Serial post : My Blood Type is A …. (Another me, yasu, The Fangirl and The Idols)

here’s what happen in this Bahama Love Triangle,

busy, busy busy,

so when somebody ask to me ([info]noi_himura), hyde and yasu  :

hey, how are you recently …?

and i am gonna answer him/her with   :   i am busy with yasu .
while yasu sayin                               :   i am busy with hyde_san ..
then hyde is gonna say                     :   i am busy with noi_chan .….




ahahahahaha …. *laugh together with Hypo*

hyde     :    hey fangirl, since when i am busy with you.
noi        :    but hyde_san  …..
hyde     :    while you are busy with yasu ..
noi        :    nah that’s the point of this Bahama Love Triangle recently …..

the fangirl and the idols, We All Busy ….

~  The Idol (read : Hyde)

as we all know  this year  he is with L’Arc_en_Ciel during L’20 World Tour, and they already finished their last live on Hawaii last June 1st. This one is LE_CIEL member only. I wish i can go there and see the last L’20 World Tour, but i can’t so all i can do was reading all the live reports from all of them who went there, especially this wonderful TRANSLATED REPORT: LE-CIEL Only Live at Waikiki Shell, 1st June 2012 by L’Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team) on Facebook.

my fave is when Hyde said :

~ Yukki is  like a panda from Ueno zoo. Anything he does is responded with Aaaahhhh he’s so cuuuuteee!!’ … so finally they made Yukihiro smile and say something.

~  My blood type is O, so I want to love everyone evenly. I don’t want people to think I’m only looking at one spot, so I look around the whole venue …. <—– i just love what he said …

but …

noi        :     ya_san, my blood type is A, so what should i say …?
yasu     :     why do you ask me …?
noi        :     because you also A right, what if

my blood type is A, so i want to love both of you (read : yasu and hyde) evenly

yasu     :     hmmm  …

People tend to keep the best for the last, for example you are gonna keep cherry at the top of you cake and the biggest meatball on your meatball soup for the last (like meeh) …

yasu      :   great, now she is hungry …
noi         :   no, i am not ..
yasu      :   yes, you are …
noi         :   then give me that apple …
yasu      :   @_@ ..

so did L’arc_en_Ciel. They keep this best part for the last, i am sure it was amazing, even for me who didn’t go there because i am not LE_CIEL member. so when L’arc server crashed on the first day to vote and gave me this box, asked me to put my user name and password :

so when i fill that box

User Name   :    Noi Himura
Password     :    noiloveyasu

and the server replied me with : Sorry, you are in the wrong division …..!!!!! … xD.  thank God, that’s only because of the server crash thing, so we don’t have to be a LE_CIEL member  to vote. But then i was thinking if that’s true, i mean what if the vote is only for CE_CIEL member only, …..



then, i am not sure this hashtag #LarukuJKT is not gonna work, because hey how many Cieleres Indonesia that join LE_CIEL? not much ne, ….

The L’Amazing World Tour is done and hyde is gonna do his solo project VAMPS. And there you are VAMPS Live 2012 on June at ZEPP SENDAI, VAMPS also gonna be in Rock Nation on this year a-nation, with Kiyoharu and another up coming artists, and of course the next Halloween Party 2012  …

~ The Fangirl (read : me, [info]noi_himura)

so yes, i am also busy and this time is 100% not act busy as i used to be. I even forgot when did the last time i acted busy like that,

i am busy to avoid and ignore my dad.

after what happend, something that i really don’t wanna talk about again but still thank you to all of you who sent me a lovely and support message to this lame and not brilliant fangirl and i am sorry for not reply. i know that’s rude but i just don’t wanna talk about it again.

When everything turned to be bad and nothing you can do to fix it,  you made a bail,

nah that’s what i did to my dad. i gave him my bail. I told him if he still did the same bad things to my mom i am not gonna talk to him. And here i am stop talking to him and keep avoiding him. But i dunno why he keep tryin to talk to me. He is gonna sit in front of our home in the morning and he also sit there in the afternoon, so when i get home i will see him. So this avoiding thing just failed.

my boss keep me busy at office

i’ve been wondering who among all if this boss in telly series that i watch everyday who look like my boss, no the face but the way he act, decide and many more. my boss is not like Mac Tylor from CSI NY, Gibss on NCIS, Daniel Meade on Ugly Betty and of course he is so far away from Dr. House. Nah i think he is Horacio Caine from CSI Miami

he said the same thing to me : Don’t get fooled again, the same thing on CSI Miami OST.   he came 2 days ago , and as usual if if he come to office there’s always an alert text message send to all of us. That day was my turn to be the messenger. so when i got the info if he is gonna come today, then i sent that mass text messages, and God i love sending a mass text message like this  :

Attention, he is comin tomorrow so get ready to bring your own torch/light to enlight your way to office tomorrow ….!!!

after sent that alert mass text message to all my office_mate, i did something to my watch, made it faster 30 minutes so when next morning when i wake up and see it on 05:00 AM, nah actually it is 04:30 AM. But damn, that clock was run out of battery so yeah i was late again, can you imagine that, the messenger who told everybody to go to office earlier was late herself? … that’s terrible ne ..

How many time did i say if i don’t wanna be busy this year …? i sad that many times ne how i want to be relax and have fun with my life, fangirling things, traveling and many more. But the fact is i am still the same busy as i was last year. I can’t blame someone for this, because everything is on me whether i wanna be busy or not. And i think i let my self to be busy again so i can stay at office longer, everyday even on Sunday and then  i can avoid my dad.

enough about my boring life, let’s move on with …

~  the Another Idol (read : yasu)

nah this man, is also busy with his long list schedule that only God and his manager who knows about that. All i know he is busy with his ongoing Acid Black Cherry Tour 『2012』 and his participayion on this year a-nation, like hyde, but too bad they are in the separate place ..

while hyde is gonna be on Rock Nation with Kiyoharu and of course KAZ, yasu is gonna be on Stadium Festival :

8月19日, Nagai Stadium – Osaka with AAA, Do As Infinity, TVQX …
8月26日, Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo with AAA, BIGBANG, Every Little Thing, …

so yes, he is still busy , see …

noi        :    nee ya_san, how’s your day ….?
yasu     :    go away noi_chan, don’t you see i am busy …
noi        :    well, me to …
yasu     :    eeh ….

nah rather than bother him by askin the same question, i’d rather do something what i call with a probie hairstyle analyst post.  so there you are, let’s start this post ne …

1. Photos of the venue and crowd, city view and some local food :

~   1805  Kobe International Conference Hall

~   2305 Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan

~   2505 Mie Cultural Center

~   3105 Niigata Prefectural Kaikan Hall

~   0606 Asahikawa City Culture Center Main Hall, Hokkaido

2. What he (read : yasu) was doing during this tour or behind the stage.

~   2105 Shiga, Biwako Hall

~   2305 Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan

~   2505 Mie Cultural Center

~   3105 Niigata Prefectural Kaikan Hall

~   0606 Asahikawa City Culture Center Main Hall, Hokkaido

3.  A final check by yasu himself from the audience seat, and he showed the seat number .

~   1805  Kobe International Conference Hall


~   2105 Shiga, Biwako Hall


~   2305 Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan

~   2505 Mie Cultural Center

~   3105 Niigata Prefectural Kaikan Hall

~   0606 Asahikawa City Culture Center Main Hall, Hokkaido

4.  The Brilliant Acid Black Cherry Tour 2012 Hair Catalogue, and my a probie hairstyle analyst post …. xD

~   1805  Kobe International Conference Hall

oh God, how can i make a great hairstyle analysis if when i wanna start it, i got that beautiful shoulders distraction?,  ya_san, can you stop tease me like this … ?

yasu     :   ah come on stop it, my shoulders …? not reasonable enough ne
noi        :   you know how weak i am with your shoulders …
yasu     :   then you better start to think now noi_cahn, think , think …!!!
noi        :   yes, i am thinking now, think … think … think … ting ting ting … *make some noise with a bowl and spoon*
yasu     :   hey, are you calling your meatball soup? ..
noi        :   ups sorry ….

Oke here’s my analysis, for me this style is kinda blurry. I mean i have no idea what is the point of this hairstyle, look similar with the previous one? perhaps yes, but i think the hairstyle wanna make a different but eventually he didn’t make it. He put some red and white feather like that, perhaps he wanted to get some messy looks but he didn’t wanna loose the sexy look. so maybe that’s why he only put some feather on yasu’s hair, I wonder if he add a little more feather and some mess on the hair maybe he is gonna get  the messy and sexy looks,

Remember when you got into a pillow war? in the end you will covered with all white feather right? somehow i always think that’s after pillow war covered with white feather is sexy. but if you put too much feather on the hair too much nah you will loose the sexy looks and all you have is just the messy looks. The messy looks that come from a chicken war (read : after got dumped into a hencoop), …. xD

so there you are Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #8

~   2105 Shiga, Biwako Hall

for this one, is the same style, but with a little different in with the bang, if you look it closely you will see the different. Not only show us Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #9 i think yasu also had another purpose, See what he was doing? he did the shoot while brushing his teeth, i don’t care even he is not really brushing his teeth but there’s a message from this photoset, a hidden message

and the hidden message is :

no matter how busy you are don’t you ever forget to brush your teeth, because brush your teeth anytime and enywhere can keep you away from dentist , so if you are very busy and want to forget to do that, you better look at yasu. He still brush do that on this HAIR CATALOGUE photoshoot

see how brilliant he is?  Oh God, i hate to deal with dentist, i hate it,  just hate it .

noi       :      i just hate it, ya_san …
yasu    :      i know, and hey can you just stop this dentist talking …
noi       :      why ….?
yasu    :      because i know this dentist talking is gonna end with who …
noi       :      ah ya, you’re right …

~   2305 Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan

for this Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #10, i think its similar with his jelly hair on PISTOL PV plus the feather of course. Omaigooo i love when he tease me by like this, post a photo of his showed his shoulders like that, Oh dear God, i better start to call my vampire soul again ..

yasu       :      eerrr i told you ne don’t do that …
noi          :      why …?
yasu       :      i don’t wanna have a vampire fangirl, a crazy fangirl like you is enough …
noi          :      just one bite ne …
yasu       :      it’s still no,

~   2505 Mie Cultural Center

aaaaahhhh this Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #11 is same with Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #4        omo, did the repeat the hairstye …? i mean is there a hairstyle list …? i mean like a set list? well if there’s a hairstyle list so what is the pont of all those 1 – 11  HAIR CATALOGUE …?

~   3105 Niigata Prefectural Kaikan Hall

correct me if i am wrong but i think this Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #12  is a repeat from Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #7 ….?

~   0606 Asahikawa City Culture Center Main Hall, Hokkaido

one thing i love about this hair catalogue this is we can see how yasu’s expression differently when he had to be the model of his own hair catalogue, for example in this Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE  #13 he looks like on a process to get an ID/Passport, you know the part whe they gonna take your picture, remember ….?

time goes by and there you are it’s already June and yasu already did his one month   『2012』 Tour and there’s still a long tour to finish until he is gonna be on Budokan for theend of this Acid Black Cherry Tour 『2012』 and then he is gonna give me another list to wait, the Acid Black Cherry Tour 『2012』 DVD ….

so before that time when they gonna announce  Acid Black Cherry Tour 『2012』 DVD we better get ready from now ne, i mean you all better start to save some money, let’s start to prepare our body for this, so we all can say  ..

yes yasu, bring me the DVD because my body is ready …..!!!!!!

yasu       :   your body, for what ….
noi          :   sorry , i mean my wally is ready …
yasu       :   stay focus noi_chan, stay in the line  …
noi          :   i am on it …

uff finally that’s over, i made it, my probie hairstyle analysis, it’s get more hard to do ne, maybe because my brain start to stop think as hard as it use to be, i dunno.

But i think i should watch Share Genius more so i can make a better hairstyle analysis than this blurry whether is hairstyle or fangirl analysis. and let’s just say that one is the 2nd part after the first part ne, i’ll continue until the last live ne ….

yasu    :   2nd part, after all this time, where have you been ,,,
noi       :   i am busy ya_san …
yasu    :   and also …
noi       :   okay you win, and also lazy …..
yasu    :   good …

i am so happy with the last updated post on Acid Black Cherry Official Blog today, because somewhere in far away Japan there  he did the same thing with me ……


yasu       :       noi_chan, i can’t see you ..
noi          :       i can’t see you too ya_san …

ain’t no mountain high,
ain’t no valley low,
but still i can’t swim and
there’s a deep blue sea between us

yasu      :       this is not gonna happen if you can swim ne ..
noi         :       i am sorry, i am so sorry ,,,



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