Crossfinger Post : I will forget you completely ….. ( Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday again)

oke this is gonna be another long post before i start to forget again, i forget alot recently and that’s not good ne i better find something maybe a vitamin for my brain or i should eat a lot of banana, before i forget about everything include forget about yasu, …

but why i never able to forget about him  (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu)

yasu      :     a long post about him (read : Mr. Friday, not me)
noi         :     ahaha ya_san ….
yasu      :     then i am not gonna say anything  …
noi         :     no, no say something ….
yasu      :     don’t you see i am busy so go start write the long post …
noi         :     well, okay ….

ah ya i am gonna start this post with something about Facebook. Finally today my Facebook got time_lined. and i don’t like it, see the new Facebook timelines, made me lost inside my own Facebook, can you imagine that, me who always say I am a Facebook saiyajin got lost on my own Facebook page. It sounds like i drown on my own bath tube, what a fool ne, even yeah i slept over once on a bath tube during my spa time, but still this is weird.

today is my turn to be timeline_ed by Facebook, i thought they gonna skip me but they didn’t, they should skip me and this is what my Facebook is gonna look like

and Facebook told me if this time line goes live on April 22. Even they (you know who, but not yasu) said if this timeline feature is gonna be more effective than the old one, but for me this is confusing. But hey i can put a banner, i dunno what image i should put there. So i put that image there . see that’s me, hyde and yasu on my timeline ….




yasu      :    there’s something not right about it …
noi         :    what ….? ah ya, i know what’s not right …. see the image is me, hyde and then you ne…
yasu      :    eh …
noi         :    it supposed to be hyde, me and you … so i am gonna be in the middle , but too bad i dunno how to change it , so i am sorry ne ya_san ….
yasu      :    what the …

now i know why Facebook found me and they didn’t skip to timeline_d me, i mean my Facebook. that’s because today i just signed_up on GetGlue . This is an application where you can rate or write reviews about the movie, serial you watched, music you listened recently or book that you already read. Why did i do this anyway?

that’s because all my moviegoers friends use it, they rated, review on it everytime they watch something. and i wanna do that, i wanna say something for my NCIS time, i think this Get Glue application is gonna be more better than if i posted on Facebook (ah ya i connected this application to my Facebook) or tweet it on twitter.

but look what i found there n Get Glue, i found Acid Black Cherry there, and there you are my 1st review on Get Glue is my review about one song, my fave song from Acid Black Cherry 3rd album 『2012』 : so … God Night and my review is , ah no this is not a review but the correct term for this is what i get when i listen to this song :

this song  so … God Night, from Acid Black Cherry 3rd album 『2012』 gave me this feeling, the same feeling everytime i listen to Celine Dion song I am A Live , …

i want a baby now, and my baby is gonna grow up to be a cute boy/girl and i am gonna sing this song while watching him/her sleeping and wonder what he/she did today, and can’t wait for her/his story tomorrow at breakfast …

yasu      :     a baby, with who ? …
noi         :     you know who, don’t worry it’s not you  …
yasu      :     Thank God, then. 3 days ago you gave up and now you want a baby, don’t tell me if ..
noi         :     OMG ya_san, you know …. kyaaaa *eat my pillow*
yasu      :     DAIGO ….?
noi         :     kyaaaaaaaaaaaa ….. *fall from bed*
of course not

that’s exactly what i get when i listen to that song so … God Night  , yup i want a baby. I wish i can have a baby without a marrige you know like what they did in modern country with the artificial insemination, but because i live here in a country where the culture and religion value is still strong, i might get a lot of trouble if i do that. Not only me but also my unborn child for example it’s gonna be so hard to get a brith certificate if the mother (me) not married yet.

so if i want a baby i have to marry somebody first, but hey i am not gonna marry soon, ne because i have no idea what kind a wife i am gonna be if i get marry. I have a picture in my mind for what kind a mother i am gonna be in the future if i have a baby, I am gonna do anything to be a mother and also a friend for my child. I don’t want my child like me who never able to have that kind of relationship with my mother, and i think i have to find a perfect man for this.

Everyday my mom keep remind me about my promise to her to be normal when i get back from japan next October, Oh God, see how dramatic she is? i haven’t go there yet and she’s already remind me everyday like that, OMG i knew she has something  maybe a plan, i dunno why but i think this one is about a guy …

and when she already think about something, i know she is not gonna stop until she get what she want, and because i made a promise to her the last time when she leaved me, so oke i’ll do that, i’ll do whatever she told me . I don;t want she leave me again, Without my mom, it just drive me crazy. …..

A Promise is still A Promise ...

yasu     :    so …
noi        :    then i shall keep it ne …
yasu     :    oke  …

oke let’s back to yasu and Acid Black Cherry, ah ya i forgot to write about this on my last post. it was about yasu on DAM channel, i tried to find this video on DAM channel Home Page, but i might missed the day when they posted the video , but there you are somebody uploaded it on You Tube, i think she/he recorded the video on the karaoke …

see what i mean, but still this one is great  …. not only that, i also got another list to wait for Acid Black Cherry, hell yeah i love if there’s another list of ABC …

~  new dorama with 「イエス」 as the OST

today Team Acid Black Cherry(Official) on Facebook also posted about 「イエス」 single for a short drama OST. The dorama is  Re:Dream / トレーラー映像 on April 18th …. ♥ on Bee TV a channel for mobile phone. I hope somebody is gonna share the dorama, because i really want to see it , and hey,  Sacchan? …



the story of this dorama inspired by this song 「イエス」 it self, so you all know what’s the story is gonna be about, OMG see how brilliant is this song 「イエス」  it gave an inspiration to somebody to make a story/dorama. It remind me of Theresa Teng’s epic song Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (The Moon Represent My Love) and how that song as inspration for many HK movies.

~    Rhythm & Drums magazine May 2012

  4/13発行「リズム&ドラムマガジン」….     done

Special Talk Session
淳士×yasu [Acid Black Cherry]
…… i can’t wait for this one …..

~    GOOD ROCKS! TV Steaming Live

guest comments :

T希望【4月26日21時から放送!】コメントゲスト:Acid Black Cherry/miwa/J/UVERworld/MUCC/m-flo/DOES/QUATTRO/他

you can watch it here ———>    GOOD ROCKS! TV  on April 26th at 21:00 JST …   ah ya before i forget (i forget a lot recently) look at this one :

that when he was on FM Fukuoka, and i remember i read a blog, she (the blog owner) write if her friend who lives in Fukuoka saw yasu and hyde together for a dinner in a restaurant, and then i was like, eh is that possible …. ? i mean see the date March 12th, hyde was abroad for L’arc WT … after Bangkok, Taiwan, and Shanghai ….

i dunno why i posted that on ABC group, …. see this is why i am not a good admin, an admin should’nt post something with a personal rambling or opinion, but look what i just did, i want to delete it but there’s an image there …. then what? …

this day Sunday morning, i lost my ATM again, see this is the 4th times i lost my ATM. i have 4 ATM’s from 4 different bank. And this ATM, from this bank, this is the main ATM for me, i mean this card also another stuffs that i use for work. When i lost my ATM for the 3rd time, i said to my self : Oke this is the last time, ne and you (i said to my lost ATM), don’t you ever dare to lost .

but what …. i still lost it, Oh God i hate to deal with this anymore, see to get a new ATM card, i have to make a report to the police about my lost, OMG (again) i’ve been there three times and  now i have to go there for the 4th times with the same report? ….  i am sure they (the police) gonna think what a stupid girl i am

Bloody hell no,

3 is the max for how many times you gonna do something accidentally. I mean nobody fall in the same hole for 3 times right, and also this Bahama Love Triangle is only for 3 persons (read : hyde, me and yasu) not 4 persons, so the question is :

why should i had to lost my ATM for the 4th time?

yasu      :     you want me to answer it …?
noi        :     sure

yasu      :     let me think about it first …
noi        :      ok …

yasu       :     hey noi_chan, i know the answer …
noi          :     what ….
yasu       :     maybe because this Bahama or whatever you name it need another additional …
noi          :     heee
yasu       :     add one person here so it’s gonna be 4, … that’s why you lost your ATM 4 times ..
noi          :     what the ….

yasu        :     1,2,3,4 …. me, hyde_san, you and then who’s next , DAIGO …? … *laugh*
noi           :     no, no ….. oke, that’s not funny ne …
yasu        :     you’re the one who started it, ATM lost and love triangle connection ? ….
noi           :     heee ….

so today at office i do nothing, just finished my reports and do nothing because i don’t have cash to pay all of them, this is Sunday where i supposed to pay the workers, they used to get their payment on Sunday, nah because i lost my ATM i had to cancel their payday to tomorrow ….

i really hate to do this, but what else i can do ne, i mean it was Sunday and there’s no bank open on Sunday and where should i get that much money to pay them all with no ATM card? ….

i regret, yes, i mean they all should get the money today, who knows if they already have/make a plan to do wth their family to buy something for their children for school stuffs maybe? and they all have to cancel it because of one fool person,

me, who lost her ATM because soo stupid and can’t remember anymore even she tried so hard to remember, I better ask Dr. House about this. I spent my Sunday morning to say lot of I am Sorry to all the workers, …

i don’t even dare to look at their face because by lookin at their disappointed make my guilty feeling inside of me much bigger . then i spent the rest of this failed Sunday just surfing arround the internet and do nothing, but scanning this (you know what i mean)  …

i dunno why just do something simple like scann something with him (read : yasu) just make me feel better, see how woird ne, how yasu always make me feel better in many ways including by scanning …. ahahaha what the …

btw recently i listen to this band CN BLUE, thanks to my dear hermanita Vale_chan who let me know about them, their last mini album : Ear Fun is a nice album and yeah, it sounds fun in my ears, i saw this video on one of my Facebook friend post : ….

Hey, You – CN BLUE
Lyric by Han Seong Ho
Composed by
Kim Do Hoon, Lee Sang Ho

I wanna come back, beautiful day

Alone I got crazy
I got crazy more and more
Loving you, if loving you is my mistake
It’s not, it’s not, it really is not
Tututurutu love again

Everyday everyday I strut
I walk on the street in fear
Once again back again
Darling, darling, darling, darling

Day after day Monday Tuesday better day
I will smile again
I comfort myself,  but to me you are the only one

Good Bye darling Hey you
Oh my darling Hey you
I love you to death, please come back to me

Because I love you, because I only know you
Once again l0ve forever

Durudurudurudu whoa, whoa
Durudurudurudu no no
Once again back again
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful one day

Durudurudurudu whoa, whoa
Durudurudurudu no no
Loving you don’t leave me

I’m alone like a fool
Only me who’s like a fool
Loving you, loving you, you seem to get tired of it
Go away go away
You said good bye
Tututurutu love again

Today I slowly sing it again
I sing the song that we listened together
Once again back again
Darling, darling, darling, darling, darling

I’m tellin you, Monday, Tuesday, better day
I will forget you completely
Every time I try again to me you are the only one

Good Bye darling Hey you
Oh my darling Hey you
I love you to death, please come back to me

Because I love you, because I only know you
Once again l0ve forever

Durudurudurudu whoa, whoa
Durudurudurudu no no
Once again back again
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful one day

Durudurudurudu whoa, whoa
Durudurudurudu no no
Loving you don’t leave me

Good, good, good bye darling ah
Oh, oh my darling you
Yeah, yeah, yeah oh ready now

It’s hurting.. it must not be me
Say no, no, no, no, no, no, tell me why
(hey you)

Good bye, darling hey you
Oh my Darling hey you
My love, I want you
My heart wants only you

The day when we were happy
The day when I miss you
I will go back to you .. together

Durudurudurudu whoa, whoa
Durudurudurudu no no
Once again back again
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful one day

Durudurudurudu whoa, whoa
Durudurudurudu no no
Loving you don’t leave me

my mind just blown away to him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) the lyrics stabbed me right to my heart, and i can’t forget him and this song is my 2nd surender for all my efforts to forget about The Unforgettable Mr. Friday, ….OMG


noi        :    i have to do this ya_san …
yasu     :    do what, another Dear Mr. Friday …
noi        :    yea, what else ….
yasu     :    he is not gonna read it anyway …
noi        :    nah, that’s exactly why i have to write it …. chotto ne i’ll write this one first ..

Dear Mr. Friday :I’m tellin you, Monday, Tuesday, better day I will forget you completely.
Every time I try again, but to me you are the only one.
Alone I got crazy. I got crazy more and more Loving you,
if loving you is my mistake. It’s not, it’s not, it really is not .
Day after day Monday Tuesday better day I will smile again.
I comfort myself, but to me you are the only one …

The Forever fooled by you (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu)

maybe what some people say about how first love is gonna be forever is right, …. i took only a moment to make you love somebody but when you wanted to forget or you have to forget about him i took forever, …. but even i give up twice but still in my heart i am sure i am gonna forget about him completely .

i just don’t want to force myself to do that, i want it to be smooth and naturally, so in the end i will 100%forget about him, not him, but all these feelings inside of me that i keep here in my heart and nobody know about this dissapeare one by one.

i don’t want anybody know about this, my feelings about him, a pathetic feelings from somebody who stuck in a love that she never ever gonna get, … see how pathetic i am ? …. and i am gonna kill myself if he found out about this, but i think before i kill myself my dad is gonna kill me first ….

and yes,  ya_san you are right, you always do ,

I’m like a fool, Only me who’s like a fool,  …. just me so …

noi          :   so omedeto ne ….
yasu       :   for what …
noi          :   for having me the Forever Fooled girl as your fangirl …
yasu       :   omedeto …?
noi          :   ah ya, i should say Gomen ne ….
yasu       :   Good, now go to sleep  …



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