Matsu Wa Post : Chased by The Rainbow ….. (Another me, yasu and L’arc_en_Ciel)

thank God and Oh My Hyde …

finally somebody upload something from yesterday BUTTERFLY Premium Night,





and that 3 You Tube videos above just make my day. even it’s only 3 videos but hey at least he/she uploaded one of my fave song Driver’s High because for me this song is a perfect song. the guitar, bass, drum and hyde’s voice together as an unchain melody, a powerfull song plus somehow hyde can make it sexy with his XXX move, only hyde can do that … what a brilliant song ne, and my fave is when they sing this part together like a choir …

mou kazoeru kurai de bokura wa kieusete makkura no asa ga kuru ne. o ki ni iri fuku ni saa kigaeta nara kakedashite!

and this one ….



OMG somebody please save him ….. kyaaaaaa …. *jump with hyde*

Hyde said on his MC if all of the audience who was there to watch the live at Ebisu are the 777 lucky bastards, then what about me? don’t say about able to watch them live there i don’t even lucky enough to get the code to see the UST streaming live. and i dunno what do i have to do with my code on my BUTTERFLY album  …

yasu     :   so last night what number are you ….?
noi        :   i dunno, maybe 778?
yasu     :   oh, poor you noi_chan ….
noi        :   that’s fine at least somebody uploaded it …

i hope i am gonna lucky enough for next October to watch Vamps Live Halloween Party, the lucky here means : i can get the ticket (this is the most i am worry about), plane ticket and hotel to stay. I can’t imagine if i can’t go there next October because i am already told Yukiko about that, and on April 18th (her birthday) when i posted on her Facebook wallpost お誕生日おめでとう ….  to say happy Birthday she replied me with

ありがとうnoichan(^^)☆ HALLOWEEN PARTYで会おうね!!

see that’s make me more excited about this plan ne, and meet her, because she is my first friend at Ameba, and i think we are at the same division (yasu and hyde division) because we both love yasu and hyde. And i think i better learn again about my Japanese so i can talk with her. …

so i hope i am gonna lucky enough next October, … yosh ganbatte …!!!!

This morning i have a little headache maybe because i don’t sleep much last night.I can’t sleep for almost 3 days.  … why? the reason is my boss just came to office and stay with me all day long for 3 days.

After his trip to Japan he just came by for 3 days. I know it was related to the new machine he bought, and that machine is a very BIG, super size, OMG i never imagine if it gonna be that big, i heard how big, but not that BIG ne, …. and my boss tell me if this BIG machine, in my country there’s only 3 companies who own it. and we are one of them. And the fact that my boss choose to put that new and BIG machine to our plant is an honor to me …

3 days with my boss is a very long days to me, i mean he made there’s 30 hours in one day instead of 24 hours, and time just went very2 slow, …  i barely can’t open my eyes, and i can’t do anything but finish my works, and after everything is done and i don’t do anything i can’t sleep at my desk like what i always do. How can i sleep at my desk if he was sit behind me.

I remember him (read : my boss, not yasu) said to me : money never sleep Moi, so if you sleep too much then the money is gonna skip you … OMG did he watch Wall Street? maybe . Not only that, he also say a lot of things about how we all have to work together for this company, and OMG i never imagine he can be so old like that, i mean for me he is the one who can handle and fix everything ne, and i learned a lot of things from him. but he is only an ordinary human so yes, he gets old.

this is the reason why his son start to help him to run the company, nah if i have to connect what happened 2 days ago on my meeting, i have to say it was similar with some scene on The Godfather, if you all watch the Godfather (OMG who haven’t watch it btw) there’s a scene where all Don Vito Corleone’s loyal followers, his attorney Tom and Michael are in the same room, and then all of them start to take Michael’s hand and kiss the ring on his finger.

at that time Michael Corleone is The Godfather now, nah i think that day my boss was also said that. even not directly but from all he was sayin i am sure he mean it. he is old now with medical treatment/check up to S’pore once a month and 3 month to Japan i think he need to get some rest. i hope he is gonna have a long lasting health. now i still better learn something from Tom Hagen how to work to a father then a son smoothly, even there’s a phrase like father like son, but who knows if in this case the phrase turned into unlike father unlike son?

but if you know my boss is, he is  a very hard worker man, no wonder he can be so rich like he is now, he work so hard ne, and he is a person who never stop to do what he has to do until he finish it. nah saw him 3 days with all the mechanics … it was make me what the, he is almost 50 years and he is still like that, walk up and down the plant, machine, talk, ordering OMG, i can’t say anything but

my boss is awesome …

nah i think i made the right choice by stay on this company when 3 years ago lot of my friend leave this company to go to another new company after they got an offer. at that time , when he said to all of us : to all of you who wanted to leave this company say it right now. i said i am gonna stay

oke back to L’arc ,

there you are the live report from BARKS  —-> ワールド・ツアー中のL’Arc~en~Ciel、恵比寿リキッドルームに登場

omo Leader ….!!!!

and today my fangirl counting days is on again, start to count for the next L’arc_en_Ciel live in Jakarta next May 2nd, and this time is gonna be hard ne, because i failed to skipp my office meeting at May 1st, so i still have to go to office at that day. not only that the next day on May 3rd is Tekki’s graduation, so i have to be there, i mean graduation is something we all waiting for after stidy many years on college.

on May 3rd is the day when Tekki’s finally graduate for her Master degree in Public Administration or something like that i have no idea, and because my dad is sick so my mom can’t be there so i am the one who is gonna be there, watching Tekki on her graduation day. OMG what do i have to wear ne, i haven’t prepare anything, i need a new dress, new shoes and ah ya a new haircut.

so tomorrow i am gonna take a day off to find all of it, plus i also gonna take some vacation and go to cinema ne, it’s been a long time since the last time i watch a movie/sleep in the cinema, i think i am gonna watch The Raid (this is what everybody talk about in movie comm), The Battleship, or Mirror Mirror (i really wanna see how Julia Roberts as the Wicket Step Mother)

now i have 2 things for my Matsu Wa list,

1.    L’arc_en_Ciel Live in Jakarta

they gonna open the gate at 04:00 PM i have no idea whether is that 04:00 PM is for the VIP or all, because as i know the plus of the VIP ticket is you are gonna go in the venue first plus a merchandise, i wonder what’s they gonna give to us, ah ya i got the VIP ticket.

if they open the gate on 4:00 PM that’s mean we all gonna wait at least 3 or 4 hours inside before the live? … ah it doesn’t matter ne, the important thing is they (read : the princess, banana, lion and android) keep their promise to chase me to Jakarta after i chased them to Bangkok last March

yasu   :    they promised to chase you ?
noi      :    well, let just say that way ….
yasu   :    what the …
noi      :    nah the question is, would you chase me ya_san …
yasu   :    no …
noi      :    oke you don’t have to answet it now, because for you i will wait forever …

2.   This Photobook

Only God know how exciting i am about this one and now i get more excited because i just saw this image on someone’s blog , … see this is the bad me, all i do is just araund the internet to find something related to yasu and the bad thing is sometimes i forgot where do i find it so i can put a credit for that and ….



just by lookin at these images below and how brilliant yasu is there, my mind blown away again and ruined all the memories inside my head and i can’t remember where and who i have to put some credit for these.

noi        :     OMG ya_san, that smookey eyes ….
yasu     :     nee noi_chan, unlike yours mine are not blurry …
noi        :     not blurry but look sexy , waw brilliant …

Oh dear God,

forgive me for doing this, but i promise You ne, i will scan my Photobook when i have it and post it everywhere  for return, okay …?


So this is the reason why i never mind if someone use my scans and don’t put a credit on me because sometimes i forget to do that, but like what i always put on my scan posts, still a credit would make me happy and scan things related to yasu more. why ….?

because he is brlliant ….!!!!

noi       :     nee ya_san, do you know how many things that make you brilliant …?
yasu    :     tell me …
noi       :     you have more than 100 things, but can i say one of them is because you have me as your fangirl …?
yasu    :     eerrr, chotto ne, who said if she is not a brilliant fangirl …?
noi       :     me …
yasu     :    then you should know the answer for your question is …
noi       :     oke, the answer is no …
yasu     :    good girl …



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