Fangirl Post : Chasing The Rainbow Part1 …. (Another me, yasu and Leaving On A Jet Plane)

Arnold always say I’ll be back at the end of all Terminator movies, well even i am not really sure if i am gonna be back but hey, here i am ….

I am Back ….. !!!!

noi     :    ya_san, ya_san, see i am back …..
yasu  :    yes, then what …..?
noi     :    i miss you ne and OMG look at your hair …..
yasu  :    hey, stop it …
noi     :    but i love it, you looks brilliant. nah now let me tell you something ….
yasu  :    something, i am sure it’s gonna be a lot of things ….
noi     :    omo, how did you know that, then listen ne  …
yasu  :    just don’t be boring …..
noi     :    hey, that’s SHERLOCK ….

oke this is my first trip to go abroad. I never do that and i think i never have any intention to do it also, go abroad and do something fun together like the last amazing 3 days. But this fandom world where i live inside it changed me. Not only that, this fandom world also gave me some goals. The goals that i called with Steps into fascination of Fangirling.

Five years ago, i promised to myself that i am gonna reach the top of Steps into fascination of Fangirling  and that is watch at least once, my idol live on stage, In this case is L’arc_en_Ciel and Acid Black Cherry. and this year the chance is comin, after all this time i’ve been waiting while save some money to reach that goal,

The time just came, so there you are i went to Bangkok to see my larger Than Life Band L’arc_en_Ciel. Why L’arc_en_Ciel ? … that’s because they are the first Japanese band that i am listening to and L’arc_en_Ciel    is the one who open my eyes to see the magic of Japanese music , in this case Japanese Rock, and also spread my taste of music wings into another band like Acid Black Cherry, TM Revolution, SID, BREAKERZ, Glay, and many more

that’s why i keep tellin to myself if i watch a Japanese rock band live at the first time, it has to be L’arc_en_Ciel.  and this step into fascination of fangirling is not an easy way for me. First of course because this kind of trip is not cheap. but the main problem is not that, we still can find the money ne. The main problem is my health, this short trip to Thailand already make me sick …

yasu      :     eh, just like that ….?
noi         :     yeah, and i wonder how is gonna be if i wanna watch you live on stage ya_san …
yasu      :     then, you better think about that …
noi         :     oke …

oke let’s back to the story. As you all know my home is far far away from the big city, We don’t even have a cinema (this is the reason why i bought o lot of DVD’s) or McD, so i start my last trip, ah no i am gonna call this as my journey, because this is a very2 long way journey for me.

i started it with 3 hours by bus to my province airport (it’s the local airport). I woke up at 03:00 AM and continue my sleep on the bus, have i told you how i love to sleep in the bus? …. yeah i said that a lot of times.



this is embarrassing, shame on me, but that’s already happen ne, so i sleep until the bus reach the final bus stop. And thanks to my sleepless last night, i was sleeping until the driver wake me up and tell me if this is the end of the bus route.



I was like what? …. Last Friday Night, Katy Perry …. because when i open my eyes , they just play that song loud on their stereo, I don’t know what to do but walk out of that bus with just a half part of my mind worked. It was 06:00 AM and here we are in the street, and i was hungry ….

yasu    :    what, you’re hungry …?
noi       :    yes, ….
yasu    :    that’s boring, i told you ne don’t be boring ….
noi       :    eeehh …..?

well because i was hungry so we’re looking for some breakfast, we did find a place to have a breakfast but the hard next is to find a taxi. At that early morning there’s not much taxi. We waited quite long enough, even i know if the clock is 07:00 AM and we still have plenty time to catch our flight to Jakarta where we gonna meet all of our friends to go to Bangkok together.

i think the main things of this journey is waiting, i waited many times for many things on this journey. If Tom Hanks as Viktor in the Terminal waiting for his visa to go to United States,  i started with waiting for my plane to Jakarta,

waiting is boring and it’s absolutely not in my division, i am the one who only have to wait for about 4 hours for my flight was already like that, then what about Viktor who has to wait for his never_come visa ? ….

the weird thing is when i enter the local airport, the officer i dunno why ask me whether if i want to go to Malaysia? eh, do i look like i am gonna work to Malaysia? why do they always like that judging people just like that. just because he saw many people go to Malaysia for work they can hit randomly so everybody who was on the airport that day include me also gonna go to Malaysia to work.

in my country, lots of people go to Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Hongkong, Kuwait, and many other country to work, most of them are woman (they usually the one with lower education) they go there to work as a maid for a woman and work in the plantation for a man.

they made a lot of money by that, because they gonna be paid more than if they work here in our country. nah the question is why did the officer think if i am gonna go to Malaysia for work, and do i look like a maid? …. as i remember i did brush my hair that day, so it wasn’t screwed at all.

and because the officer think if i wanna go to Malaysia to work there as a maid, and i am sure he also think how stupid and not educated well, so i know that’s gonna happen, the way he talked to us, and served us just like that. Remember what i told you about the live money detector? ….

nah he is one of them. See live money detector just everywhere, you never realize how much they are until you can find them any place you go. What i am gonna say if, even yes i am one of the woman who is gonna go to work as a maid and i am the one who is not educated well, i think this not a reason for him to acted like that.

As an officer who has a job to serve all people who is on the airport he shouldn’t make a different like that, what a shallow he is … enough about the life money detector, so i waited for my flight, while have some iced chocolate in some cafe, and soon my flight is comin, ….

About my flight, i only have one things to say : Leaving on a plane is not my division, i dunno what happen i just had the terrible ear pain, and my head was dizzy, i can’t sleep well and Oh God, what the hell is happen, ….

i thought i ma gonna have a very nice first experiment for fly up over the rainbow and chasing the rainbow, but what i got is nothing but pain and all the un_comfort feeling on me, I know that is because of the height differences and in my case maybe because i live in the low area/beach area so i can’t handle it well, …

the flight to Jakarta only take one hour , Thank God, and when i arrive at Soekarno-Hatta international airport, the pain just gone a little bit first and then gone , …. nah in this airport somehow i remember about Rangga, who is Rangga ….?

Rangga is a character on one of my fave movie called Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, played great by Nicholas Saputra. Rangga who is a nerd student, nobody knows him and he loves poetry and love Chairil Anwar. Until he meet Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo)


on that movie, there’s a scene where Rangga has to leave Indonesia to go with his dad to United States, nah the day he left Cinta run after him at the airport, the Soekarno-Hatta international airport. she ran and yell

Rangga ………!!!


so at that time i was there, at the same airport where Cinta run after Rangga in the end of the movie and they ended kiss, the very sweet kissu. Call me crazy but i really wanna call Rangga  with loud but then i realized omo, there’s no Rangga ….

so Where is Rangga …..?

yasu     :    eh, don’t ask me ne i don’t even know who is Rangga …
noi        :    i told you ne he is …
yasu     :    oke, you told me but still i don’t know where he is now, go ask google …
noi        :    why do i never think about that, ya_san, you are brilliant ….!!!
yasu     :    whatever, tonight Rangga then who is tomorrow …… *dizzy*

This movie is a brilliant movie by Mira Lesmana. I remember i was a little when this movie played on cinema. because in my city there’s no cinema i have to wait very long time to see this movie, …

finally i meet all my friend at the airport, we did have some chit chat and introduce our self each other while waiting for the flight, I never meet all of them, maybe yeah i know some of them but it’s on social networks : Facebook, twitter, and Live Journal,

They all so kind and OMG they really love L’arc, and it 100% more than me, most of them really know all the lyrics of L’arc songs, while i only know …..  not more than 10 songs that i can sing without reading the lyrics ….

noi      :     no, no, no don’t give me that look, ….
yasu   :     what ….?
noi      :     just don’t say it, i am a bad fangirl, am i?
yasu   :     nah , you know ….

ah ya before i forget, i receive this one yesterday, it should be here 2 days a go but because i was a way so i got it late , …..

tarara ….

finally my long waiting Acid Black Christmas stuffs arrive today minus the photobook i dunno why … and here’s the scans :

The Red Version Postcards

~ The Black Suit Version

~   The Green Version

nah the question is

why did i receive a Christmas goodies on March? the answer is because i live in Mars, so instead of December, Christmas is on March if you live in Mars/if you are alien like meehh

noi      :    congratulation ya_san, you have one alien as your fangirl ….. ♥
yasu   :    alien, you?
noi      :    yes ….
yasu   :    no, you better find something else than alien …
noi      :    what?
yasu   :    i dunno …

about alien i remember i made something today, see because of what yasu said on the last interview with JPopasia, the part where he said

Although I don’t feel much sense of reality about whether I really have overseas fans since it’s not like I’m selling CDs overseas if I’ve never done lives overseas; but I think it’d be great if I can have a world tour soon, so if you have even a bit of interest, please listen to Acid Black Cherry.

that part kind a make some of his overseas fans upset, and now some of them want to do a fanproject to make yasu feel them, feel if he has many overseas fans here, and yesterday someone messaged me via tumblr ask me to join the fanproject.

I am sure yasu 100% know if he has many overseas fans but maybe with something like this can make him feel more than what he feel now. so yesterday at office  i did nothing but doing this what i called my first fanproject , try to force my self to make something and here’s the result, …

i never did something like this, and this is the first time for me to do this, i am someone who choose to write a mail to yasu via fanclub every year on his birthday, and now i think doing something like this is fun ne, ….

if you interesting to join this fanproject, you live outside Japan and you love yasu, you can join this project by post your photo to tumblr (if you have tumblr) use tag : #yasu #acid black cherry #fanproject , and Kissthecherry is gonna collect all the photos and make it into video yeah something like thatt, or if you don’t have tumblr you can send your photo to  Kissthecherry  via Facebook message …

and now watching these videos over and over again even yeah i don’t understand 100% what he said, ……..



actually i never understand 100% what he said, well maybe just 50%,….? ahahahaha oke oke i promised to my self if i am gonna learn more Japanese this year by join some course but hey this year this fangirl is so busy ne, look how busy i am,

Acid Black Cherry with the new upcoming 3rd album『20 12』

and L’arc_en_Ciel with the World Tour for their new album BUTTERFLY

is this an idol conspiracy? because somehow they just love to make me busy, so yeah this Private Fulltime Fangirl Noi Himura is officially busy  this year

yasu      :    busy or act busy ….?
noi         :    oke i use to act busy but this time i am really busy ….
yasu      :    hmmmm ….
noi         :    and you make me busy because i am busy so i better finish this post a.s.a.p ,

so here come the 4 hours painful flight, i survived from the last 1 hour flight to Jakarta, but for this next 4 hours i was not sure, i knew the pain is gonna come, and it was. The terrible ear pain came again and my head dizzy again, i can’t sleep. Then i try to read some magazine but it make me more dizzy.

And i found in one page on the magazine said what to do if you get the ear pain, they say try to swallow something, then i ordered some food and it just didn’t work. i was still in pain, but the article said it was normal because of the height changing and how your body reaction to it. I was so amazed that i was the only one who feel this terrible ear and head pain. so what is wrong with me ….? at that time i realized something

Leaving on a Jet plane is not my division …

noi      :   so ya_san, you better think about tour outside Japan ….
yasu   :   why ….
noi      :   because i am not sure i can’t handle another flight …
yasu   :   and if i don’t ….?
noi      :   then i will go to Japan by boat like Momotaro ….
yasu   :   eeeehhh, …. who said she is gonna jump to any division for me? ….
noi      :   omo, what should i do i still wanna see you live ?
yasu   :   then think about it and no bus oke …..

from my country to Japan is gonna need at least 7 hours flight? OMG i can’t even i imagine how i am gonna handle that, …. it must be something that i can do to deal with this ear pain …. i keep think about that on my flight and then finally the plane was landing,

Thank God, here i am in Thailand, my first step for going abroad and the first country is Thailand, and this airport, Suvarnabhumi is so big, i think it is bigger than Soekarno-Hatta, and i am sure i am gonna be lost if i go here by myself ….

but my head still dizzy and my ear still in pain, OMG i thought i am gonna be deaf because of this, (and if i deaf my career as Private Fulltime Fangirl is gonna end) . when the bus came, all of us kind a surprised because we never think it is gonna be a bus, a really big bus, OMG i love being on that bus ne, …. with the night scenery of Bangkok city i fell asleep again, Oh dear, sleeping in the bus feel better than in the plane …

arrived at the hotel, checked in my room, room 508 what i did next is take some hot shower and jumped into the bed and sleep …….

oooo yasu mi

yasu     :  eh,  just like that, where’s the live report …..?
noi        :  i’ll do that tomorrow ….
yasu     :  what the ….

~to be continued~




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