D Minus 5 Post : Let The World Tour Begin ….. (Another me, yasu and Hongkong)

Finally we can say bai bai to February and there you are the waiting is over, at least for this one. This one what? what else but L’Arc_en_Ciel World Tour 2012 . the first day of March they (read : the flawless vampire, the wasshoii banana, the cool lion and the awesome android) arrived at Hongkong International Airport …..



so yeah , Let The World Tour Begin …..

The first stop is Hongkong. When Puffin Entertainment Facebook Official Page posted about L’arc will arriving Hongkong on March 1st 13:00 – 15:00 PM, i stayed on my twitter timeline and Facebook Home while hoping somebody gonna post something about their coming. and when i saw these images :

credit to : umibe@tumblr

credit to : arcofthesky

i was like OMG, the time is coming soon, the time when i am gonna see them live on stage, my waiting for L’arc is gonna over soon. i am not in Hongkong and i am not gonna watch them (read : L’arc) in Hongkong, but OMG i am so excited about this, .. and i wish i can go there, can be there in the Hongkong International Airport to welcome L’arc.

And this is one of my steps into fascination of fangirling . Remember what i said about the steps of fangirling ….?

1.   When you start unable to ignore them, all of them,

their songs, their outfits, hairstyle, what they did, etc etc and many more even if you don’t love what they did (example : how i didn’t enjoy VAMPS even i love hyde so much).

Oh boy, i always love this hyde’s red hair, he look so sexy. So at that time what i did just watched from far but not that far enough so it still in the save radius ….

2.    When you start to love all what your idol do or did, no matter what people said about it.

This is what i feel during yasu’s 5 consecutive single released. I kind a ignore when there’s some people said about how they disappointed by yasu for the same reason because they didn’t like some of his singles ….

or when the same thing happen about L’arc’s I am so Happy accoustic version where so many people ask what the hell is he (read : hyde) doin, how he sounded … etc etc ….

but i like it, even i love it all of it , maybe yes, some of my musical sense just got covered by my fangirl side, but honestly i really love it. So wheter if the fangirl side of me cover my music sense and sensibility perfectly or because another reason the last thing i can say is i love all of it …..

if you still want another reason, oke here’s my personal reason. See my blood type is A (just like yasu ….. yay)  so i am not universal donor nah in my case that means i also not a universal listener.

yasu      :   universal donor and universal listener ….?
noi        :    well maybe there’s some connection about that …
yasu     :    hey, noi_chan do you want me to fall again on this couch?
noi        :    of course not, i don’t want you get dizzy …
yasu     :    then stop doing that  blood type and music conection things ….
noi        :    okay then ….

i am not listen to all music genre and musicians, i only listen something (in this case Japanesse Music) related to L’arc_en_Ciel, all bands/musicians that i am listening always have something to connect them with L’arc or each members (hyde, ken, tetsuya and yukihiro) , that’s weird ne, but that’s it, that’s me …..

but, this is only for music not for movies. for movies division, i am gonna say i am a universal moviefreak even my blood type is A (again, like yasu …. yay yay yay ), i am gonna watch all genre of movies and grade it each in stages where i am gonna said :

~   not good …
~   what the ….?
~   like
~   yeah …
~   good …
~   brilliant ….

after i saw the movie, but there’s some times where i listen a song because i hear it on the movie, a movie original soundtrack maybe. Ah ya this is what happened 2 days ago, and i can’t stop laugh because if it. Actually i want to srite about this song 2 days ago but yasu’s 4th present euphoria just everywhere so i forgot about it ….

it started when i talk with my friend Aizawa Yuki on L’Arc_en_Ciel (cielers) Indonesia Facebook group , she is gonna come to Indonesia from Taiwan to watch L’arc together , and i am so excited to meet her. We should talk about L’arc because it was on L’arc group but somehow that night our conversation just out of topic like what always happen ….

we talked about a mandarin song, nah because i can’t speak mandarin and i don’t know many mandarin song, i only have F4 songs on my memories, and then i replied her with one of Jerry Yan‘s song Wo Shi Zhen De Zhen De Hen Ai Ni (means : I really really love you), and i also dunno if Jerry Yan joined Jhonny Group now and moved to Japan, i didn’t know that because the last time i saw his was on a drama with Ela SHE called Down With Love

after that Yuki replied me with :  ni wen wo ai ni you duo shen wo ai ni you ji fen, ….. OMG that’s Teresa Teng‘s song, this song is eternal, or forever …. i remember i heard this song a long time a go when i was 6 years old on Chow Yun Fat‘s movie, i forgot what the title is. …. but this movie is so sad, and happy ending with that song,  ….




ni wen wo ai ni you duo shen
wo ai ni you ji fen
wo de qing ye zhen
wo de ai ye zhen
yue liang dai biao wo de xin

ni wen wo ai ni you duo shen
wo ai ni you ji fen
wo de qing bu yi
wo de ai bu bian
yue liang dai biao wo de xin

qing qing de yi ge wen
yi jin da dong wo de xin
shen shen de yi duan qing
jiao wo si nian dao ru jin

ni wen wo ai ni you duo shen
wo ai ni you ji fen

ni qu xiang yi xiang
ni qu kan yi kan
yue liang dai biao wo de xin


You ask me how deep my love for you is,
How much I really love you…
My affection is real.
My love is real.
The moon represents my heart.

You ask me how deep my love for you is,
How much I really love you…
My affection does not waver,
My love will not change.
The moon represents my heart.

 Just one soft kiss
is enough to move my heart.
A period of time when our affection was deep,
Has made me miss you until now.

* You ask me how deep my love for you is,
How much I really love you.

* ** Go think about it.
Go and have a look [at the moon],
The moon represents my heart.


Teresa Teng. She is a legend, pretty with an angel voice, may she rest in peace, ….  nah if you watch Hongkong movies you might hear this song as a soundtrack, …. see and listen  how sweet this song is, how someone ask to her lover how much he love her and he answer it by ask her to look at the moon, because  the moon represents his love ……

awwww so sweet, ….. *start lookin for yasu*

noi       :     ya_san, ya_san …..
yasu    :     what, i am busy …
noi       :     just a second ne …..
yasu    :     stop ask me to look at the moon ne, i did that and i didn’t see you there …
noi       ;     eeehhh, not me, but my love …
yasu    :     i didn’t see it either ….
noi       :     eehhh, then you better look at the moon again ….
yasu    :     go away, continue your fangirl steps post  or find something to eat  …..
noi       :     omo how did you know i am hungry ….?

….. oke let’s back to the next step ….

3.    When you can’t stop your self for being greed for all of your idol stuffs ...

as always fangirling is not cheap, even i agree with the pharse money can’t buy happines, but on this case this fandom happiness you really need money, so again and again it’s all about the money, honey and bunny ….. jiahahahaha ….. *got slap*

4.    When you decided to join the FanClub no matter what ….

i am on 2 fandoms, L’arc and ABC nah to join on both L’arc and ABC FanClub is so expensive, so i choose to join only ABC FanClub. Because for L’arc there’s a lot of kind fans out there who also a FanClub member share things, you know what i mean, but not for Acid Black Cherry, ….

5.     When you decide to watch them live on stage at least once before you die …

nah for this one, i choose to watch L’arc Live , because it’s a world tour and yes, they come to my country. Oh God, i can’t believe if it only 4 days again for My Chasing The Rainbow Trip to Bangkok, and i am gonna see L’arc live on stage in Bangkok, ….. I’ve been waiting for a long time since the last time they said bai bai on their L’7 Trans Asia via Paris , ….. finally i get the chance to tell my boss about this,

i said to him    :     Sir, i am going to Bangkok next week for 4 days, …..
him                :     for what …?
me                 :     i want to see hyde …
him                :     hyde, who is hyde, and what about yasu … you told me you are gonna watch yasu in Hongkong right ….?
me                 :     eeehhh, yasu, in Hongkong ….?

what the, i mean why everybody think i am gonna go to Hongkong to watch yasu instead of go to Bangkok to watch Hyde ….? OMG i think i better stop spamming and talking about yasu to him and to all my office mate ……  but, stop talking about him while i am already his private fulltime fangirl,

that’s so hard to do ne….

noi          :     i see you in my dream ….. *singing*
yasu       :     stop singing and i know you never have me in you dream ….
noi          :     yes, but maybe …
yasu       :     maybe what …?
noi          :     maybe if you look at the moon again and find my love there, i may have you in my dream
yasu       :     well let me ask you something, Do i look like a werewolf ….?
noi          :     no …
yasu       :     then stop ask me to look at the moon and go to sleep now ….
noi          :     aaaahhhh ….. *drolling*



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