D Minus 7 : The Moon represents My Love …. ( Another me, yasu and The Moon)

tonight i have great time,

i mean this is the  first time in this month during my wait for my Chasing The Rainbow Trip to Bangkok, i laughed a lot like this in front my netbook, and then cry again like an idiot yeah something like that up and down like when you do your sit up to make your six pack .

and of course this is because of him (read : yasu)

of course who else but him. Acid Black Cherry Dream Cup (期間限定サイト) posted about the last present on Thanks 4 Present opening.

and there you are the last present is free download for the 0th single Kimi Ga Iru Kara , … as we all know this song was never recorded before, and this is the first time yasu did record this song and give it for free as the last present for Thanks 4 Present. ….

see this handwriting lyrics of Kimi Ga Iru Kara ….? ….  even i dunno how to read it, but just see the Cherry around the corner, that’s enough for me  ….

for the romanji and English translation you can see it in here

and you can download this song in here but the site is so crowded, ….. but you can keep try and try it , don’t give up.  maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you can download it because unlike the last time when they gave Free Live video to download for only 40,000 peoples, this time is different .

This time the download is unlimited until July 20th (23: 59 Japan Time) so you can download it later if the site is not crazy again like tonight …. what surprise me is he start the video comment with doing pilates and then fall like this again ….?

ahahahahah …… that’s so cute, you better stop doing that ya_san or you get dizzy . Yasu really keep what he said for not record this song for an album or single and now he did that with Akihide and gave it for free for all his fans.

See how brilliant yasu is ….

and this year  hope Akihide is not gonna busy as he is now with BREAKERZ (but it seems he is still gonna be busy btw) so he can join yasu again on his next tour. I really miss watching Akihide on ABC live again .

at the first time i thought the last present is gonna be The Free Live on DVD plus the Offshoot for the lucky 40,000 fans. but thank God it is not, because i am sure i am not gonna get it , i am sure … *fuihhh* …

yasu      :     what make you so sure ….?
noi         :     i think i did tell you about this …
yasu      :     then tell me again why ….
noi         :     well the reason is simple ne,  it because i am number 40,001 ….. but still you are number 1 in me ….

You ask me how deep my love for you is,
How much I really love you
Go think about it.
Go and have a look at the moon,
The moon represents my heart.

yasu      :     oke …


7 thoughts on “D Minus 7 : The Moon represents My Love …. ( Another me, yasu and The Moon)

  1. Hello. I’m Nanami (real name is Natalia), I live in Poland. Sorry for my english, I’m still learning…
    I really like to read your blog. It’s so real… you’re inspiring me.Thanks.

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