Fangirl Post : The Red Apple and my Fail, again … ( Another me, yasu and 『2012』 )

or this post the keyword is apple, why apple ? ….

Because apple connect us (read : me, hyde and yasu). this year 『2012』 i see the connection between me, hyde_san and ya_san in this endless yasu_noi_haido Bahama Love Triangle from apple,

red apple

i love apple, all many kinds of it but because i can’t find the black and the golden apple like yasu and hyde so oke i am gonna eat that red apple. where can i find the black and gold apple anyway ? …..

golden apple

hyde on the XXX PV was bite the golden apple, and yeah, you all already watch the PV and see how he treat that apple with that sexy way , …..

just like that …. and now still connected with apple, now the larger than live band L’arc_en_Ciel is already in the Big Apple. yay The Big Apple, New York City for their next live on Madison Square Garden. And L’arc_en_Ciel is gonna be the first Japanese rock band who perform there, can you imagine that, Madison Square Garden in NY ….

New York is my fave city from all the world famous big city in the world.I saw so many movies related to New York City like You’ve Got Mail with my dream on_line friend NY152 a.k.a Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), Breakfast at Tiffany, An Affair to Remember (OMG this movie is so sad ne…), Serendipity, plus all the NYPD related serial TV like Blue Blood (i can’t wait to see the next season 2 in FOX), CSI NY with my fave Det. Mac Tyler, Ugly Betty  and many more  wish i can go there ….

noi        :   ya_san, let’s go to New York City  ….
yasu     :   for what, don’t say to have a breakfast at Tiffany …
noi        :   of course not ….
yasu     :   or join NYPD …..?
noi        :   no, let’s join hyde  ….

hyde        :     .join me ..?
noi           :     yeah , so …*waiting*
hyde        :     no, go join NYPD  …..

noi           :     eeeehhh ….

credit to : Umibe @tumblr

and the live is tomorrow, yay congratulation to all of you NY cielers who is gonna watch them live today especially to Kirstie, Oh dear God, this girl is the luckiest cielers, she meet L’arc on JFK and got a handshake from ken himself, not only that she also have a picture of her and hyde on 2009 and she use it as her profile picture in her twitter and Facebook , …

i dunno why but when i saw the video that she uploaded when she after L’arc in JFK i cried for happiness, i was like OMG OMG dear Kirstie you can do that, congratulation ne, what i mean is L’arc is a Japanese band and not easy to meet them like that personally and get a handshake !!!!! …. omooooo …. *run to JFK*



look at him, see how he looks like Johnny Depp, ….. and in here, you can read the  interview with MTV and the video especially  on this photo from FuseTV twitpic with tetsuya, ……

and Alison there

hyde is soo Depp, why? is that because he is in NY now? so he just let his Deep side of him out like that. if you look at him closely and you are watch so many Johnny Depp‘s movie just like me (ya he is my fave actor), i am sure you will remember Sleepy Hallow or Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory ….

and Leader_sama, with that orange shirt and the scarf, i dunno what to say about tet_chan, for me tet_chan is the one and only man (my idol) who is so fit in yellow and pink, only him who look georgeous with those colors, especially pink. so that’s why i always use my one and only pink shirt on his birthday, yeah i only have one pink shirt and i dunno why i bought it.

but what i shocked me is this : VAMPS World Tour 2012 , and that day i know L’arc is gonna have another hiatus on June 2012. i know i’ve been acted crazy in twitter by post why hyde, why ....? but i told you ne not only me who shocked , but there’s also many more out there. I know what i did was wrong and that show how selsifh i am. as a fangirl i shouldn’t be selfish because in this fandom world everything is depend on the idol (in this case hyde) not me the fangirl, see how selfish i am is one (number 2) from all 5 things why i am not a good fangirl, the fulltime one  :

1.      I am stupid
2.      I am selfish
3.      I can’t make a live report
4.      I always miss the train (wheter to get my stuffs or some info)
5.      I failed on my first fangirl test (in this case is Acid Black Cherry) because an apple ….

what is the point of fangirlism? the point of fangirlism is to support your idol for whatever they do no matter what , even you not love it and prefer they are gonna do the other way that you love. ah ya another point of fangirlism,  is to be happy ne,  a fangirl should be happy because un_happy fangirl is not fun at all. oke as a human we all have some trouble, problem, sad, and many unhappy things, but for me this fangirling is always make me happy, it became a place where i can run from all my miserable life .

not only that, i also have so many care and lovely friends here  in this fandom, i feel so sorry when i kinda make them worry about me wen i posted about how my mom was gone at twitter, i should not do that and make my lovely friends worried about me, …. this is because i am only human, not perfect, even i always want to be strong, be powerful. i did ask master Yoda about this

me                    :   Master, i wanna be as powerful as you …
Master Yoda      :   yes my dear, you will

see ……. ahahahaha yay ! *happy*

again and again, as a human we tend to find and then get the shining side of what happen among all the darkness (eeehhh ….?) but when i think about it (L’arc hiatus, hyde, VAMPS, etc) that i feel that day ——> at least i am already watch them live once in my life time, Maybe all of them (hyde, ken, tetsuya and yukihiro) have their own plan to do or some target that they want to achieve this year on their solo project,

yasu         :    what, you can’t make a live report?
noi            :    i am sorry, but yes i can’t  …  but tell me what should i do for this ne ya_san ….
yasu         :    it’s easy, you better start to listen VAMPS, what else you can do …
noi            :    well then, i will

Oke back to the apple, now it’s time for the  …..

black apple

yasu on his  『2012』 album booklet, poster, postcard etc use the black apple, why? of course because yasu is Acid Black Cherry so the apple should be black. and this apple join me to this fall,

my fall as a fangirl, the fulltime one  ….. kyaaaaaaa …… *call 911*

yasu     :    then what, you are gonna jump like that?
noi        :    no, i don’t want you …
yasu     :    you don’t want me what ….
noi        :    i don’t want you go to see a doctor and said : my fangirl, Noi Himura is dead and then sad …
yasu     :    what the,
you watch SHERLOCK too much

New York is The Big Apple, and Tokyo is the Big Orange (see how yasu and his 『2012』 just all over the city with that big truck)

in one episode of NCIS, there’s one scene where Abby Scuito, the forensic girl feel unsure about what she do and did, because at that time Abby’s result proof DiNozzo is guilty (someone trapped him) and what Abby said was :  This job just testing me (she really love  her job as a forensic science at NCIS, just like how i love my job as the fulltime fangirl on this Acid Black Cherry fandom) ..

nah in my case, last night this fandom, Acid Black Cherry fandom also tested me by held quizz at 20:15 JST on twitter, so what happened is they (TEAM_ABCD) tweet some question and we all have to answer all the question using the hashtag #acidblackcherry. and OMG thanks to that #acidblackcherry was trending on twitter that time …

i haven’t receive my copy, and even i am already download the album and listen it everyday since the first day this album release until now, yeah i am writing this while listening to this album, but i don’t get 100% all the point of this album yet, i mean there’s a lot of things that i still missed about this album, i mean the message  from all song or what feeling that i get from the songs ….

nah everyday i listen to this album even i only able to sing one song, so … Good Night, because this song catched my heart at the first time, why? maybe because when i hear this song album for the first time i was in a bad mood, sad, confused, etc etc … nah this song kinda cheer me up with the song, the lyrics and of course with his voice …

and for me who was down, at that time on my sleepless night i feel like he was sayin to me : oyasumi, close your eyes to look nice tomorrow, even in the end i can’t close my eyes and look horrible the next morning at office because i cried again like idiot,but still i got something that day, in my sleepless night i realized if

loving you (read : yasu) makes me happy everyday …..

yasu     :   smile  ….?
noi        :   ah ya smile, somehow i feel that song when i listen to so … Good Night, and not only that at the first part i feel a little bit of 【イエス】 there, btw what are you doing ya_san …
yasu     :   nothing ….
noi        :  eeettooo, are you checking me, don’t bother ne because i do nothing but re_tweet ….
yasu      :  ah say whatever you want because i am not gonna tell you …

but still i am listening again and again wondering what is on his mind when he wrote all songs of this album, you know like when you are going to have some exam, but hey the exam was last night, I dunno anything about the booklet, but one girl take a picture of her booklet copy with a camera phone and share it on ABC group on Facebook plus all the blog post that i read related to this.

i dunno if this Acid Black Cherry fangirl test is gonna be held so soon like this, if this is a school subject so i think i am the lazy student who have no idea about this and didn’t study last night and yeah i missed the train again.   they should wait for another fans who live far far away (like me) who haven’t get their copy yet.

This remind me when i bought my copy of XXX single, and inside it there’s a serial number to enter the Streaming for L’arc on studio and a chance to hear the songs from the new album BUTTERFLY, nah when the streaming is on, i still not have my single, exactly like what i deal now, ….

TEAM_ABCD asked this questions, you also can read it on ABC Dream Cup Official Blog at Ameba , they already posted it and plus 2 images of yasu …

1.     How many time a girl with a red ribbon, came out on the 40 pages booklet for 『2012』  CD only ….?

i dunno about that, because what that girl shared on ABC group, i didn’t see that girl with red ribbon, all i see was the apple, the black and red one. so, yes i cheated by saw it on my time line and choose the most typed number there, 5 … but still i was wrong …

because the answer is 6, …..  but thank God this is not like my university exam when you failed they gonna give you minus one, ….

2.      the Live DVD : Acid Black Christmas, how many song did yasu made a mistake in the  lyrics ?


Bloody hell, that’s not an easy question especially for me who haven’t watch the DVD, i only have that YouTube video for the opening, …. Omaigooooo …… *rolling2 on the floor* ….

credit to : @misumy

see that’s DAIGO there, watching this live and caught on the camera, …. xD

but i remember somebody posted on her blog about this, she said something about yasu made a mistake in Shangri-La on the reffrain part at the end of the song but only that , … so i answered it with 「シャングリラ」 and 「20+∞Century Boys」・ of course for the second answer i copied from all the answer on my twitter TL … ahahaha  *cheated* but for this question my cheat answer is true it is 「シャングリラ」 and 「20+∞Century Boys」

3.    In the ピストル PV how many place did the nerd came out ?

omooooo this another hard question, but i remember i saw that image above and another image when all of them (the nerd yasu and his fellow) lyin down on the floor , …. so last night for this question i answer it with i am not sure about this because hey i haven’t watch it okay ….

and the answer is 2, yay i was lucky , then i start to feel this fangirl test/quizz held by TEAM_ABCD on twitter like a gambling, i mean all of you know about it right how a test or exam change into a gambling when you haven’t prepare anything for the test, i use to do that by counting my button shirt for the multiple answer questions, …. and for me, it worked ne sometimes because  depend on how lucky you are that time ….

4.     How many red apple came out on the 40 pages booklet for 『2012』  CD only ….?

at the first time i saw the リンゴ (apple) word on their tweet, i was glad because yeah they did aks about apple, but then i realize i missed the 赤い (red) word ….

yasu     :    how can you miss that?
noi        :    ya_san i am sorry …
yasu     :    hufff …..
noi        :    no, no ya_san, don’t leave me ….. kyaaaaa …..    



red apple ….? they asked about the red apple while i only keep watching the black apple and the wine bottle? … why did they ask the red apple question they should ask about the black apple or cherry, because there’s also cherries there ..


and then yeah i cheat again and choose the most tweet_ted number on my TimeLine —->  17, and i, eh no i mean they was ringht ne because the answer is 17 ….. yay ….!!!

5.     Until That day has become the key of the album 『2012』 , it has been hidden in the album, the question is where you can find it ?

ah i can answer this, because i listen to this album and i know the song list , nah if you watch the song list i am sure you can answer this question even you haven’t get the all the message of all the songs in this album, because it was there in the track list :

01. ~ until ~
02. Fallin’ Angel
03. in the Mirror
04. ピストル
05. 少女の祈りIII ~『2012』ver. ~
06. Re:birth
07. 指輪物語 『Yubiwa Monogatari』
09. ~ the day ~
10. その日が来るまで 『Sonohi ga kuru made/ Untill The day Comes』
11. so…Good night.
12. doomsday clock
13. 蝶
14. イエス
15. シャングリラ
16. ~ comes ~

track number 1 + number 9 + number 16  —-> ~until~ the day~ comes ~ その日が来るまで  『Sonohi ga kuru made/ Untill The day Comes』 ….  and i was right yay …..!!!

6.    The last question is from yasu :  Everybody, how is 『2012』?

my answer is for me, 『2012』 is a brilliant album from a brilliant man (read : yasu), yes ya_san, that man is you ne, and イエス again you are brilliant …..

nah there you all, now you all know how fail i am as a fangirl and my failed on last night AcidBlackCherry fangirl test/quiz or whatever they name it,

eventually i’m still fail as a good fangirl, the fulltime one and イエス,  Noi Himura is officially failed   …..

yasu      :     just like that, you failed? ….
noi         :     i am sorry yes, but i gave you the reasons ….
yasu      :     that reasons, i am not gonna buy that …
noi         :     so is there any chance for me to do the same Acid Black Cherry fangirl test/quizz on twitter again?
yasu      :     no, noi_chan the answer is no …..
noi         :     what the, so i am gonna be like this  …
yasu      :     i think so …
noi         :     kyaaaaaaaa ……
yasu      :     ah whatever, you are not gonna jump anyway …




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