Fangirl Post : HYDE’s Call ….. (Another me, yasu, King HYDE and Dora’s Question)

HYDE’s Calling ….. !!!!!

King HYDE is calling all of us with this upcoming 『WHAT’s IN?』 July Edition, so what are you waiting for again ….? see the contains : both HYDE and L’arc_en_Ciel part

~  from [info]aalenchan‘s post on [info]larcenciel there will be 26 pages HYDE himself part (Hyde is gonna answer questions from fans). i have no idea about this but i do remember i saw one tweets about question to Hyde. I think it was the same time when Yamada Hisashi_san, from TOKYO FM were in Hawaii joined L’arc_en_Ciel last live, the LE_CIEL members only live and

~  then there’s also L’arc_en_Ciel part (i think this is about their L’20 World Tour related to).

and if you check on HMV , the pre_order  for this magazine is already sold out, see this is what i mean with HYDE’s calling, SOLD OUT … nah that what is gonna happen  if he is calling all of his fanboys/fangirls ….

Long Live King HYDE ….!!!!




noi       :    that’s sold out ya_san ….
yasu    :     then, have you ….?
noi       :    of course i have, done,  …
yasu    :    good, what month is it noi_chan  ….
noi       :    it’s June …
yasu     :   then …

It means VAMPS is Back ….

with VAMPS Live 2012, and as always every Live Show there will be Official Goods, and there you are the Official Goods for  VAMPS Live 2012 , you can also check all of the items in

Oh God, what a tempting goodies. I have to choose one, because i can’t just follow this greed to be temptation. Why? because there’s another reason for me to save my money, you know what the main reason is, what my body/wally is ready for

Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 DVD

so here i am, stuck between this two items,

it was a hard choice ne, i want the tote bag but i also want the lip balm. Can you imagine VAMPS lip balm with rose taste? …

Oh God, i just can’t stop thinking about Hyde’s lips. ….

and that’s make it harder to choice ne, harder than Dora’s question, so i was thinking hard just like this super cute orange boy who think really hard for Dora’s question last night, …

well, no wonder he (read : the cute orange boy, not yasu) ignored me last night when i ask him to help me to choose which one i should buy, tote bag or lip balm.

omo i have no idea if Dora have so many questions ne, i mean what kind of questions ..? but hey, thank God even i have this Dora looks hair, but don’t worry ya_san,  i don’t have a lot of questions, Finally i decided to buy the tote bag, why? because it’s more cheap than lip balm …

HYDE is my king, nah i promised to him i will follow and obey him no matter what he did and he will do, both L’arc_en_Ciel and VAMPS, nah this is the time for me to act, not just talking. He is with VAMPS now and yasu is already wait for me over there on VAMPS division, he did say he is VAMPS number one fanboy. so that’s mean it is time for me to jump,

jump into VAMPS division in this fandom world, …

yasu    :    so are you ready, fangirl ….
noi       :    yes boss, i am so f***in ready …
yasu    :    then jump …!!!
noi       :    OK, just wait for me, i’ll jump over there …



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