Fangirl Post : Failed ….. (Another me, yasu in this Fandom World)

Sherlock Holmes in the court bathroom scene (Season2 Episode3 : The Reichenbach Fall) with Kitty The Journalist said if there’s 2 type of fan :

1.    A catch me before i kill again fan
2.    Your bedroom is just a taxi ride away fan ….  nah the question is …

What type of fangirl i am? ….

noi       :    nee ya_san, what do you think? ….
yasu    :    okay because you are so busy …. *laugh* i think you are number 2 …..
noi       :    i don’t think so
yasu    :    why ….?

well that’s because number two is for a stalker , at least that’s what i got from the phrase Your bedroom is just a taxi ride away . A fan who will go and follow his/her idol everywhere and became a stalker.   ….  that’s not me ne, because

hey, i am a fangirl, not a stalker ….

yasu     :    then what about the gardener thing?
noi        :    ah that’s over ne ya_san, you already had those 600 roses for your album cover …
yasu     :    not from you …
noi        :    ahahahah , how did you know that?

when i watch this last episode of SHERLOCK BBC , i wonder what type of fangirl i am, oke not number two, then what about number one, A catch me before i kill again , not this one either, because for this type what i get is a type of fan who would do anything and go wherever for his/her idol. nah that’s not me either even for the division things FYI i am still gonna jump to any division for yasu, just jump ne, what is the hard things of jumping anyway ? …. xD

oke maybe 4 years ago when i was still on college, have nothing to worried etc i had that kind a thing. I am gonna go anywhere and do anything for my idol. but now everything is different. maybe oke i can go on every city where L’arc_en_Ciel is gonna perform. but that’s not simple like that, now i have a responsibility to my job, my superior, my boss and of course for the company that i work for plus how lack my health is now.

Life is always a choice, so you can’t have everything you want, for example when i was on college where i have plenty time to do anything and go everywhere i want, i have no money to do all of that. And now at the contrary when i have the money i don’t have the time. It’s unfair right? but yeah , life is always unfair like this.

i am not both number 1 or 2 type of fangirl, but i know what type of fangirl i am, I am gonna say that i am the Matsu Wa type fangirl , the full time one, because i do nothing but waiting for this man (read : yasu) and many more that i have to wait. my whole life point is waiting  … not only that but also the failed one ….

the biggest fail as a fangirl is when you already go far away to watch them live but you haven’t make a single live report … 

nah the fangirl is me and them is the idol, in this case is L’arc_en_Ciel,  …. i dunno what happen, it’s been 3 night i did nothing but stare at my PC monitor , play some restaurant dash game while tweet something, i want to wrote something but i forgot everything that i want to write , that’s weird ne?

i only have this to say about my Chasing The Rainbow trip to Thailand : I am already fulfill my dreams all my dreams about L’arc_en_Ciel live that i always imagine a long time ago. Here they are :

1.    I want to be one of them who sing this


on Anata, i did that. I was so amazed, i feel a lot of things and i can’t describe it. I always call this song Anata as my wedding song, i want walk in the ale to someone who is gonna spent his life with me and love me (even he is complicated) , can you magine that, with hyde’s voice say  あなたがいるから over and over ….

2.    I want to be one of them who reply hyde with Crush and Yeah after hyde sing I am in the coolest driver’s high part on Driver’s High while jumping and moove like hyde ….

3.    I want to reply  Yes hyde, i am fuckin Ready ….. !!!!! when hyde ask Are You Fuckin Ready …? on Ready Steady Go .

4.    I want to draw a dream, more than one dreams together with hyde, ken, tetsuya and yukihiro by sing together My Heart Draws A Dream  live and loud ….

i did that, at that time my heart draws another dreams, watch  Acid Black Cherry that’s my next dream and also maybe there’s a chance for me to watch L’arc_en_Ciel 25th, the Silver Anniversary 5 years again in Japan, …. #amin

5.   Buy some stuffs on the venue …

i bought that bag, lightstick and some stickers damn i want the hoody towel but because i only have very limited Baht so i am gonna buy it in Jakarta,  here’s what happen that 5,000 Baht only left 200 Baht in my last day in Bangkok, and that 200 Baht is for both of us ( me and Tekki) ,

Oh God i remember how hungry i was at the airport and i want that pizza while the 200 Baht not enough to buy even for one slice and how i can’t stop looking at the man sit next to me and his wife who eat one big size pizza, Oh God no….  , Food and beverage at airport always expensive ne . so what we did next is tryin to find something we can buy with 200 Baht, we got some chicken strip on Burger King …

maybe this is because i bought too much stuffs in MBK, so i only have 200 Baht left. See the cute pink hakama girl up there? that’s my new umbrella, ela ela ela .… xD , i saw that on MBK and i just buy that without think to bargain the price , the seller can’t speak English so i just gave her my money and i got my new umbrealla ela ela ela

not only that, because i am a moviegoers i also  went to cinema at MBK, we (me and Tekki) watch a movie there, the movie was John Carter, i don’t get the movie 100% because i only watch it one hour.But i found out in Thailand they always start everything with some time to standing and listen a song (i think this is the national anthem) and respect to The King, not only in  the cinema before the movie started , but on L’arc live also like that. before the concert started all the audience standing and listening the song to respect The King, … waw for me that’s amazing ne, it’s totally a new experience for me.

enaugh about my trip. btw yesterday i listen to radio/mp3 for the first time after my trip. Finally i can use my ear well after the painful ear pain, thanks to the jet plane, at the first time my ear hurt everytime i try to listen something, …. OMG i feel like i am gonna deaf, what if i deaf, i haven’t think about another career beside this Fulltime Fangirl of Acid Black Cherry

nah that day i tried to listen to Acid Black Cherry on FM Aichi live streaming, and hear nothing, …. i was so affraid ne but Thank God there’s nothing wrong with my ears, the problem is on my stupid net connection so what i got is the muted video,  i hope somebody recorded it and upload it somewhere, on Nico video maybe? ….

4 days again we all gonna listen to Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album 2012, OMG i can’t wait for this one ne, …. and yasu is so busy just like me ….. xD




you can heare the recording in here

and tonight he was on this CBC Radio

somehow i enjoy listening Japanese Radio even it’s kinda hard for me to understand what yasu or the DJ was sayin, so this is the reason why i always find the recording to listen it again and again until i understand what he and the DJ actually said also because i am a little bit deaf. When i got that part that’s was amazing ne , kinda feeling when you already finished your school project, …. xD

even he is so busy he still managed to say the White Day Message to all his fans include me  even i have no ide what is a White Day means. Tamarines are in the mountain and salt in the sea, so every country have a different culture. In my country there’s no White Day Celebration or something, and i dunno what the white day is all about, maybe just like what yasu said White Day conected with the end of the winter, snow —> white ,

if you look at the black shirt he use in all the radio show, come on, is there any of you remember anything? …. that black shirt he use is the same shirt he use on FOOL’S MAGAZINE January 2012 edition ……

noi      :    omo omo ya_san ….
yasu   :    what …
noi      :    listen i think i found another career if i deaf …
yasu   :    ehhh ….
noi      :    i can be your personal dry cleaner ne … what a brilliant idea ne …
yasu   :    what the,  ….

he also held A White Day event related to the upcoming 3rd album 2012 at Namba Parks in Osaka on March 14th, a talkshow infront of 1,000 fans. OMG i wish i can be there but still there’s wide and deep blue sea between me and him (read : yasu)  .

see how busy he is, just like what he (read : yasu) wrote on his 0th single Kimi Ga Iru Kara :

Kimi Ga Iru Kara, Boku Ga Iru Nda yo —->  because you here, i am here

nah in this case 合格合格 ya_san, because you are busy, i am busy too hahahahaha ……

パンチ! kyaaaa …. *dumped into lion cage*

look what happen to me now, this endless yasu_noi_haido Bahama Love Triangle made me like that, a light cyber just tear me like that, half part of me is for hyde and the other part is for yasu,



noi      :   ya_san, you gotta do something, ….
yasu   :   Oh God, not again …
noi      :   help me with this cyberlight  ….
yasu   :   not funny ne, that’s you inside elevator …
noi      :   ah, you ruin this game  …
yasu   :   then don’t play this whatever game ..

i found something on twitter, this girl is so talented. her idea to change what Acid Black Cherry staff want in their last announcement about the upcoming tour 2012 into this amazing anime

credit to : @alt_A_

~  don’t follow/stalk,
~  don’t pick/ gather at the airport,
~  don’t camp outside the building and
~  don’t use your camera phone to take a photograph of yasu ….

see this is what i call a brilliant message to all of you who wants to watch Acid Black Cherry Live 2012, if you all follow what the ABC staff said i am sure everything is gonna be okay, nothing’s wrong gonna happen, i believe that’s for everyone ‘s good and also for yasu himself.

yasuの為に …

yasu    :    no stalking, or take a photo of me, really …?
noi       :    no i am not gonna do that, …
yasu    :    why?
noi       :    i told you ne, i am a fangirl not a stalker
yasu    :    no, not because of that …
noi       :    then what?
yasu    :    because you’re so afraid to fly to Japan so that’s why you are not gonna do that …
noi       :    ahahahaha ….. omo you know? …



2 thoughts on “Fangirl Post : Failed ….. (Another me, yasu in this Fandom World)

  1. My seat is Zone D When hyde walk to side stage I envy them….so much >_<
    Yes,you will listen Thai Royal Anthem in cinema to but this is not Thailand National Anthem. 🙂

    • so at the live concert it wasn’t Thai Royal Anthem ….? thanks for the information ne.

      My seat was in the SD zone, yeah i was in the seat. and just like you i also can’t take my eyes of hyde when he sat on the side stage and just like that play some light stick with the audience who sat there , ….

      even they didn’t play Link like in Taipei but they made me happy that day, … they made you happy also right?

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