D Minus 2 Post : World Tour again Part 1 ….. ( Another me, yasu and L’arc)

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go …..

yasu     :    go where …..?
noi        :    i told you ne, …. *continue singing*

I’m standin’ here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye …

yasu     :   sorry i don’t remember …
noi        :   ah you never remember me  ,….

I am Going to CHASE them, L’Arc_en_Ciel …..

the 1st World Tour live in Hongkong finished last night, and i am dizzy tonight because i was so curious about the setlist for Hongkong, so i stayed on my twitter timeline, refresh it over and over again waiting for someone to tweet about the setlist for Hongkong live last night ….

everything is ready, the concert ticket, plane ticket, hotel, passport, boarding pass etc etc . I prepared one of my office mate to handle everything while i am away. I told her everything all the sheets, the calculations, projects, and ah ya i haven’t give her my ATM plus the PIN  … *make a note*.

this last 2 days in gonna be the longest two days for me. Tomorrow is gonna be longer because tomorrow my bos is gonna come to check our new machine that came yesterday. Oh God  he is coming and tomorrow i am gonna leave? …..

I have to come early again before him, i don’t want he catch me again like the last time he caught me arrive 45 minutes late. I don’t want he mad for any reasons, i want everything perffect, i don’t want when i am on my way to chase L’arc i still have to think about some work stuffs, ….

God bless all of you Cielers who watch L’arc_en_Ciel live last night in Hongkong and whoever who tweeted the setlist , ….

1. いばらの涙 (Ibara No Namida)
2. Chase
4. Honey
5. DID
6. Revelation
7. 瞳の住人  (Hitomi no Jyuunin)
8. XXX
9 . Forbidden Lover

ken’s MC

11. 7th Heaven
12. Driver’s High
13. Stay away
14. RSG

yukihiro drum solo


15. Anata
16. Winter Fall
17. 4th Avenue Cafe
18. Link

Hyde MC

19 . niji

number 7, 10,15, 17, 18, and 19 … great. I Hope they add Bye Bye on the next live in Bangkok, .. i am super excited tonight, Hyde, the braids is still there, that’s good because i really want to see him live with that braids.

you can see the report video here : https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150576396462864
and when i saw the goodies

the pamhlet …… * i have to buy this one *  ….

and this super duper 7,000 yen hooded towel …

credit to : [info]aleen_chan via [info]larcenciel

and this  World’s best selection CD


  •  1. X X X (English Version)

you can see the lyrics here : L’Anemone FC (L’Arc-en-Ciel Database)

  •  2. Hitomi No Juunin
  •  3. My Heart Draws A Dream
  •  4. Blurry Eyes
  •  5. Niji (Album Version)
  •  6. Jojoushi
  •  7. Flower
  •  8. The Fourth Avenue Café
  •  9. Stay Away
  •  10. Honey
  •  11. Ready Steady Go
  •  12. Anata
  •  13. Driver’s High
  •  14. Good Luck My Way
  •  15. New World
  •  16. Chase (English Version)

you can see the lyrics here :  L’Anemone FC (L’Arc-en-Ciel Database)

i want it, i want it ….

oh no 

i have to save some cash ne because i only have 5,000 Baht Thailand. i am gonna buy that hooded towel, but ot now, maybe in Jakarta next May 2nd or after it i dunno. So i am gonna use it wisely …. xD,

and if in the end i am not wise enough and ended with i have no money after the show, that’s fine at least i still have a back up plan. The back up plan is i am gonna do nothing, just stay at hotel, take a nap or maybe if there’s a pool i am gonna do just like what hyde did above. Stay there like that waiting, maybe just by that something comin and when i am back i can swim ….

Oh Dear God, let that happen …... *pray*

yasu    :   no, that’s not gonna happen …..
noi       :   ooowww come on, don’t do that …
yasu    :   you better take a nap at hotel than doing that  ….

i am gonna stay at the Tango Hotel in Bangkok, together with all my friends. and i am sure i am gonna have so much fun there …. and i wonder if hyde is gonna continue to name the audience just like what he did on their last live in Japan, so the question is he is gonna name me (and all the Bangkok audience) with what? ….

and how Ken MC with the Angry Birds? ….  i know i am not gonna understand what he said but i know for sure i am still gonna laugh together when the other audience laugh, that’s easy ne just follow the wind blow …..

they performed 瞳の住人 while sitting like that, relax just like what they did when they performed Sell My Soul on their last L’7 Trans Asia Via Paris, …. and how hyde surprised when there’s a sound of airplane and he said he think there’s an earthquake …. xD


and look at hyde’s outfit, i mean the shirt. somehow the shirt remind me with yasu’s outfit when he joined Jealkb on their last May 2011  Live House ….

of course minus the hat and the braided hair,  and here’s the report from Natalie ….

ナタリー – L’Arc-en-Ciel世界ツアー、初日香港で1万人が熱狂

soon, my time’s arrive soon. 2 days more  …

Change does happen, whether you want it or not. I also changed and i didn’t know that. How my self changing became who and how i am now. I feel how different i am now, how easly i am to be sick and cry a lot for some simple reasons.

Yesterday on my way home, i fell asleep on my bus ride. I missed my bus station and when i woke up i have to take another bus back. Why this always happen, why can’t i wake up automatically when the bus gonna reach my stop …? it should be work right? i mean everybody have their own natural alarm right? and why mine doesn’t work? …..

yasu       :    you don’t know why …?
noi          :    no, i dunno …
yasu       :    well let me tell you why. The reason is because the natural alrm doesn’t work for a lazy girl like yasu   …..
noi          :    eeeehh really? i dunno it the natural alarm choose .
yasu       :     the other natural alarms (you know which one that i mean) doesn’t choose, but not this wake up ….
noi         :     ah ya i know what you mean ….
yasu       :     good ….
noi         :     hungry right?  …
yasu       :     what the  …. i am gonna leave you now …

ah he is leaving me again, …..

i think about it  last night, why i so easy to fall asleep everywhere? in the bus, my desk at office, even in the bath tub sauna. but my fave spot to fall asleep is in the cinema. Why? …. just  imagine ne sleeping inside the cinema where instead you are the one who is watching the movie but the movie is the one who watch you sleeping ,,,,,

waw, that’s brilliant ne, but no, that’s not brilliant enough because inside the cinema is so cold ne, i wonder if there’s a cinema with no air conditioner, nah that would be brilliant ….

oke let’s continue with my bus story, i am talking about my bus ride right?. Nah on my waiting time for the next bus that gonna take me back home, i saw something tragic.  i watched and i cried. That’s so sad.

i saw a girl with her mother. Her mother according to peoples around there, she is crazy. That day at 17:30 PM because some man on the bus station who make joke about her, the mother cried loud while rolling2 on the street in front of everybody while cryin and yellin to everybody next to her. I don’t get 100% what she said because she said it so fast and her cry made what she said fubar to my ears ….

the girl (her daughter) tried anything she can do to make her mother stop act like that, and she just can’t handle it anymore. So the last thing she can do is just sit on the street next to her mother and start to cry while sayin : Mom, please stop it and let’s go home …..  over and over again. It’s her duty to find her mother if she don’t back to home after 17:00 PM before Maghrib time. Her mother because if her insanity keep push her away ….

i just cried when i see that scene, It’s not a drama scene but it’s real. I see the mother often in this bus station because how often i fell asleep like that day, and i also heard a story about her. People talk about this story over and over every time there’s a person who don’t know about her, see her and ask about her . And i use to be one of them (the one who ask)

it started 15 years ago when she (the mother) was young. She was born that way, i mean there’s something wrong with her and yeah people called her crazy girl because how she act. Her home just around the bus station. In that bus station 15 years ago there’s a motel, a cheap motel.

Nah one day there’s a merchant come to this city and stayed at that motel. He stayed there for a long time. and everyday he talk to the crazy girl and tread her like she is a normal girl, not crazy. Everybody know if that man is not genuine to her. But to bad her parents kind a ignore it. They just don’t care about whatever is gonna happen to their one and only and not normal daughter.

she went everywhere with him (the merchant) and he bought her everything she want, dress, food, shoes, and at that time she was so happy and somehow she look like a normal girl not crazy. Maybe right if there’s a phrase Love Is Blind. Everybody can be fall in love even for a crazy person. Nad then all people who use to think  negative about the merchat change their opinion about him. They start to think if he is really in love with her.

But of course this is not in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre  story where the byronic Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester still devoted to his crazy wife Bertha Antoinetta Mason even he is badly in love with his governess Jane. This one is reality, he only stayed for about 6 months and suddenly one day he just gone. Nobody know where he is.

The girl keep waiting for him in front of his motel room and because how long she is been waiting, screwed her, . … she don’t dress properly, walk arround there and there, keep telling everybody about her love story. …. so she back to be crazy again.



noi       :    ya_san, ya_san, …..
yasu    :    what now ,…?
noi       :    don’t you see that ….?
yasu    :    see what , …. you in the moon?, noo
noi       :    forget about the moon, you’ll not gonna see me or my love there anyway … just promise me do’t make me wait longer. I don’t wanna be crazy like her …
yasu    :    nee noi_chan, she is already crazy before , but you are not right ? …. or ?
noi       :    no, i am not crazy, but yes i am crazy about you ….
yasu    :    i know that …

~ to be continued~



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