again. Oke yes, i am in love accidentally with yasu a long time ago ….

noi       :     thanks to you Hyde …
hyde    :      you’re welcome ….

2.     L’arc_en_Ciel  – The 4th Avenue Cafe

i only have reason for this song, and it always because i am Himura ….  is it reasonable enough …? ahahahaha … *evil laugh*

3.    Hyde –  Glamorous Sky (The Japan and English version)


Glamorous Sky (English Version)
by Hyde

I could have seen the other side
Taking a step into the sky
Ah, I’m always late
I could’ve done the same routine
Showing the old and golden scene
I’m lying again, to make them go
Wearing again my rocking shoes
Over the puddles made of tears

Flash back, I know you’re clever
I remember

I know we could cross over rainbows
I wish that we could aim the sun again
I know we could dream for tomorrow
To share the long forgotten glamorous days

I could have done a lot for you
Nothing was left for me to do
Ah, I’m always late, I let you go
You always said it’s rock ‘n roll
Life is a battle, fight and grow

Flash back, I loved your flavour
I remember

I know we could shine like the starlight
I wish that we could aim the sky again
I know we could dream for tomorrow
To share the long forgotten glamorous days
Ah glamorous days…

I won’t be sleeping

And another Tuesday
Thursday, you’re still away
Saturday, I’ll be lonely everyday
And then climb high up to the moon
And I somehow hope to hear you cry

I know I could fight all the troubles
If only I could stay there on your side
I know I should dream on my own now
To chase the long forgotten glorious days

I know we could cross all the rainbows
I wish that we could aim the sun again
I know we could dream for tomorrow
To share the long forgotten glamorous days

this song show how genius Hyde is, for me this song is forever. Listen to this song in the morning especially when you are waiting for something (for example : for my bus in the morning), and how this song made me laugh like an idiot once when i missed my bus and somehow my MP3 palyer play this song exactly on the …. Ah, I’m always late, part ….. ahahahaha …..

credit to  :    feng sui via [info]gloria74

see how genius is Hyde? and i was like oke oke Hyde.  yes, i am late, i am always late ... while running to my office with a litte bit bus lag ( i am not gonna say jetlag because i use bus not a jet plane ) feel in me .

4.    WHAM  – Last Christmas ….

at the first time this song is kind a warning song for me from myself …. some part of me already know a long time ago that i have to forget him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) but as time goes by he is still in my mind and now …. i don’t know ….

5.     Acid Black Cherry – Nemuri Hime

this song is forever brilliant, see even Hyde love this song and when i saw a video (even not full) of Hyde sing this song on Vamps Halloween Party together with his 2 eternal fanboy  yasu and Daigo, ….

i am sooo *triple o* happy ne ….. my fave singer , the hyde also love my fave song …..

so that songs above is always on my playlist no matter what, i didn’t change it with another song or  remove it . …

i read this   TRANSLATED REPORT: LE-CIEL FANCLUB MEMBER ONLY LIVE -Yokohama Arena, 22nd and 23rd Feb 2012-  by L’Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team)

and i am more excited about to my Chasing The Rainbow to Bangkok, OMG i hope they gonna perform bye bye on their World Tour ….  and finally Tekki is the one who told my mom, andshe said okay, … but of course she never forget to add some drama here and there before say yes …. she said she can’t stop think about what if we get lost there , … etc etc and many more .

But i dunno how was the way  Tekki told her but what she get is i am gonna go to Hongkong instead Bangkok to watch Hyde ….  ah what ever Bangkok or Hongkong the important thing is she agreed and yes again Her Majesty said yes, ….

you guys all of you better be ready ne because I am …..
 Chasing You ….!!!!!!!

yasu     :     nee noi_chan, if her majesty said no, …. then what you’re gonna do …
noi        :     hmmmm …. i dunno but i think i am gonna make her say yes no matter what ….
yasu     :     by what ?
noi        :     ask her to listen your song 『イエス』 over and over, ….  i am sure eventually she is gonna say  『イエス』 …..
yasu     :     you wierd ….






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