Serial Post : It’s Me, I Am, The Universe and You …. (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday, again)

here’s what happened last Friday

June 1st was on Friday, …

the day when the vote started. The vote to bring L’arc to your city, That Friday i was quite busy with all of these :  L’Hawaii, L’arc_en_Ciel Day, Hyde cried when he sang Bye Bye *RIP to the died L’Crew*, NKOTBSB live and how i keep pushed F5 over and over again on .

There’s only F5, so there’s no F4 (read : the boysband, not the Formula 4) that day because it turned into F5 with a new member (read : me, [info]noi_himura joined them) …. ahahahaha …. *dumped from Tokyo Tower*

yasu    :   you what, want to join F4 …?
noi       :   yes, i am.
yasu    :   yeah, right …
noi       :   well, if you want to join that AKB48 as the 49th member, then i’ll join F4 as the 5th member ..
yasu    :   then dream on, you fangirl

finally after hours pushed that F5 over and over, hey i made it. done i voted for Jakarta. My vote is my own invitation to them (read : L’arc_en_Ciel) to come again to Jakarta. There you are, see i voted, so i just invite The Rainbow to come again.

and who knows if in their next live i can also have my own L’arc_en_Ciel day in my country Indonesia just like what they had in Hawaii. I can’t have it on their last comin to Jakarta, because that day May 2nd is already an Education Day in my country. so like what i said and what i am gonna say again : who knows .

Nah now what i am gonna ask you is :  Have you vote ….?  if you haven’t, then vote and if you already did, then vote again. The point is  …

and this one especially to all Cielers Indonesia :

~   please vote for Jakarta not another random city, just Jakarta our capital city where MONAS stands and we should unite our voice.
~   if you want to vote for another city beside Jakarta, you better think again and look for this hashtag —–> #LarukuJKT …


OMG i think i am not only busy with all of that include my own campaign for #LarukuJKT but  i am also get lost inside. Yes, i got lost again, so ….

noi       :   ya_san you better do something …
yasu    :   do what …?
noi       :   find me ne …
yasu    :   you can back to me by yourself ne noi_chan …
noi       :   no, i want you to find me, …

早く 見つけて 見つけて ここにいるから …!!!

yasu    :   Flower, i knew it’s gonna end with him, not me  ..
noi       :  ups, sorry ya_san  …

yasu    :  boring, i told you ne, don’t be boring
noi       :  just for tonight, OK



(L’Arc-en-Ciel) – flower
作詞:Hyde / 作曲:Hyde

そう気付いていた 午後の光にまだ
想いどおりにならないシナリオは とまどいばかりだけど

次の次の朝までも この夢の君に見とれてるよ

胸が 痛くて 痛くて 壊れそうだから
かなわぬ思いなら せめて枯れたい!

もう笑えないよ 夢の中でさえも同じこと言うんだね
窓の向こう 本当の君は今何をし てるんだろう


空は 今にも 今にも 降りそそぐような青さで

like a flower
flower bloom in sunlight and l live close to you-

早く 見つけて 見つけて ここにいるから
胸が 痛くて 痛くて 壊れそうだから
かなわぬ想いなら せめて枯れたい


Sou ki zuite ita gogo no hikari ni mada
Boku wa nemutteru omoidouri ni naranai
Shinario wa tomadoi bakari dakedo
Kyou mo aenai kara
Beddo no naka me wo tojite
Tsugi no tsugi no asa made mo
Kono yume no kimi ni mitoreteru yo

Itsu demo kimi no egao ni yurete
Taiyou no you ni tsuyoku saite itai
Mune ga itakute itakute
Kowaresou dakara
Kanawanu omoi nara semete karetai!

Mou waraenai yo yume no naka de sae mo
Onaji koto iun da ne
Mado no mukou hontou no kimi wa
Ima nani wo shiterun darou
Tooi hi no kinou ni karappo no torikago wo motte
Aruiteta boku wa kitto kimi wo sagashitetan da ne

Azayaka na kaze ni sasowaretemo
Muchuu de kimi wo oikakete iru yo
Sora wa ima ni mo ima ni mo
Furisosogu you na aosa de
Miageta boku wo tsutsunde

Like a flower
(Flowers bloom in sunlight and I live close to you)

Ikutsumo no tane wo ano oka e ukabete
Kirei na hana wo shikitsumete ageru
Hayaku mitsukete mitsukete
Koko ni iru kara
Okosareru no wo matteru no niItsu demo kimi no egao ni yurete
Taiyou no you ni tsuyoku saite itai
Mune ga itakute itakute
Kowaresou dakara
Kanawanu omoi nara semete karetai!

English Translation

I’m just sleeping in the afternoon sun,
Bending my neck on the scenarios that aren’t going as planned.

We’re not going to meet today anyway, so on my bed I close my eyes.
I’ll just watch you in my dreams until the morning after next.

I want to sway with your smile, flowering as strong as a sun for ever.
My heart is hurting and hurting, about to break.
So, if these feelings will never come true, I at least wish I could wither away.

Can’t laugh anymore, you say the same words even in my dreams.
Outside the window, I wonder what you are really doing.

Taking an empty birdcage to the long distant yesterday.
Walking around, I must have been looking for you.

Even if I was tempted by the beautiful wind, I’ll still be chasing after you.
The sky is so blue it looks like it’s going to fall down.
and as I look up, the blue sky wraps around me.

Like a flower
(Flowers bloom in the sunlight and I live close to you)

I’ll send countless seeds afloat to that hill.
I’ll cover it with beautiful flowers for you.
Please find me quickly, because I’ll always be here.
I’m still just waiting to be woken up.

I want to sway with your smile, flowering as strong as a sun for ever.
My heart is hurting and hurting, about to break.
So, if these feelings will never come true, I at least wish I could wither away.

how many time did i say how genius hyde is …?

i can’t remember how many times did i say that, but i said that a lot, If yasu is brilliant, for me hyde is genius. How he wrote a song, the lyrics, the way he moove his body and that hyde Rose moove, his hairstyle, outfit … all of that just genius, he knows exactly how to pack himself as an artist, a public figure and of course as a vocalist.

Flower, with this song hyde break my heart over and over, but shinpai janai, that’s fine, because don’t care how many times he is gonna break my heart again with this song, i can fix it with a glue and tape, soon i am gonna have a super glue because Monika‘s gonna gave her super glue to fix my heart.

Monika, one of my cherry sista is always find a way to say something for me. and she said it right to the point and somehow what she said always make me feel better, plus she is the one who always start our Cherry Chat recently. I think i have to do that, start the Cherry Chat first … *make a note*

back to Flower, well this song is 100% a song that fits with what i feel/the effect of Mr. Friday on me. I did just like what hyde wrote on this song lyrics, stay on bed, thinking of him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu).

yasu     :   hey, you can stop put that (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) …
noi        :   chotto ne let me finish this first …
yasu     :   and then i am sure this blog gonna change to Another me and Mr. Friday ..
noi        :   eeh, no of course not …

i was wait and wait for him and until now almost 3 years after he choose that Julia than me (just another girl next door), and call me stupid for waiting a bus in a train station or else, even i know if me and him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) were never be at the same tunnel, and yes, he is already out of his tunnel with Julia at the end of it, and like all the fairytale ended Happy Ever After. Then what about me?

Chairil Anwar (he is one of the greatest poet in my country), and i read one of his poem recently and it just slapped me right on my face ….


Aku kira:
Beginilah nanti jadinya
Kau kawin, beranak dan berbahagia
Sedang aku mengembara serupa Ahasveros

Dikutuk-sumpahi Eros
Aku merangkaki dinding buta
Tak satu juga pintu terbuka

Jadi baik juga kita padami
Unggunan api ini
Karena kau tidak ‘kan apa-apa
Aku terpanggang tinggal rangka

English Translation

I guess
These what we will be,
You marry, have baby, and happy
While I wander such Ahasveros

Cursed by Eros
I creep at the blind wall
No doors opened at all

Things will be better
By turn off this fire
For it will do you no harm
But it will burn me, no longer warm

and i realized after giving up to everything, here i am still waiting until now here in the end of this tunnel. still waiting for him, or maybe another one like him who knows if God create another version of him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) somewhere over the rainbow, who will walk slowly come out of this tunnel (my tunnel) and then take my hands, then I shall wait ….

omo, ya_san is that you  …. kyaaaaa …. *rolling2 on cold asphalt*

yasu     :    me, what ….
noi        :    you, walking out of this tunnel ….
yasu     :    hey fangirl, see  i walked under a highway not tunnel, so  …
noi        :    ya_san, you just break my heart,

胸が 痛くて 痛くて 壊れそうだから

yasu     :    だから … fix it with this ..
noi        :    what’s this, a glue …?
yasu     :    that’s a super glue, then you will be fine …



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