L’arc_ed Post : Serial Fangirl vs Serial Killer …. (Another me, yasu and L’arc_en_Ciel)

i am a bear person

i sleep and eat a lot, yup that’s me, if i have a problem, or something pissed me off or drive me mad/crazy/desperate or whatever you name it, i choose to hope/pray if all of that were not real, it just a bunch or dreams, the bad one. And what i did is eat a lot and then do nothing but sleeping all night long, like a bear on every winter. But during my long time winter sleep, this one calling me out from dream land

from Oishi Masahiro_san’s Facebook status :

they asked us to vote for the cities for the next WORLD TOUR,  …..




can you imagine, the next WORLD TOUR? i mean the BUTTERFLY is gonna fly all around the world again? …  i mean when  i heard hyde said kami akan datang lagi ke Indonesia (read : we will come again to Indonesia) on Jakarta Live i knew they gonna start another WORLD TOUR, but hey i never imagine it’s gonna be so fast ne, and there you are they already ask us to get ready to vote. so here i am, i woke up from my long winter sleep to call to all of you Indonesian Cielers out there to vote.

Vote for Jakarta, …  let’s start this calling for the awesome fallen angels  to fall again in Jakarta

vote here ——>  http://www.larc-en-ciel.com/  and don’t forget Jakarta is 2:00 PM

remember the D day is on June 1st, the day after tomorrow they gonna start the voting after they finished the last Word Tour in Hawaii, so June 1st you, all of you Indonesian Cielers you gotta be ready to vote. Vote as much as you can. Do whatever you can, i mean you can ask your friends/mates to vote even they aren’t Cielers. L’arc_ed them (read : locked them into L’arc euphoria, eat the key so nobody can un_L’arc_ed them) first like me. i am gonna ask all my office mate to vote,  my muggle office mates. ..

even hyde said kami akan datang lagi ke Indonesia (read : we will come again to Indonesia) to all of us,

noi       :   nee hyde_san, you do remember right?
hyde    :   hmmm yes, i do, but who are you btw …?
noi       :   eeeh, it’s me, noi_chan, your fangirl …
hyde    :   really? …
noi       :   omo omo … kyaaaa ….. *calling for yasu*

hyde    :   hey, that’s a joke so be quite OK …
noi       :   oh God  …..

but we still have to vote, so let’s just say to remind him (read : hyde, not yasu) again ne who knows if he forget,  …..  ahahaha … *got slap*

because everything is for today, the day we are gonna  get one L’Amazing night once again together …. so Are You F***kin Ready ….? ..

you better say yes, btw because if you say no ….

yasu    :   if they say no, then what you gonna do ..?
noi       :   i do nothing, …. omo ya_san, where have you been, i miss you ne ….
yasu    :   hey, noi_chan i think i am the one who supposed to say that, where have you been …
noi       :   well okay, i was busy …
yasu    :   you, busy or act busy …?
noi       :   no, this one is real, i was really busy, and still busy until now  ..
yasu    :   for what …
noi       :   i am busy to fix myself with a tape and glue …
yasu    :   with tape and glue …? ah no, i don’t buy that  . ..
noi       :   omo, how did you know that …?

well i fix (and still working on it) myself with vacation, buy things, and of course my telly by watch all doramas and TV series. but mostly i fix myself on dream land (read : sleep) and oh God, i had a bad dream, and this one is really bad,  this is so bad. in my dream i remember i did something,  i un_followed @TeamABCofficial,… can you imagine that ..?


OMG  …..  kyaaaaa ……. *jump off the roof again*

yasu     :    you did what …?
noi        :    yes, ya_san can you imagine that, i un_followed @TeamABCOfficial, see how twitter hates me, by gave me a bad dream like that …
yasu     :    twitter can do that …?
noi        :    who knows, but let’s take the bright side ne, After all this time ya_san, i finally had a dream about you ne,  …
yasu     :    then you should thanks to twitter ne noi_chan …
noi        :    eh …?

and thank God, that’s only a dream, the bad one. And when i checked my twitter i laughed like an idiot at office next morning just because i saw the blue box with Following words on @TeamABCofficial




here i am still yasu’s number 40,001 fangirl, nothings change. When somebody (read :  one of my muggle office mate)  asked me why did you do this, all of this spamm about one man, i said to her because i am a fangirl of this fascinating individual named yasu

and then she asked me again what is the pont of being a fangirl, hey he don’t even know you and nobody pay you for all of that … etc etc many more. Okay she might say that because she never meet Esteban Navarro.

that’s Esteban Navarro, he is a doctor, a billionaire’s son and also a serial killer. He is the main villain on CSI Miami season 10. After dealing with Mala Noche on the previous seasons, in this 10th season King Horatio and his team have to deal with a serial killer family, the Navarro family : Esteban, his father Diego and his grandmother Vina Navarro.

there’s one scene when Esteban call for his victim’s sister (you know like what a serial killer always do, they want someone knows if they exist). The victim’s sister, her name is Jennifer asked him : What do you want, how much …? i will find the money but please don’t hurt Angela (the victim). and Esteban just laugh. then she asked about this to Horatio, and H answer her with : He is a serial killer, so it’s not about the money

nah in this fandom world i get some similar things. if there’s a serial killer  i think that would be fine if i said there’s also a serial fangirl/fanboys in this fandom world. Somebody who did this fangirling things and none of it is about the money and yes, yes, yes …..

i am one of them, the serial fangirl ..

noi       :    nah, now you have me as your own serial fangirl, yay …
yasu    :    after fangirl number 40,001 now a serial fangirl …?
noi       :    yes ya_san, i am

blood is red, dead bodies are blue
i love you …
so here i am, me, this universe and you …

yasu    :    you’re, if you finish the serial post, nah you haven’t then you are not a serial fangirl ..
noi       :    oh, you mean
that serial post, i’ll do that tomorrow …
yasu    :    good …



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