Midnight Post : Dear Mr. Friday, Yes I Give Up …. (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday)

Midnight Post : Dear Mr. Friday, Yes I Give Up …. (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday)

Today was a rainy day, all day long, and as always when the rain fall my net connection is gonna be death. With no net connection what can i do?, see this is the effect of net connection on us, yes it makes everything more easy but also give us some need/addiction and we do nothing without it.


so i spent my whole day at office watch that Shangri La Edit PV over and over again while tryin  to do this Shangri La tap dance like yasuri and his gang like this :

it looks simple but it so hard to do ne, plus how i can’t stop laugh just by looking at how yasuri sing this song, …. OMG this yasu’s alter ego just so funny, ….  ah i better do this again tomorrow at office, eh but tomorrow i am off, so okay i’ll do that the day after tomorrow, it’s impossible for me doing something like this at home, you all know why, so office is better ne for my fangirling activity, ….. ohohohohoh

yasu    :    at office …? yeah right …
noi       :   but that’s true ya_san …
yasu    :    and they still pay you for that?
noi       :   ahaha yes, but they don’t know about this, and i tell you something …
yasu    :    what …
noi       :   this is what i call my KMBC activity …
yasu    :   KMBC? … don’t tell me you are gonna join girlband …
noi       :   me? of course no, KMBC is for Keep My Boss Clueless
yasu    :   hey fangirl, … that’s not good ,,,

so today i was trolling and drolling like an idiot at office. but don’t worry nobody watch this  because i did that on my own room/office so nobody see it but me, myself. even it didn’t work well at least i didn’t trolling in public like what i did on twitter 3 or 4 days ago when yasu was the guest on  FM802 l REDNIQS

that night i joined the USStream chat box and the first guest was Versailles, and because of the copyright things we can’t hear the song and i also can’t find this radio station in KeyHole. all we can hear was only the DJ talk, . I just follow all their conversation and then someone say if she (i think she is female) can hear all the song on Kiryun on his show ANN (maybe she joined it with KeyHole or use Radiko or something)

then i asked her : who is the guest on ANN ….? and i didn’t realize if what i post on that chat box is also gonna be on my twitter with hashtag #red802, …. and then the radio official twitter (maybe the DJ) re_tweet me : こらこら(笑)don’t ask that here! RT @NoiHimura: who is the guest on ANN? ….



and the worst thing is i found out about that after the show after someone that i follow on twitter re_tweeted it and i saw it on my time line, so not only the DJ who was Re_tweet my stupid question but also there’s 4 people who did that, one of them said : hey it’s a different channel,  ….

Bloody hell, i am sure they all laughed about that, and damn why there’s no notification on twitter ne, when somebody re_tweet or reply your tweet,  ah or there is but i am the one who have no idea how to find it? …

noi       :    see ya_san, twitter hates me ….
yasu    :    ah no, you are the one who can’t find it so you better do something else than just re_tweet …
noi       :    i did that …
yasu    :    really? , hey noi_chan look at this ….
noi       :    i want it …. aaaaaa …… *drolling again*
yasu    :    ssshhh .. there must be something wrong with her …

i can’t sleep tonight because i just had a very long sleep until i missed my NCIS time, but tonight i just have a fun time with my Cherry Sista, it’s been a long time since the last time we had a very fun cherry chat on Facebook.

noi        :    yes, ya_san, that’s us ne ….
yasu     :    eeh ….

and thanks to my dear hermanita vale_chan, i realized something tonight. When she tagged me on this youtube link, i realize what should i do and i should not faight againts it, I think even what i feel is wrong but at least my heart is fine just by having this feeling inside of me, even i know i am not gonna have him or by his side, but loving somebody is never wrong right? ….

yasu     :    oh no, there you are again the drama with Mr. Friday ….
noi        :    i am sorry ya_san, but only tonight is the last time oke, i promise you …
yasu     :    you always say that but still …
noi        :    i don’t know he just in my mind tonight ….
yasu     :    i told you ne, get over ….
noi        :    omo, don’t leave me ….. *mellow*

when i listen this song, read the lyrics and translation, somehow this song just blow me away to him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu),  and this song kind a  tell me, hey you are not the only one who have those feeling, i have it to. still loving somebody, how many time i try to forget it and push my self to forget it but  still it just there, the feeling is still there, still the same. but it hurt me now  …

My aching love, it’s bitter as if I swallowed poison
I try to smile but I’m faintly aching

I am Still Loving You
CN Blue

You’re my love

I can’t fall asleep in this long night
I draw you out again
Today, I hold back tears yet again
I let out a sigh – you’re my love

Stabirabi rapststabira
Love you love you love you my love
Stabirabi rapststabira I want your love

My painful love, I’m hurting as if I cut my skin
I try to hold it in but soundlessly, it hurts
My aching love, it’s bitter as if I swallowed poison
I try to smile but I’m faintly aching

Today, I see the morning yet again
I draw you out again
Lingering attachments push over to me again
I still love you – you’re my love
You’re my love

Stabirabi rapststabira
Love you love you love you my love
Stabirabi rapststabira I want your love


so tonight, in my sleepless night i want to say something to him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) even he is not gonna read it , (well i hope he never find this blog and all what i wrote about him). but at least by writing it in here i can get it out of my mind so my mind, my brain is gonna be lighter …

Dear Mr. Friday

I give up to forget you,  After all this time i do, I dunno when this love is gonna end but i can’t do that anymore, force myself to not think about you, even that’s not a true happiness but still it make me happy just by thinking of you ….


yes ya_san, i give up

yasu      :    what, you give up ….
noi         :    i am sorry, but yes ….
yasu      :    just like that …?
noi         :    i can’t do anything but giving up …
yasu      :    see noi_chan, this is the reason why NYPD say no to you …
noi         :    eeh ….?



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