Omo Post : Leader_sama, your hair? ….. (Another me, yasu and Tet_chan)

tet_chan …..  叫び

what he did to his hair? a mohawk Leader_sama now? ….




noi      :    ya_san, tell me
yasu   :    eh ….?
noi      :    you don’t have a plane to do something like that right?
yasu   :    we’ll see
noi      :    omo omo …
yasu   :    nee noi_chan, how many time i have to tell you stop sayin that omo omo things ….
noi      :    aaaaaa leader ….

L’arc_en_Ciel just finished their live in Taipei, and now they back to Japan?, …. i am not sure about this but i heart something about leader_sama Tetsuya is gonna perform on some live to celebrate something in March before their live in Madison Square Garden, NY

in one of interviews in Bangkok , the question is : How much have all members changed during the past two decades?

Ken: I have more of a beard.

Tetsuya: My name.

he changed his stage name from Tetsu to Tetsuya but somehow in i kinda keep call him (if i have a chance to call him) the same way i always call him with tet_chan. tet_chan, tet_chan …. just like that, i know he is a 42 years old man and kinda weird to call someone in his age with _chan … but still in my heart no matter what his stage name for me he is still the same tet_chan for me. The sweet and amazing banana tet_chan ….

Hyde: My hair is shorter.

not only that, but he also look more fresh, add some weight and those cheeks, a healthy cheeks  OMG i have no idea what kinda flawless cream he use but this man just turn younger when everybody in this world turn older each year .

Yukihiro: I finally became a member of this band.

what did he said? did he feel it now, on their 20 anniversary ? ….  but still he is my number one drummer, i hope he is gonna be say something in Jakarta next May 2nd. a little bit of hi or hello maybe from Yukihiro ? that would be great ..

Today is Sunday ,  or should i say Zenday ? …. xD

yeah that was what Shah Rukh Khan post on his Google + account, He said :

I think our week should be named thus & for choose the day we want to lead. Funday for fun, Runday for errands, Someday for dreaming, Oneday for targets, Noneday for nothings, Zenday for meditating, Doneday for Dilligaf.

if you have a Google plus account you should follow him, ah no i should say add him on your circle ne. I like to read what he posted there, how he talk about what he did, and his family. He often post about his children,  how proud he is to his daughter and son, what they did together and many  more . He is a good father anyway.

Zenday for meditating, oke if i don’t have to work on Sunday, i will do that. Try to do some meditation to make me feel better, feel calm, refresh all of me from my body, soul and maybe my brain. I should do that ne. I remember i used to do some yoga meditation when i was on college.

not by join the yoga class, because class like that is too expensive for me. I did that by my self by watch some video at my room, alone just with my yoga carpet. One thing about yoga is you never expect what you are gonna get by doing it. The move looks simple, like you do nothing, but all of you who often do yoga know if the point of yoga is breath.

Because i did that by myself so i only did the simple move, not the hard one like what i always watch in telly where group of girls join a yoga class. Ah ya i remember in one episode of  The Kardashian, there was a part when Courtney and Kim joined  a yoga class/invite the yoga teacher to their apartment in NY. and that yoga they want to do is the naked Yoga, …

so they all have to be naked in that yoga class. even Kim didn’t start to naked when everybody naked, she only laugh.  But then somehow Kris (Kim’s 50 days husband) came home and see everything. he just pissed off. I understand how he reacted like that. I mean every man in this world is gonna act like Kris because that’s what a man would react if they come home and found out there’s a naked man in their living room like that. No matter what they do, yoga class or something else .

What i get from doing yoga is i feel fresh and i can breath well, i feel calm that time and somehow i feel happy no matter how tired i am that whole day for non stop dong something from early morning till night. Maybe i should do yoga again. to be calm and happy …

yasu    :   what you are gonna do a naked yoga?
noi       :   no, not the naked one …
yasu    :   hmm yoga, i know what kind of yoga you are gonna do …
noi       :   what ….?
yasu    :   sleeping
noi       :   ahahaha  oke yeah you’re right ….

see just like what he just said, so for now  i am gonna do the sleeping yoga, oke it’s no yoga but still sleeping is what i need now, a very long sleeping. no one can disturb me, i wanna wake up when i want to, maybe because my biological clock like i feel hungry.

this is because in one month i only have 4 days off, nah because i already took all my day off to go to Bangkok to chase the rainbow now i don’t have any day off again. At least until next month i am gonna be like this work everyday even on Sunday like a slave,

So there is no Zenday for me this month but so many One Day (for targeting) with so many target/dead line that keep after me. but still because i am a fangirl, the full time one for this brilliant man the days in my whole week is gonna be :

Funday for fun in this fandom world, Runday for errands, Someday for dreaming about my idols, Oneday for targets when i am gonna watch them live, Noneday for nothings/feel boring, Zenday for meditating/sleeping  and yday for yasuday because it’s all about  yasu ….

yay yay yay ……

noi       :   nee ya_san, those deadline, they supposed to be dead ringht?
yasu    :   ah ya DEAD …
noi       :   then why did they keep after me every day?
yasu    :   err chotto, who after you …
noi       :   the deadline …
yasu    :   hey fangirl, see what in my hand now? this is DEAD END not your deadline, so go think about your deadline yourself  …



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