Friday Post : My fangirl vows …..? (Another me, yasu and Izzie)

recently i am back to be a telly junkies. i watch telly too much while did something on my PC. i spent my whole last night in front my telly and PC.

in front PC was for this :

it just a very short comment from yasu, but still it was something that i’ve been waiting ne. i did try to record it, and it was a smooth recording at the beginning but in the middle of the show my net connection just screwed itself , i dunno why because i don’t see if Tekki download something, ah ya maybe it was because of the rain ….

and it was a very good coincidence or should i call it a conspiracy ne? i mean the rain fell in the middle of the show and they (read : GOOD ROCKS TV) kept him (read : yasu) for the last  part (for me he was the last because after him i don’t watch the show again) …

yasu      :    why ….?
noi         :    because i watch it only to watch you ne , …
yasu       :   ee …
noi         :    isn’t it obvious …?

so thank to them what i got is a very bad video, i am gonna call this a skipped video, because it is like that, you know when you watch a DVD and skip it to the next chapter ? (i did that a lot), well maybe that’s the reason why what i got last night is a skipped video  … xD. and then yes, i want the magazine

i ordered that on Amazon Jp. because i can’t find it on CD Japan even it would be nice if CD Japan has it because i can use my points that CD japan gave to me before the expired date. I think the cover is amazing ne the pink font and non color photo of yasu, of course with yasu himself there it became more amazing cover in my eyes.

then i move to my telly for Grey’s Anatomy. last night episode was a very mellow episode, actually this is my fave episode, i watch this many times and i still cry at the finale. the episode where Izzie Stevens (Heighl) fight with her cancer treatment. and she try to ignore the pain by being busy as Meredith and Derek’s wedding planner.

actually i started to hate Izzie when she refused to get a treatment for her cancer. her reason was she doesn’t want people take a look at her, make fun of her while she is strugging with that. and it was so selfish ne. but that’s an opinion from a person who didn’t sick and not dealing with it everyday.

i think i understand what Izzie feel, i even got that. see i’ve been sick again start from last week and this one is worst. Thanks to my lack of Vitamin C body, i barely can’t speak because there’s something wrong with my tongue and mouth and maybe some others part of me that i never understand.

when i try to speak it gonna sound like i am talking while eat or there’s something inside my mouth and nobody can understand what i am gonna say. and believe me it hurt me, damn it is so hurt. and one of my friend think that’s funny and make it as a joke. about how i talk, etc etc. and i dunno why at that day when i hear about the joke she made for me it pissed me off.

Bloody hell i am sick and it is so hard and hurt for me to talk and i keep tryin to do that because i have something important to say to her, and she think that’s funny? …. OMG i wonder what is on her brain, … i ussually don’t get mad easily like that but this time maybe because i am in pain so i got mad just like that. and i did say something that i shouldn’t say to her and now i regret it …

so from now on, i am not gonna say anything, i want to keep my enegry and at least by sayin nothing i am not gonna feel that pain and the regret feeling if i said something that i shouldn’t say to others.

not only for talking, i have lots of trouble when i want to eat something, the pain is killing me, nah can you imagine i am the one who eat a lot now can’t eat as much i use to eat, well here i am in my own hell now, what i did is non other than drink that Rhino drink all day long, i am already drink for more than 15 cans, add another 10 cans iam sure the Rhino is gonna be  alive and kick my ass

i dunno when this pain is gonna over, but i hope next May 2nd when i watch L’arc on Jakarta i am gonnabe okay.

no, i have to be okay for L’arc, because in Jakarta live we all gonna sing BLESS ..

yes, Everything is for today, the day when i finally watch L’arc on my own country and become the part of the history

but 2 days ago i received  these :

BREAKERZ Acoustic CD as a surprise gift from [info]minlilin , thanks dear that’s really a very sweet surprise ne, I really love this Acoustic album especially Ao no Mirai and Bambino, …

and this little bear from Malaysia

see that’s cute ne, it’s a bithday gift from someone in Malaysia, actually i have no idea who is she but all i know she is Tekki’s friend and she also sent something for my birthday ne,

so hello dear,  if you read this post i just wanna say Terima Kasih,  thank you so much and i really love it

and look at this news from Natalie

Acid Black Cherry is gonna join on this tribute album  PARADE II -RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK- together with BREAKERZ, acid android, and many more …

here’s the tracklist :

・acid android / SEXUAL×××××!
Acid Black Cherry / ROMANESQUE
・AA= / M・A・D
・cali≠gari / MISTY ZONE
・氣志團 / MACHINE
・Pay money To my Pain / love letter
・ムック / JUPITER
・MERRY / 悪の華

release on July 4th

well i am not in to BUCK – TIC thanks to the limited artist that i listen to, but as always i am 100% in to anything related to yasu, nah in this case on he is taking a part on this tribute album.

back to Grey’s Anatomy, on the D day Meredith and Derek decide to give their wedding to Izzie and Alex. the situation is just a deja vu, i mean Izzie is supposed to marry her death fiance a long time ago if he didn’t die, and now she is the one who is dying on hospital bed.

finally she get her dream, a nice wedding, walked down the aisle of her dreams with the man she love Alex Karev. The best part is when she got dizzy, George O’Malley stand up and walk beside her, OMG that’s so sweet ne …

and Alex Karev‘s wedding vows, he heard it from a girl in the ER, it was her graduation speech and he just change it for a wedding vows



~ Today’s the day my life begins. All my life I’ve been just me. Just a smart mouth kid.
~ Today I become a man.
~ Today I become a husband.
~ Today I become accountable to someone other than myself.
~ Today I become accountable to you. To our future. To all the possibilities that a marriage has to ~ offer. Together, no matter what happens, I’ll be ready. For anything. For everything. To take on life, to take on love. To take on possibility and responsibility.
~ Today Izzie Stevens, our life together begins. And I for one can’t wait.

that’s so beautiful ne, ah ya i am already scan my Rhythm and Drums magazine for 淳士×yasu [Acid Black Cherry]. there you are the scans

Sorry that’s not a perfect scans because i did that in the hurry, and now i am so lazy to re_scan it again ….

the handshake event for 40,000 fans submission started today April 27th, 2012  (Friday) until May 25th 12:00 (Friday).   a chance to have a handshake with yasu? ….

yasu   :     yes, with me …
noi      :    
OMG that’s too good to be true for me, …
yasu   :     why, that’s fine to be the last you are number 40,000 right noi_chan …
noi      :     no, i am nuber 40,001 ne ya_san i told you before ..
yasu   :     40,001 … @_@

few days more to 【Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』】 and there you are yasu is doing the final stage check from the audience seat .

頑張って  ya_さん ….!!!

ticket for May is already sold out. waw that’s awesome ne, Everybody want to watch this live maybe this is the reason why when i go to Yahoo auction i saw lot of this ticket 『2012』 live ticket selling and God the price is so expensive ne . plus this bat hair accessories

they didn’t put that on pre_sale and it’s only can buy on the venue, Bloody hell how am i supposed to get that? i am not gonna go to Japan and watch 『2012』. i mean maybe someday i am gonna go to Japan just to watch yasu live on stage but not this year. i am already have a plan for this year.

i am gonna find a way to get that, sure ne because there’s a will eventually there’s a way so what i have to do is just to find it, i mean find the way.  I’ll think about that later, but now i have this in my mind.  I am gonna call this as  My fangirl vows , i should have say this a long time ago, but late is always better than don’t

Dear yasu,

~ Today’s the day my fangirl life begins. All my life I’ve been just me. Just a stupid girl.
~ Today I become a fangirl.
~ Today I become a fulltime fangirl.
~ Today I become accountable to someone other fangirl than myself .
~ Today I wish i can be accountable to you (read : yasu). On this fandom world. To all the possibilities that a fangirling has to ~ offer. Together, no matter what happens, I’ll be ready. For anything. For everything. To take on life, to take on love. To take on possibility and responsibility.
~ Today ya_san, our life together as idol and fangirl begins. And I for one can’t wait.


yasu     :    ups sorry noi_chan, but i think you are years too late for that …
noi        :    i know
yasu     :    and that’s supposed to mean …
noi        :    i am not a brilliant fangirl ..
yasu     :    and …
noi        :    i am not gonna get BAFTA this year …
yasu     :    Oh God no, not that BAFTA again ….. *dizzy*



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