Random Post : Re_Tweet day …. ( Another me, yasu in The Big Apple)

thanks to my dear Ipan, i clicked this application on Facebook and look at the result ….

aye aye …..

but then i found out if Ipan also got the same result, eh so this application just hit all names meaning like that? …. Everyone loves you ? …. what the hell …. but this kind application is always fun to click, it just for fun, not only the application above btw, i also followed Ipan to click this one , and the result is :

bloody hell, what was that? i am gonna marry 5 years again in Hirakata-shi, Japan and my marriage is going to be the arrange married (i think this one is my mom)  and 5 years again? , err chotto ne how many years did they give me ….? i kinda forget, as i remember 5 years last year so after my birthday next month all those 5 years minus one is gonna be 4 years left, so i am sorry but i think i am not gonna be on my own wedding and honeymoon ….. ahahahaha ….. *crazy at dawn*

last but not least, i am gonna go to Australia for honeymoon? so what i am gonna do there, running with Kangoroo? i mean race with them at desert? like on the Kangoroo Jack movie? ….

yasu       :    running with Kangoroo, ah you are not gonna win and  even you say that bloody hell things, i bet you also say another word …
noi          :    eh, what word? …
yasu       :    the usual yay yay yay ….
noi          :    omo ya_san, how did you know that, but do you also now where is my dream place to honeymoon …. ?
yasu       :    no, i dunno …
noi          :    don’t worry, i’ll tell you …
yasu       :     what if i don’t wanna know?
noi          :    i am still gonna tell you ne  ….

my dream place to honeymoon hmmm, 5 years ago i am gonna say London, Paris or NYC, but now is different. I start to think about Tibet or Bhutan for honeymoon if i am gonna marry someday to get lost there. Enjoy the best moment in my life at the last Shangri-La on earth.

i wonder how it gonna be if i get lost there, i mean no phone, no net connection and all what people said with technology recently, just me, my beloved and the great blue sky, join some nomad family maybe, ah i know it sounds weird for me to say something like this, me as a fangirl who can’t live without my telly, PC and internet connection.

but hey, that’s true i really wanna feel that. you all know what i mean if you already read that book above : Sky Burial, an Epic Love Story of Tibet by XINRAN. That book tell us about the story of a woman named Shu Wen who join the Chinese militia to find her husband. The government said if her husband is already die in his duty in Tibet but still she want to proof it herself about that. So she went to Tibet.

this book content is 2 days conversation between XINRAN and Shu Wen about her 30 years in Tibet, how her effort to manage all the trouble she get at the first time she started to live with the Tibetans. She learn a lot of things, like how the Sky Burrial held and how the wild bird is gonna eat all the dead body, she found a true freindship when she really feel lonely ,  and what interesting on this book is the fact that in her story Shu Wen fund out about how a woman can be married into two man at the same time and how they live happy as a family, …

this is surprised me even i know that things called poliandri is real even it was on The Mahabhrat epic where one woman Panchaali, as the wife of the legendary five Pandava brothers. not only that, this book also gave me a lovely ending how 30 years in Tibet change Shu Wen look like a real Tibetans and when she back to China everybody need to be assure if she is chinesse. and how after 30 years in Tibet she didn’t know if His Holiness is not at the Pottala temple anymore

even i am not gonna be there soon because what happened , and of course i don’t wanna be there for 30 years to find a man that i love (because he is in Japan, not in Tibet) at least i wanna know how does it feel to be under that blue sky and all the green meadows, yes, for 1 maybe 2 weeks i am okay to get lost there …

yasu     :     1 or 2 weeks lost in Tibet, you …
noi        :     yeah, who knows …
yasu     :     come on noi_chan, everybody knows you can’t handle a single day without your telly and internet …
noi        :     but that’s because of my job as your fangirl, the fulltime one …
yasu     :     so you are gonna leave this job?
noi        :     maybe one day if i   …
yasu     :     if you what …
noi        :     if i join NYPD
yasu     :      what NYPD, you …..?

NYPD and look at that, that’s The Empire State Buildings and L’arc_en_Ciel,  so oke let’s back to The New York City, L’arc_en_Ciel and their live on Madison Square Garden. Last Monday was the live and i was so excited when i get on line and found this #larencielmsg all over my timeline and not only that, soon somebody upload one video on twitter , The Blurry Eyes part, OMG how can nobody tell me if we can upload a video on twitter? ….



so that day is officially a Re_Tweet day for me, because i do nothing at that day but re_tweet all the tweet with  #larcencielmsg, the day where L’arc was live on MSG stage, and guess who was there to watch them …? Mika Nakashima was at MSG to watch them live ….



i wish i can be there ….

at the first time i was worrued about this Live at MSG thanks to the rumours all over the social networks whether it’s about the ticket sales, the casting audience etc etc , … i don’t care about that, i just don’t want something happen for this, eventually this L’arc live in NY was amazing, how Ken gave Yukihiro set of A Nightmare Before Chistmast Monopoly, tetsuya gave banana and lolipop? (only NY? or he is also gonna give it again on their next country?)and of course don’t forget Ken_chan’s MC also  what hyde said :

it took us twenty years to get here- will we meet again! …. Oh My hyde, don’t you know, for me it took 10 years to watch you live on stage and it was a bless for me. and what makes me happy is even there was the casting audition, at least they like it and some articles said L’Arc’s songs are catchy as hell, hyde as The Japanese version of Axl Rose ? ah ya he is ….



and the interview above? … hohohohoh i was soo happy just reading and watch all of those  … so now the big show in NY is over now mt time for me to watch them live at Jakarta is closer, i better make some plan about this, i have to. i mean i can’t take another 3 day off like when i was chase them in Bangkok, this time when they (read : L’arc) chase me back to Jakarta my day off is shorter, just 1 or 2 days ….

yesterday the post officer sent me a text message, they said : Dear Ms. Noi Himura, we have one package for you from Mr. Toshi Makiya Japan … then i was like jump off my chair because i thought finally after the dissapointed me one day earlier, maybe this day my 2012 is arrive , but it wasn’t. They only have my Arena 37 Degrees, …..

i’ll scan this today, i don’t like to scan this magazine because this magazine is kinda hard to scan, see the size and the paper, unlike the other magazine like CD&DL Data, Songs or Fools Mate for this magazine i have to push it harder to the scanner if i want the best result. but look at this, someone did scan this Bass Magazine, there you are Shuse, yasu and Ikuo together ….

credit to : [info]hildekitten

and today is March 29th, i can’t sleep and woke up at 03:00 AM then write this random and annoying post, i am not gonna work today because i have to finish my tax payment. This time i have to do this alone, you know all by myself with all many things i have to do at bank today. I don’t like this bank activity where i have to sign lot’s of paper.

And sometimes when my signature is not same between one and another paper they told me to do that again from the start, nah that’s the time when this banking activity gets boring, but it never boring when the time i receive the money because money never sleep and never bored  …. xD …. and today also the release date of Fools Mate Magazine April 2012 edition and look who is on the cover ….

plus another page of him with Morrie DEAD_END? …..

well i can’t wait for this, ….

and btw do you remember about the Acid Black Cherry fan project related to what yasu said on his last interview with JPop Asia that i tell you last time? nah they already finished the video and they also made one account on tumblr for that, now i just wait the time when they put my African face there with one word next to it : Indonesia

ah ya here’s the video  —–> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k4zY5EOjbVusDl2V0um

and yesterday what yasu post on the last Acid Black Cherry Dream Cup Official Blog on Ameba ありがとうございます。 , he said about receive many message from abroad, …. well okay he saw the video above yay …..  and somehow it makes me think about something else, i better keep this for my self ….. fufufufufufu …


OMG   .

last but not least what i am gonna say to this man is :

Dear yasu_san,

see how you mean to all of us, and how your music change not only my life but also so many life there. so yes you have us your international fans, and we all love you and support you always …. so ya_san, I love you. i bloody love you ne ……

Your Fulltime fangirl

yasu    :     for you …?
noi       :     yes, who else …
yasu    :     do i have to answer it again …?
noi       :    愛してる 愛してるよ  ….?
yasu    :    no, the answer is 愛していない, i think you listen 【イエス】 too much …
noi       :    heeee …… *brokenhearted again*





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