3rd Album 『2012』 Euphoria Post : 神様、教えて ….. (Another me, yasu and The Fallin Angel)

i dunno what i have to say about this, somehow it just happen. Should i call it a coincidence or maybe there’s a conspiracy between Kami_sama and yasu for a long time ago and as always God the one who always know was waiting, waiting the perfect time to send those message for me via this man (read : yasu), this brilliant man (read : yasu, again) who never fail to make me feel better in any case.

2 days ago, everything was perfect even i feel a little bit sleepy at office thanks to my radio time the night before.  i had so much fun with my KeyHole, even in the middle of the show it turn into Black Hole a.k.a. chaos so what i hear was a double voice, the radio and some wind blow from nowhere i have no idea. at the first time yasu was on the MnC Plus show with this DJ

and then i didn’t hear yasu again, and changed into some girl band talking , ….. and i was like , eeeh  where’s yasu, and as you all know after that TEAM_ABCD tweeted and i did what i always did on twitter, i re_tweeted it , …. xD

yasu     :     eeeh just like that …?
noi        :     what else, don’t you remember ne the point of my twitter life is re_tweet …
yasu     :     ah you better do something or …
noi        :     or what ….?
yasu     :     see i am leaving you now ,….
noi        :     omo, no no no wait for me to finish this first ya_san …. …

and then the show change into the All Night Nippon Golden Bomber where the vocalist is the DJ, and they played one song from Golden Bomber song, i dunno what the title is but it was a nice song, …. And then there’s yasu there. What i remember was, that show full of pervy talks , no wonder they made this show after midnight.

at the beginning yasu just start the adult talks, but it was fun, and i can’t stop laugh that night, and it kinda confuse me about what i am gonna type/say to yasu and the DJ that night on the chat box. So i just typed yasu, i can’t wait for the album, etc etc like the common comment posted. But i think if that night both of them didn’t made a pervy night, i think i am still gonna post the same one, nothing different because you all now i always kinda speechless if related to something like that ….

and at the end of the show yasu just playin with the camera to say bai bai to all his fans who watch this streaming live like meeh. Oh God, he is so cute and i always love when he use glasses or use his sunglasses on his head like that, not only that, with a little bit naughty act like what he did  ….. OMG i was in the middle of heaven and hell, I can be up to heaven but if he want to continue i’ll jump in hell for that ….

kyaaaaa ………. *burn in hell*

as always on the radio show, the DJ updated the ANN blog with this photo : ….

if on the last show when yasu as the guest on ANN, the DJ is the one who did that head swing, and that time is yasu’s turn to do the head swing, ah he shouldn’t did that ne, because if he didn’t at least i can see his face …

ah ya the point is for me  2 days a go is a perfect day, i was so happy both in my fandom world life or my real life, i did all my works perfect at the time, i didn’t late to come to office that morning, my 3 projecst are all ready i  just wait for the approval from the investor, it just perfect.

But there’s another  perfection added   when Oscar posted a download link for Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』, on The Facebook Group,  because at that time i was outside office so i am gonna download it at home. Oke i shouldn’t download it but i did that because i don’t have my copies yet and i can’t resist the huge temptation inside of me to listen this album  a.s.a.p.

and actually i am a type of fans who download my idol stuffs and buy it at the same time, see i don’t have a CD player, so i never play all my CD’s. When i got all of them, what i did was just watch it, and scan the booklet cover, then save it. That’s all. And sometimes if i don’t have to scan the cover i just let it stay in wrap …

but then when i got home, something happened. Something that always be my nightmare for all over my 20 years of living just came true, it shocked me and drive me crazy  ….

yeah, that cat was talking about me and my miserable life. See how miserable my life is ? My dad went crazy just like that since he got sick 2 years ago, the man that i love for my whole life (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) never love me back as the way i love him and now my mom leave me, ….

i am the one who always look for her every time i get home back from work or where ever i go and never stop until i find her, that day i can’t find her at home. then tekki told me if she leave. My dad act crazy again, mad at her like she was nothing and said lots of awful things to her while i was not at home,

at the end he told my mom to leave because he think my mom is the one who made him sick like that.  my mom reaction is nothing but  grabbed all her clothes and her money and leave with her bike just like that. I was like crazy that night, i have to find her, so i spent that night to find her and ask her to come back home.

i found her at my uncle’s home and when i asked her to back home, she said no and told me to go home, she said : go home with your dad, i will stay here. i was cryin and i think by seeing i cry like an idiot, her heart gonna move and she want to go back home, but she wasn’t.

i went home without my mom, i don’t wanna go home but i have no where to go. This is what happen when you are a home person like me, see i never hang out, go where or did something with my friends, because i have no friend. I never go anywhere except for some reason like vacation or something else, what i always do is stay at home and watch my telly or on line like this.

thanks to my blurry eyes and the nonstop tears i almost hit one man because i was driving while crying. somehow i feel hungry, cryin like that make you hungry ne,  so i stopped by to buy some burger, i waited my burger while keen cryin at the burger shop, and when there’s one guy asked me what happen i said  : nothing just some dust in my eyes, …. but somehow that burger didn’t taste good, i lost my appetite.

i went home, did nothing but cryin, stop, then cryin again while listening to Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』,  i don’t do anything, i ignored my dad Tekki is the one who deal with him, i just lost all my energy, i want to sleep but i can’t

and then i ask to God, ….God, see how pathetic my life now? … and today you add this , then what next, tell me ….  have i did something wrong? is this a punishment You gave to me? …. if it is yes a punishment for me , oke i can handle my crazy dad and this never ending heart broke for Mr. Friday, but not this one, i can’t handle this, not having my mom, that’s just too much for me …. can’t you just let me died, i mean because i am too affraid to kill myself at least be kind for me by give me some accident ….

as always when something happen i try to sleep perhaps this is only a bad dream, and when i woke up later everything is gonna be different and my mom is back even she is not the Terminator because you don’t have to be Terminator like Arnie just to come back ne, …. but i sleep until morning come, and when i woke up i still can’t find her, This morning i decided i am not gonna home if she is not at home …

i am already tired to cry again, so tired, then Tekki told me if my mom is already back, but hey i don’t believe her who know if Tekki is gonna fool me because she know that i am not gonna back home if my mom still not back. I went to the post office to take my magazines and when the officer told me if they already delivered my magazines to my home, i asked her who is the receiver? then she show me the paper and i saw my mom’s name there : Theodora Misgina R.

and because i was so happy what i did next is none other than scan it and btw i think i bought the wrong Songs magazine because i didn’t find yasu there, instead of yasu what i found is a lot of KAT TUN , …. bloody hell , where’s yasu? i thought he is on Songs magazine April 2012 edition ne, then what edition this is ? …… eeeehhh …. but here’s the scans, enjoy ne

 #「オリスタ」(Book in Book)

CD&DL Data


tetsuya’s PRESS

Acid Black Cherry

ah she is really back home, i didn’t get my Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』  copies yet but thats fine, because my mom is already home and that’s enough for me. I can wait yasu’s stuff for the rest of my life but i can’t wait for my mom not even one night, One day without her just drive me crazy,

Dear Ma,

please don’t do that again oke , leave me like that just don’t do that. i will do anything for you, all you want me to do. just tell me, i may not a perfect daughter but for you i will try

~  if you want me to study and follow again the Government Officer exam next year, i’ll do that,
~  if you want me to marry him, i will marry him,
~  I will stop eat my dinner inside my room and join you in the dining  room,
~  i am not gonna delete all your text message with that man whoever he is , you can text him as you want as long as it make you happy
~  i will be your listener, listen to all your daily story what you did everyday
~  and follow all your drama talk ….

This my pray and my promise to you ma, so don’t you ever leave me …. #Amin ….

i spent my last night and today listening to this brilliant Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』  while nonstop grateful to God to get my mom back home, i realize how yasu never fail to make me better, he always did that, no matter what situation i am in. Maybe for you all this is weird me to have this feeling, this huge thank you inside of me to this man (read : yasu) a man that never know anything about me, …

but this is real and happen because this is what a fangirl feel, …. and i am not gonna lie if i don’t have this feeling just because i don’t want people think how weird i am, Ah they already think i am weird even i don’t have this fangirl thing inside of me.

about this Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』  as you all guess what i am gonna say is, yes, i love all the songs, each song have a different message from yasu to all of us , and i get this feeling about this song similar to that song etc etc but my fave is this song :

So …. Good Night

遠くの空の色が次第に オレンジがムラサキになって
三日月が微笑む夜も 悲しく雨が降る日も

楽しそうに君が話して それが僕には嬉しくて
君が笑えば 笑顔になるんだよ

so…Good night.
髪にKiss まぶたへKiss 星のない夜空に奏でた
My angel Lovely angel 囁く優しい子守唄
オヤスミKiss Careless Kiss
My angel Lovely angel 唄わせて君が眠るまで…

何だか今日は悲しそうね 涙が溢れ止まらないの?

so…Good night.
髪にKiss まぶたへKiss 星のない夜空に奏でた
My angel Lovely angel 囁く優しい子守唄
オヤスミKiss Careless Kiss
My angel Lovely angel 唄わせて君が眠るまで…
優しいKiss 明日もKiss 濡れたほほにそっと口づけ
オヤスミKiss ねぇKiss Kiss


Tōku no sora no iro ga shidaini orenji ga murasaki ni natte
Odoru kōmori ni te o futtara uchinikaerō
Mikadzuki ga hohoemu yoru mo kanashiku amegafuru-bi mo
Kimi o omou to yasashiku nareru yo

Totemo kyō wa gokigen mitai ne
Nani ka ī koto demo atta no?
Kyō no “kimi monogatari” o kikitai na
Tanoshi-sō ni kimi ga hanashite sore ga boku ni wa ureshikute
Kimi ga waraeba egao ni naru nda yo

so…Good night.
Kami ni Kiss mabuta e Kiss-boshi no nai yozora ni kanadeta
My angel Lovely angel sasayaku yasashī komori-uta
Oyasumi Kiss Careless Kiss
Hora me wotojite sutekinaashita e
My angel Lovely angel utawa sete kimi ga nemuru made…

Nandaka kyō wa kanashi-sō ne namida ga afure tomaranai no?
Namida o tomeru ni wa motto nakeba ī n datte
Waka tte age rarenai kamo shirenai
Demo sukoshi demo shiritai nda
Kimi no kokoro o… kimi no itami o…

so…Good night.
Kami ni Kiss mabuta e Kiss-boshi no nai yozora ni kanadeta
My angel Lovely angel sasayaku yasashī komori-uta
Oyasumi Kiss Careless Kiss Hora mewotojite sutekinaashita e
My angel Lovely angel utawa sete kimi ga nemuru made…
Yasashī Kiss ashita mo Kiss nureta hoho ni sotto kuchidzuke
Oyasumi Kiss nē kisukisu
Kimi ga mō naki dasanai yō ni

this album already become an euphoria because at D minus one this album already on number one beat Ayumi’s Party Queen, waw this is awesome,

yasu did a great job by just rolling on the bed of roses at the top of chart like that, so  all of you who read this, you should buy this album ne because i promise you this album is brilliant  just like yasu himself . You can get lot of things from listening to  this album like me, i got lot of things from this album, from him to me , …. And to all of you who wanted to die you better cancel it because It’s tough to live but being alive, the future will surely change…..

that’s from  Acid Black Cherry Dream Cup (期間限定サイト)  note about this album theme that is, “to live”. … OMG to me who always talk about how i want to die next year and all my stupid plan to die next year, with this album yasu kinda told me how wrong i am and slapped me at the same time because how fool i am now, that’s what i got from this album , and this message  …..

It’s tough to live.  But hey…by being alive, the future will surely change

noi      :   nee ya_san, thank you ne for this brilliant album …
yasu   :   no not thank you …
noi      :   ah ya i should say : ありyasu ….
yasu   :   nah that’s good
noi      :   and one more , you are brilliant  don’t you know that …
yasu   :   well ….


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