2nd Post : 『2012』 and The Mind Blowing Man …. (Another me, yasu and the probie)

from Team Acid Black Cherry Official‘s Facebook status tonight

The Fan Club decided if the act of reselling 2012 Fan Club purchased tickets to a third party strictly prohibited.

I agree with this, even i can’t watch this show but i think something like this need to be done by them, i mean the Fan Club. Recently when i open Yahoo Auctions or any auction sites (to find someone who sell Acid Black Christmas pamphlet) i saw lot’s of 2012 tickets there and most of them is the Fan Club one, so it must be a great seat, view because they can have it before the regular ticket sale open. …

and the price is soooo high, more expensive than the real price. and if you ask why it became expensive ? they gonna gave you a Fan Club reason. yes i agree and i hope by doing this, it might reduce the ticket sale on Yahoo Auction, even it’s not gonna erase that for eva. but still,  less is better than much ne and another fan who really want to see this live, they don’t have pay more because of the 3rd part ..

and the bad news is now i need to find another way to get ABC tickets because buy it from yahoo auctions is my plan B if i can’t buy it from Fan Club (it’s a bit confusing for out side Japan fans like meeehh ), ….

blooddy hell …….. aaaaaaaa *jump off the roof*

yasu      :   can you just jump in silence …?
noi         :   but ya_san …
yasu      :   nah there you are you want to give up again …
noi         :   no, of ourse not ….
yasu      :   good and stop screaming ….

oke enough the drama and let’s talk about yasu, dear yasu my one and only Mind Blowing Man. this man is already blow my mind all over the world from Africa,NY, Middle Earth, Bahama and then always back to Cherrybean, At least he never blown me away out of space, because i am sure i’d be lost in space. …


yasu   :    but who said the lost word many times …?
noi      :    me ….. *raise my hands*
yasu   :    hey, you don’t have to do that ne  ….
noi      :    i’be lost everywhere, but not in space because my satelite is still on earth …
yasu   :    okay don’t tell me who is the satelite, it’s him right?
noi      :    no, it is you, so i’d be lost in space if i have you as the satelite …
yasu   :    whatever ….

as we all know yasu is busy right now with Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』  across Japan start from May to July 2012 . And i am sure you all follow and wait for this tour detail from Team_ABCOfficial twitter or the Official Ameba. For me, who always wait and yeah sometimes i missed their tweets.


yasu       :   sometimes …? you missed it a lot of times …
noi          :   but, ya_san …
yasu       :   but what …
noi          :   you know how probie i am on twitter ….

nah the question is what did you see? see something, i see a pattern here,

i mean how they post about this tour , and after i see and understand the pattern, now i have a wating list, like oke after this they gonna tweet him check in from the audience seat, what food did yasu eat, what he did during his tour or i can say  ah ya i am sure tommorrow rthey gonna update the Official blog with the Hair Catalogue, etc etc ….

1. They (Team ABC Official) gonna post photos of the venue and crowd, city view and some local food :

0405 Kagoshima Shinmi Bunka Hall

0505 Kumamoto Prefectural Hall Theater

0905 Takamatsu Sunport Hall

1105 Ehime Prefectural Culture Hall


~   1305  ALSOK Hall Hiroshima

1505 Okayama City Hall

2. They gonna tweet a photo of what he (read : yasu) was doing during this tour or behind the stage.

0405 Kagoshima Shinmi Bunka Hall

0905 Takamatsu Sunport Hall

~   1305  ALSOK Hall Hiroshima

1505 Okayama City Hall

3.  A final check by yasu himself from the audience seat, and he showed the seat number where he was plus his brilliant pose (oke, you might call it with dork pose) …. xD

~  0105 Fukuoka Sun Palace

0405 Kagoshima Shinmi Bunka Hall

0505 Kumamoto Prefectural Hall Theater       

oh dear God, this one is my fave. Look at him, when i saw this image below once again yasu just blown my mind away. This time he blown me away to Washington DC ….

noi         :    hey boss, you look brilliant did you know that …
yasu      :    yes, thanks to you i know that …
noi         :    and …. chotto ne ya_san, i forgot what Dinozzo said after that ..
yasu      :    eeh, is this another NCIS game …?
noi         :    yes, i am DiNozzo and you are Gibbs …
yasu       :   eeehh …!!!

0905 Takamatsu Sunport Hall

1105 Ehime Prefectural Culture Hall

and this one is a yasu Hood …? well then i shall be Marion, OKE ya_san, no problem …

yasu     :   you as Marion, then i am gonna let that man kidnap you …
noi        :    eh, why …?
yasu     :    because i am too busy to save you ne, so you better stay with that him, what his name ..?
noi        :    The Sheriff of Nottingham
yasu     :    ah ya, him. so bai bai fangirl …
noi        :    omo ….

1305  ALSOK Hall Hiroshima

1505 Okayama City Hall

4.  and last but not least is The Brilliant Acid Black Cherry Tour 2012 Hair Catalogues, and let’s just say this one e as a probie hairstyle analyst …. xD (is there something like that? i dunno)

~  0105 Fukuoka Sun Palace

Oke, the first day. This one, the hairstyle i think it similar with his (read: yasu) hairstyle on Free Live last year but the different is they added more feather, because as i remember there’s less or no feather his Free Live 2011 hairstyle …  <— correct me if i am wrong, and there you are  …

Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #1

0405 Kagoshima Shinmi Bunka Hall

Day 2. This one is still the same but yasu looked a little bit more wet than the first day. maybe they add much more jelly than the first day ? but who knows, so there you are …

        Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #2

   0505 Kumamoto Prefectural Hall Theater

Day 3. it was more wild, lousy than the previous one. no feather in hair but a feather tail …? okay, that’s great. i think the hair stylish start his/her improvisation how to make a different hairstyle to this man (read : yasu), And good luck for her/his way for this because he/she still have a long way until the tour ended on July

Go do what ever you have to do to make him (read : yasu) looks brilliant on stage. I know he is already brilliant but an awesome hairstyle is always a good plus, so Ganbatte ne … !!!

and there you are :  Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #3

    0905 Takamatsu Sunport Hall

Day 4. the hairstylist made the feather tail longer than the previous one so it looked like he/she (btw busway i dunno whether the stylish is male or female) added something on his outfit. … well okay maybe he/she wanted to avoid the boring feel came up.  there you are …

        Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #4


~  1105 Ehime Prefectural Culture Hall

Day 5. same with the previous but the bang is almost cover yasu’s face. … no i wonder is he/she (read : the stylish, not yasu) start to ran out of idea? … @_@ … , you can see it your self ne, there you are :

Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #5

    1305  ALSOK Hall Hiroshima

        Day 6. the hairstylish put the feather back to yasu’ hair and eliminated the feather tail, and …



you can call me as a probie hairstyle analyst or whatever but i am sorry i can’t say more about this Day 5 hairstyle because i that … OMG (you know what i mean) just distracted me. I am only an ordinary woman and you all know i am not brilliant but this distraction is just beyond my capability, i can’t take my eyes of him …

i mean his shoulders ….. on this Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #6 … kyaaaaa Monika, you better catch me ne  … !!! *blown away to Serbia*

and for this one, i can’t do anything but pray to my Dear God, the Almighty One, …

        Dear God,

        can you please let my vampire soul back now, even just for one day, i’d be delighted. Okay all i ask is just one bite on his beautiful shoulders ….


        yasu     :   hey noi_chan, what are you doing …?
noi        :   i am praying ya_san, don’t you see …
yasu     :   a pray so you can bite me …? *what the*
noi        :   just one bite ya_san, please ….
yasu     :   no, the answer is still no, now you better finish this post OK
noi        :  okay ..

    1505 Okayama City Hall  

Day 7. i am sorry but i i can’t say anything else about this day 7 hairstyle, because yasu’s shoulders is still distract me, and now i am still calling my vampire soul back.

all i can say is this one is the same with the previous but less feather, so go see it yourself Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #7 ... and tell me something that i missed …

And i am done with this hairstyle analyst wannabe  post. ….

yasu     :   eh it ended just like that, why …?
noi        :   because i am a probie hairstyle analyst …
yasu     :   and you also a probie fangirl …?
noi        :   OMG, no of course not, i may be not brilliant but i am not a probie fangirl …
yasu     :   oke oke noi_chan …
noi        :   and there’s a big different between probie and not brilliant ….
yasu     :   ah somebody is mad tonight ….. *leaving*



6 thoughts on “2nd Post : 『2012』 and The Mind Blowing Man …. (Another me, yasu and the probie)

  1. hey – did they ban the FC tickets on yahoo auction???

    I’m trying to find some too for the budokan show T_T.

    • no they didn’t .

      that status is a warning to all the Fan Club member who buy tickets and instead of go to the show they sell it in auctions with higher price, almost double from the original price. And this situation made the 2012 tickets more harder to find/ more expensive. if the FC find out about it, the person who did it is gonna loose his FC membership

      buy it from Fan Club is a bit confusing for me and maybe other abroad fans, even i am also Fan Club member, form, etc … i never understand it, i think i am gonna ask my proxy to buy it for me of course use my FC ID number. I hope that’s gonna work.

      You want to see the final show? waw that’s great, Budokan … OMG
      i hope you manage to get the ticket.

      • oh sweet its just a warning – yeah i’m going to buy it through a proxy…price is not a problem since I’ve saved up for it LOL.
        either that or my Japanese friend may be able to find it on SNS/message boards (SO HOPEFUL).

        I just happen to be on exchange in July thats why lololol.

        which one you planning on going to?

    • i don’t have plan to watch 『2012』 live because my schedule won’t allow me to go so my plan is to go to watch this year Halloween Party and watch hyde and yasu live together on one stage.

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