3 Days Past 誕生日 Post : The Fellowship of Cherry ….? (Another me, yasu and Yamapi)

After spent my whole day outside office and somehow i think i am the last person who found out about what just happened in Aceh. 8,5 SR earthquake just happened in my country and i dunno about that? ….

then i wonder am i gonna be the last person who get out form a ship/plane if there’s something happen with the ship/plane and i am clueless about that?. Bloody hell that’s scary ne, and then i listen to this song  その日が来るまで from Acid Black Cherry 3rd album  『2012』 yes, i am still tryin to dig this album deeper and wondering what this man (read : yasu)’s message inside it

yasu      :    i am sure you are still clueless ….
noi         :    OMG ya_san, yes i am …
yasu      :    what take you so long ne noi_chan …
noi         :    blame Master Yoda for this, because he just did something with my brain somehow my brain capacity just reduced ….
yasu      :     eh ….?


Lyrics & Music: 林保徳

静かな海と 輝く緑
すべて壊れて 泣き出した空
もう眠るといい ずっとここにいるから
その日が来るまで この手は決して離さない
慰めはいらない 哀れみもいらない
ただ一つ 悲しみを還して
愛の言葉 世界中に届くかな?
空を越えて 君の元に届くかな?
人はその時 誰も無力で
何もできずに ただ故郷を見ていた
胸の奥の方が痛いよ なのに言葉にできないよ
同じ空の下 同じ空を見て
愛の言葉 世界中に届くかな?
空を越えて 君の元に届くかな?
愛の言葉 世界中に届くかな?
空を越えて 君の元に届くかな?
目を閉じて 耳を澄まして
聞こえない? 子供達の笑い声


Sono Hi ga Kuru Made

Shizuka na umi to kagayaku midori
Subete kowarete nakidashita sora
Kami-sama oshiete…horobiyuku sadame wa
Ima no jidai janakya ikemasen ka?

Mou nemuru to ii zutto koko ni iru kara
Sono hi ga kuru made kono te wa kesshite hanasanai
Kami-sama oshiete…inochi made ubau nado
Ano ko ga nani wo shita to iu no desu ka?

Ano chiisana hoshi wo tsukumitakute
Sukitooru sora ni te wo nobashita yo
Nagusame wa iranai awaremi mo iranai
Tada hitotsu kanashimi wo kaeshite

Ai no kotoba sekaijuu ni todoku ka na?
Sora wo koete kimi no moto ni todoku ka na?

Hito wa sono toki dare mo muryoku de
Nani mo dekizu ni tada furusato wo miteita
Kami-sama oshiete…utsumuku hitobito ni
Boku wa nani wo utaeba ii no desu ka?

Mune no oku no hou ga itai yo na no ni kotoba ni dekinai yo
Onaji sora no shita onaji sora wo mite
Boku-tachi no inori wo hitotsu ni shite

Ai no kotoba sekaijyuu ni todoku ka na?
Sora wo koete kimi no moto ni todoku ka na?
Ai no kotoba sekaijyuu ni todoku ka na?
Sora wo koete kimi no moto ni todoku ka na?
Ai no kotoba…
Sora wo koete…
Ai no kotoba…
Kimi no moto ni todoku ka na?
Kimi no moto ni todoku ka na?
Kanarazu kimi ni todokeru yo…

Me wo tojite mimi wo sumashite
Kikoeru kai? Kodomo-tachi no waraigoe
Kami-sama oshiete…owari no toki wa
Ima sugu janakereba ikemasen ka?

English Translation

Until the Day Comes

The quiet sea and the greenery so beautiful it shines
The sky that wept when everything shattered
God, please tell me…does the time when our fate of being destroyed
Have to be in the present time?

It’s all right if you go to sleep, because I’ll be here forever
Until the day comes, this hand will never, ever let you go
God, please tell me…when you say you will steal their very lives away
Are you saying those young ones did something wrong?

Wanting to hold on to all those tiny stars
I reached my hands up to that transparent sky, you know
I don’t need comfort, and I don’t need compassion
Sent back with a single sorrow on my heart

Will my words of love reach the whole world?
Will they will reach across the sky, and make their way to you?

All the people on that day, everyone was powerless
Unable to do anything, they just looked upon their hometowns
God, please tell me…for all the people with their eyes cast down in shame
What should I sing to them?

The depths of my heart ache so much, but I can’t put it into words
Under the same sky, looking up at the same sky as all of them
Joining all our prayers together as one

Will my words of love reach the whole world?
Will they will reach across the sky, and make their way to you?
Will my words of love reach the whole world?
Will they will reach across the sky, and make their way to you?
My words of love…
Reach across the sky…
My words of love…
Will they make their way to you?
Will they make their way to you?
I’m sure they can make their way to you…

Close your eyes, and listen carefully
Can you hear them? The voices of the children laughing
God, please tell me…do the end times
Do they have to come so soon?

credit to : [info]kikuko_kamimura

and i asked the same question 神様教えて…終わりの時は, 今すぐじゃなければいけませんか? …. but

Dear God,

i don’t wanna know the answer. Just don’t answer my question. I am too scare if You answer that question. I know that D Day is comin sooner or later but about when i am gonna let You to be the one who know that. Knowing the fact that they only give me another 4 years is enough for me even that’s too much for me, i mean you can’t do all things you want to do only in 4 years right, ….

but still Thank You God  for the 4 years info.


anyway, 3 days ago was our day,

guess who, me and yasu?  the answer is no a very big no, because that day was our day (read : me and Yamapi) …

so yes, i am gonna say again  Happy Birthday to me and yamapi ……  and look what i got for my birthday, i got a lots of things  …..

1. Acid Black Christmas tote bag,

someone was so kind bought this for me. I use this bag to office everyday and just by lookin at it i am happy ne. I hope i am not gonna ruin this bag just like what i always did to all my bags by put so many stuffs inside. I never know why do i have to bring so many stuffs to office everyday. and i am tryin to reduce it now, so what is inside my bag now is : 4 wallets, netbook, 2 handphones, MP3, and my Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 lyrics book.

I did bought this but because of what happened with him (read : not yasu) i didn’t get my stuffs and i even lost my bloody hell unforgettable 9,500 yen, … actually when he asked me what do you want for your birthday this year, i answered him with, i want this

Acid Black Christmas Photobook but this Photobook is already sold out and i can’t find it everywhere, i did search at Yahoo auction but still i can’t find it. I really want this Photobook because i want too see the rest of the content. I did saw it but not all part, …

see that’s 2 images above is also my birthday present, someone let me see inside of the Photobook, Bloody hell what he’s doing? just lyin on bed like that, with that look,



oke i am gonna say exactly like what i wrote on my Facebook when i posted these brilliant photos of yasu : i don’t mind to stay forever in Limbo with him ….. *jump into Limbo*

yasu       :     stay forever in Limbo, with you? well i do mind ….
noi          :     why ….?
yasu       :     do i look like i don’t have anything to do so i can join you on Limbo?
noi          :     no ya_san, you are so busy …
yasu       :     good, then stop jumping like that and go finish your blog post …..

2.   A Nice talk with Her Majesty The Drama Queen

on my birthday i did some talks with my mom, this is a very long talk between me and her and i think this is the first time in my life i did something like this, a long conversation with my mom during our dinner time. Just me and my mom. and if i use to be the one who listen all her drama talks, that night is different, i  am the one who talk and she was listening to me. and do you know what my mom said?

she said  i am not normal

i was like, heeeeee? ma, how could you say that, even yes i am a little bit deaf but hey i am still a normal person. I can walk, i can work, and i am not gay … OMG did she think i am gay? …. kyaaaaaa ….. *jump off the London bridge* ….

yasu       :    OMG did she said that noi_chan ….?
noi          :    i don’t know, but maybe …
yasu       :    if she really say that, i am gonna let you jump off that London bridge … but hey, you’re not in London now so you better stop think about that … *laugh*

she said she want me to be normal like another’s daughter, i mean do a normal things what a girl should do (i dunno what a normal girl should do in her mind) . You always do the same things, talking about the same person (read : yasu, finally my mom knows the different between yasu and hyde) and on your day off instead of going out with your friend you just stay at home and lock yourself in your room and do whatever you do with your netbook.


she knew i don’t have it and how friendship just didn’t go well with me in this life. i did think about to re_connected again with my college friend who un_friended me on Facebook by made a new Facebook account but then i canceled it because i think that’s gonna be nothing. They still gonna be the same them, and a new Facebook account is not gonna change what they think about me anyway

so in the end i only use that new Facebook account NoiLoveYasu to upload a video and there’s only me, and Acid Black Cherry Official on the home page …. and to all of you who add that Facebook account i am sorry i am not gonna use that account so that’s the reason why i didn’t accept your friend request ….

and then i told her about my plan to go to Japan next October to watch yasu and hyde on this year VAMPS Halloween Party , as always she give me that look, while say so many Astaghfirullah over and over. and then she also said : why do you this, you always make me worry. i can’t sleep while you were in Bangkok last month and now you wanna go there to Japan for yasu and hyde for a week, are you gonna kill me? …. etc etc many more …

but thank God at the end i can make her sure if this trip is gonna be okay, fine. and i promise her to be a normal girl (even i still blurry what’s my mom version of normal, but I think the normal vesion in my mom’s mind is get married and have my own baby …) and still continue on for my plan to buy a house. With the new rules recently that make down payment for a house more expensive than 2 years ago , i have to postphone this plane, my major plane.



i can’t believe when she said  okay about my plan for October. I tell you something, this is the first time i told her about my plan a long time before the D day. On my last trip to Bangkok i told her about it only 3 days before the D day, so this one is a very big different ne. so with Her Majesty Drama Queen’s bless and approval, i am sure this trip is gonna be smooth, fun and happy ….. *amin, amin ya rabbal alamin* 

i better start to make a plan about this. I have to do this now, i mean this year. oke i did think about next year but who knows what is gonna happen next year, what if my health is not gonna stable as now, because i am not sure. But this year i am sure i am gonna be healthy because ….

3.  Dr. House is back …..

noi                :      hey Doc, where have you been …
Dr. House      :      i have something to do …
noi                :      you better check me ne, there’s something wrong …
Dr. House      :      it’s not Lupus …
noi                :      so that’s mean i am gonna be okay ….?
Dr. House      :      yup, ….

see ….. i am gonna be OK …. yay …. *happy*

now i have one favourite day, and that day is Tuesday, why ….? nah if you have a cable telly and you should now about this. On Tuesday night i am gonna stay all night long in front of my telly because somehow all the great serial (not serial killer) on Tuesday night.

17:00 – 18:15  CSI on Fox
19:15 – 20:15  Blue Bloods Season2 on AXN
20:15 – 21:15  Grey’s Anatomy , i forgot in wich channel this one
20:15 – 22:15  CSI 12 (with the new boss)
22:15 – 23:00  HOUSE on SET

3.  yasu on my telly

not only that, at that day Acid Black Cherry Official on facebook also announced about 「J-MELO Rock Special」 on 2012.4.30.

Guests: Acid Black Cherry, DEAD END

1. “Yes” / Acid Black Cherry
2. “Yume Oni Uta” (Dream Demon Song) / DEAD END

i can’t believe it ne, i mean it almost 2 moths since MayJ tweeted about it on her twitter

今日のJ-MELO収録のゲストさん達が凄すぎる!! GACKTさん( @GACKT )がヴォーカルを務めるバンド「YELLOW FRIED CHIKENz」さん、「DEAD END」さん、そして「Acid Black Cherry」さん!

finally i am gonna be able to watch yasu on my telly, NHK World. As usual this channle is gonna air the show 3 times a day exactly like how many times i eat one day (morning, noon, night) plus the regular NHK gonna air it at midnight, just like what they did when L’arc_en_ciel was the guest … so 2012.4.30 you all better stay tune on NHK

and on 2012.4.13 don’t forget to watch The Samurai yasu on TVQ Entertainment Samurai. i think they gonna post the streaming video that day . OMG i always love when he did something traditional like wear kimono or with samurai like that, because this Samurai yasu is

yassshhhooooiiii ……!!!!

and with all the birthday greetings posted on my Facebook Wall, i realized yasu also gave me something, what he gave me is …

4.    The Fellowship of Cherry

oke i am a movie freaks, so what is on my mind is always not far away from movies. nah in this case if Frodo Baggins have his own Fellowship of The Ring, yasu gave me The Fellowship of Cherry in this fandom world and instead of going to Middle Earth we all gonna go to Japan to see this man live on stage ….. *crossfinger*

this year birthday is so different with my last year mellow birthday, this year there’s nothing but happy, i was having fun by celebrate it with my office mate (because they are somebody that i can call my friend in my real life now) i spent my whole day with them and they are the one who listen all my ramblings mostly is my pathetic rambling about my dad and how i hate him so much and of course my nonstop rambling about yasu plus my disaster voice singing 【イエス】



when they hear this song for the first time they said : hey Moi, he call you , and when i asked who? they reply me with who else but yasu. ah, i think i know which one is, this part

Sasai na koto de kimi wo nakashita

Ame ni utare

もういい もういいよ
Mou ii mou ii yo

bloody hell i am not gonna bother myself to explain them about that after all they are muggles they not gonna get anything about something like this, so what i said that time was : ah ya he is calling me, just like what i always do calling him : yasu, yasu ….. ahahahaha *dumped into swamp*

today i managed to scan Fools Mate May 2012 edition with yasu as the cover and there’s yasu and MORRIE’s interview part. There you are enjoy the scans ….

to live in this fandomw world sometimes it’s not easy ne, i mean especially when you live in a place where nobody knows about the stuffs you are talking about and in the end they, all of them gonna think and bookmarked you as the weird person, or not normal (like what my mom said about me) …

All of that happen because they just don’t understand about what i feel and how i appreciate my idol and all that i do is just some part of it. In this fandom world i do have some goals to reach and i just hope somebody understand about this, in this case my mom. and for the muggles …

They just don’t see you (read : yasu) as I do. I wish they would try to.  I’m sure they’d think again. If they had someone to adore like yasu

yasu      :   ah that’s from Michael Jackson’s song …
noi         :   ssshhh ….
yasu      :    you only replace Ben with my name …
noi         :   heee, you ruined the game again …
yasu      :   then stop playin this game, whatever you named it and you should go to work now
noi         :   aaaaaaa ……




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