yasshhooiii Post : Noi DiNozzo…? ohohohoho … (Another me, yasu on a Fools Day)

today this office belong to me, because there’s nobody here but me. so here i am do nothing but listen to this what i call Album of This Year : Acid Black Cherry 3rd album  『2012』 while writing this post and yes, while digging this album deeper try to find out what yasu want to say and what i can i get from this album.

Before i start this post, look what just came yesterday …..



Whoaaaaaa ……

and i can’t stop laugh when i see this PV edit version …. now let me ask you this question : have you ever imagine to sing Shojo no Inori III with that pumping style like what yasuri did?, i never but this edit version PV is …

you can watch the video here : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=161337533988162

100% yasshhooiiii ………………………!!!!

yasu    :   yasshooii ….. ?….
noi       :  yes, yasshoiii …
yasu    :   what the …
noi       :  oke see yasshooii is your version of wasshoii  … so yes it is yasu’s version for wasshooii ….
yasu    :   eh …?
noi       :  yay …!!!!

as always i am the last person who get this album  『2012』, remember some lyrics on Hyde’s Glamorous Sky English version? —–>  a ah i am always late, …. yes, that part is sooo *with triple o* [info]noi_himura …. xD

nah see now i have the album and this is also the answer to you all who ask me : hey have you get your copy, etc etc via message, i dunno why while i was nonstop posting about how i really want this album but i didn’t get it yet on my Facebook, twitter (yeah i tweet about it) but still there some one, two, three who asked me that question ….

there’s one scene on NCIS when Director Jenny Sheppard asked Gibbs whether Tony is  ready or not to have his own team, and Jenny think if she should ask Gibbs about that because maybe Tony is not gonna say if he is ready when he is ready. But then Gibbs said : We will know if Tony is ready even everybody will know about that, he is the one who is gonna say that.

nah what’s the connection? in this case there’s a causal connection here, see this is the reason why i didn’t answer those questions whether i have my copy ot not yet  , because here i am tellin everybody if i have my copy now ….

that man is Tony, if you watch NCIS (like me who have NCIS hours everyday 17:00 PM after work and Saturday night) you must know him. He is Anthony DiNozzo Jr. one of my fave character on NCIS. I said once if allowed to see one character on NCIS as me, that would be DiNozzo, yeah i may not perfect but i am Dinozzo, … I see  many similar things between me and him (read : Tony DiNozzo, not yasu) ….

noi      :   do you wanna know ya_san …?
yasu   :   you still gonna tell me even i say no  ….
noi      :   ahahaha, okay then i am gonna call this with ….

Noi Himura vs Tony Dinozzo ….

yasu   :   eeeh, don’t tell me after this you are gonna change your name to Noi DiNozzo
noi      :   of course not, just let me finish this oke … demo ne ya_san, Noi DiNozzo it sounds cool ne?

yasu   :   what the, i better leave you now  … *dizzy* …
noi      :   no ya_san, listen to this first ne … onegai …
yasu   :   just don’t be boring …
noi      :   aye aye boss ….

oke let the battle begin, or what should my DiNozzo part? …..

1.    DiNozzo is a Moviefreak.

just like me, but i think he is much more than me about movies. Unlike me who often forget some part from the movie DiNozzo remember every things, all of the details. He connect everything with all the movies he watched. Remember in one case when Gibbs was held by one boy with a bomb in school and DiNozzo is the one who was in charge on that case? nah he solved that case like a movie, and the movie is Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock’s Speed.

Not only that, he also said how they are so Brookeback Mountain about how he and McGee spent one night together waiting for one officer who’s gonna bring them some stuffs but the officer never came. He said that when McGee show Ziva the sunrise photo he took  after spent one Brookeback Mountain night with DiNozzo .

i did that to, sometimes when i watch a movie i did compare what i saw on it with my life, see this is what makes movies are amazing, i mean the fantasy they offer to you and thoose fantasy are not alone, but they always come together with something you can learn about it, plus a warning for you not to follow this, because that’s exactly what will happen to you when you did something like this,

2.    DiNozzo is single

Unlike me wo always be single but not available, DiNozzo is 100% available, he did fall in love once or twice and too bad not ended well. From him i found the perfect answer for Her Majesty My Drama Queen Mother’s monthly question :

Until when you will gonna stay like this, When did you are gonna start to think about getting married, have my own baby, etc etc …. damn all of this questions so boring …. and now thanks to you Tony,  i have the perfect answer for that, the answer is  : I am waiting for someone’s perfect for me, perfect man at the perfect time, and as time goes by i became more patient about waiting for this ….

i mean this man ….. ahahaha ….. *got slapped*

3. Dinozzo is funny, always make you laugh but you will never like if he is serious ….

He always be somebody who always funny even at the time when people should not be funny, but DiNozzo is different, Remember how funny was he when he got an envelope with virus? and he is the one infected while Kate was fine, at the end of that episode he said : it feels like the end of Aliens movie …. but when he is serious, i don’t like it, i dunno why maybe this is because i don’t get use with the serious DiNozzo,

me, myself is not different with him (read : Tony DiNozzo, not yasu), i always do or say some jokes everyday and every time, so that habit sometimes screwed me, see when i said some jokes people who do not know and do not get use with me think if that was serious, and when i talk something serious they think i was joking, ….

nah that’s all my DiNozzo side , ….

still connected to part number 3 : being missunderstood, that’s what you are gonna get if you always do/say something with joke, or not put a serious face on your face. See i don’t have a poker face  (if i do have i think i am gonna move to Macau and play poker there until i have a lot of money), so people should able to read me, i mean read my face to see if i am serious or not, I think recently i just got what i should get for how i’ve been acted recently :

~    i am the one who always pretend to be busy so my mom never ask me to do something, no see what i got, now i always busy it seems like this papers work is endless, i mean there always be them on my desk waiting for me to fix them, ,..
~    i am the one who always pretend to be deaf everymorning and dawn on my bus ride, last month i feel how is the un_comfortable if you are really deaf. for one week i can’t hear anything, and the next weak only my right ear work, and i have to wait fior another 2 weeks to have my ears back to normal.

I did  say if i can read lips to know what people are talking about in my pretend to be deaf time, but when i reall can’t hear anything it was not that simple. It was okay if for daily i mean i use my mother language which is Javanesse or Indonesian at office, but when i watch my telly, Oh God, i was in trouble i can;’t even understand what was Diego Bunuel said.

yasu    :   so your lip reading failed to English, what about Japanese ..?
noi       :   ah you know it also failed …. nee ya_san, Thank God i am not deaf and now i realize something …
yasu    :   what, you’re an alien …?
noi       :   no this is different, i realize if i can’t stop being your fangirl, the fulltime one …
yasu    :   really, why ….?
noi       :   because i have no where to go …
yasu    :   what about NYPD?
noi       :   they said no …

btw i watch the last MUJACK show with yasu, and somehow i think i just see the pattern how this show worked, there’s girl doing some erotic things ( licking ice cream, lolipop and the scene is in the playground? yeah right … ) and then cooking show, … for me this show like someone gave a fish to a cat …. ahahahaha … *dumped to gargoyle cage*

i should see this show with another guest, just wondering did they gonna do the same pattern or not if the guest is not yasu. I never see this show, and honestly i only watch it because there’s yasu there as guest, i do listen to Japan Radio Show even the guest is not yasu (for certain station) but not telly show,

why? ….. if you ask me why the answer is because i do have so may movies, drama, serials that i have to/want to watch with less time i have to watch, so that’s the reason my i skip the Japanese telly show except if the guest is yasu. and this one is on PON somebody is so kind for upload it ….

cheese, and french fries for snack? …. btw British don’t say french fries for potato fried like that, but they call it with chips? i thought chips is for potato chips, but it’s not … OMG this is awesome, ne same language but different meaning …


time goes by, and there you are, we meet April again. What’s on April?  what else than Daigo, me and Yamapi’s birtday upcoming and of course is April Fools Day. What did you got for this year Fools Day? … This year i was save thank God, there’s nobody hack my Facebook and change my user name into yasu’s bitch again like last year, …

but this year, on April 1st in the morning Julian posted on my wall if somehow he is not in the ABC group again, i made that group like that, open group but only admin can approve member request. So at that day i was thinking hey what did i do, as i remember i didn’t do anything, then i checked into the group and there you are Julian still a member there.

then i wonder what day is today, it was April Fools Day, so Facebook is the one who fooled me first on this year Fools Day,  and then this man ….

yasu     :    me ….?
noi        :    yes, you ya_san, …. Oh God, i want that bag ….
yasu     :    eh ….

with this April 1st  Team Acid Black Cherry Official Blog Post , they said if they gonna end the blogs and all related things. and i was shocked, ….

even i knew something like this would happen, i mean yasu never miss a chance to take a part on April Fools Day, one day in a year where you can do something to fool people … and not only that, i also think one day they (Team_ABC) should change the name because the Dream Cup is over after they revealed the last present.

and we all know they not gonna end it, i know they are not gonna let the magic of sosial networks to help them for promotion and also help me and another million yasu’s fangirl all over the worls to know about him, what he do, telly and Radio reminder and many other things

but there is some change like on twitter from @TEAM_ABCD to @TeamABCofficial, the Facebook Page move to Team Acid Black Cherry(Official) <—– like this page again …. and the same things with Mixi, they just erase the DreamCup word.

April Fools Joke from you ya_san, it worked ….

yasu       :    then who is been fooled …?
noi          :    yeah, it was me ….. *raise my hands*
yasu       :    ne, noi_chan just raise one hand, that’s enough …
noi          :    oh …. i better sleep now …
yasu       :    what happen with her ….



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