待つわPost : The New 待つわ List … (Another me, yasu and A Bucket of Acid Black Cherry 『2012』)

待つわ ..

私待つわ いつまでも待つわ

i heard that song, the original one by W (double you) in one episode of Rinjo dorama, they use that song as the OST for that episode, the episode where there’s a woman who wait forever for her first/true love and then she decided to finished/ended her life.



noi        :    omo ya_san ……
yasu     :    stop it, noi_chan i don’t wanna hear that (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) post again…
noi        :    demo ….
yasu     :    just do what a fangirl should do ne…
noi        :    you mean the serial post …?
yasu     :    where ….?
noi        :    eerrr chotto ne boss, i am working on it …

but before i start that serial post, i am gonna talk about this. My 待つわ list. And after my long time hiatus (this hiatus term remind me how we all in Acid Black Cherry group in Facebook, explain what is hiatus to one boy like we were in English class … ahahaha, but it was fun ne). ah ya my long time hiatus for buying stuffs after Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 albums, finally my 待つわ list just added last week : …

1.  the last part of this something what i am gonna call as something to complete my Bucket of Acid Black Cherry 『2012』,

Let just say this Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 album is a bucket, the un_complete one, and that last part to make it complete is this …

Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 Band Score
Release Date   :  Release June 28th
Price               :  3,200 yen
Pre-Order         :  http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=NEOBK-1264911

and done, i did my pre order for that Band Score.

Now the question is : what’s the point of me who can’t pay any musical instrument to buy a Band Score? and what am i gonna do with that book ?

~  i might  just open it each pages once when it comes because who knows that book contain another different yasu’s photo from  『2012』  cover album
~  and then if there’s a different one, i will scan it, and then put it back to my CD shelf with all my stuffs.

then what

what …

nothing ….

nah when it comes to nothing, let’s back to the first point, nah the point of me buying this Band Score is to complete my bucket so it can be a complete version from A Bucket of Acid Black Cherry 『2012』, all i have to do now is just wait, wait till the release day.

2.  Our (read : mine and Tekki)’s L’Ar_en_Ciel LIVE TWENITY DVD …

for this item, Tekki is the one who bought that, and CD Japan already send it, and then again all we (read : me and Tekki, not yasu) gotta do is wait, again. She used the Air Mail one, because not only it’s more cheap that if she use EMS, but in my city, i have to wait for 9 days to get any package from Japan no matter what shipping option i choose. 9 days for both EMS or Air Mail, the only different is they give me tracking numbers if i use EMS, that’s all. See, that’s weird ne, well that’s what happen when you live in a small city where you have to wait longer than the other .

My city, this very small city where there’s no McD, mall, movie theater, or money changer …? hell no, nothings here but a wide, deep and blue see as my private swimming pool but still i can’t swim. I didn’t do anything near water recently except in the bathroom.

because i don’t have time to do that, recently my mind goes to my works. And things just went wrong with this guy Michael. Michael is someone who said NOOO, a very big N and triple O for everything i say and do, he just reject it. And he made a change to the office system management, yeah he can do that.

I know it can be personal in this business related to, but just for this time, can i be personal …? it’s not that i hate him, but i just don’t like him, i dunno why, he just make everything harder to me. And as usual whenever thing went harder to do, i think about to quit. It’s just too hard for me, two divisions, i am gonna let one of it. But then i found this

i saw lot of keep Calm and …. in Tumblr as you know after SHERLOCK euphoria that kind a photo just everywhere with many words after. But that’s the one with yasu, finally i found it.

so yes whatever happen, just Keep Calm and Listen to yasu sing …

everything is gonna be okay, i can handle this and it just only a small change, i can deal with that because everything is change, time is running out, earth goes arround the sun, and nothing stay. so if everything change i should follow where the wind blows ne …

btw my sensei gave me this word : 冗談 (Jōdan/Joke) as my assignment. She asked me to make sentences with that word. And i am still thinking about this, i did that by watch a lot of dorama, and Tsukiko_chan (from Toshi Densetsu no Onna, i’ll talk about this drama later) also said that word so did yasu …

so it feels like i am cheat, just copy from what i see on dorama, and telly show i watch, ah but that’s fine ne she is not gonna find out, ah ya let’s talk about this video

when i see that video for the first time, i was like … what did the sushi chef do with the fish? … he slice it like that and it still alive like nothing happen, and the question is where’s the blood? …  and another funny thing is how the host dragged yasu like that to make him run faster …. xD

Back to the water related thing, So i still can’t swim and when HYDE found out about this, join this Look at The Window’s Activity with yasu …

HYDE    :    so after all this time, you still can’t swim ….
noi         :    eeehh, how did you know …
HYDE    :    i just know, then all this time what did you do …?

noi         :    i did nothing. Oh God, i am sorry HYDE, very sorry …..

kyaaaaaaaaaaa …….. *jump off the roof*

HYDE     :     great, she jump again ….. *call yasu* …  yasu_kun, get ready she is on your way …
yasu       :     dare ….. ?
HYDE     :     your crazy fangirl ..

yasu       :    she jump ,,,? again…?
HYDE     :    yes, you better catch her, hurry  … *hung up the phone*
yasu       :    but HYDE_san, why me….? 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ….. ya_saaannnn …..!!!! … *landing* … xD

yasu      :     oh no, i told you ne, you watch SHERLOCK too much …
noi         :     omo, that’ was scary ne ….
yasu      :     eeehh, just like this, jump with a chute …. ?
noi         :     of course with a chute, i don’t have a wings  …
yasu      :     what the ….

3. 『WHAT’s IN?』 July Edition

today, June 14th is the release date of this magazine, and because of what happened to HMV, i have no idea whether they already send my magazine or not. but thanks to how good is technology now, social networks and internet connection i am already see HYDE from it everywhere, on my Tumblr dash, Twitter time line, Facebook and Ameba home page.

and he also talked about Indonesia somehow it flattered me and i like how he said how their music has across religious boundaries  …




” it’s (Indonesia) a moslem majority country , so many people covers their face with clothes (he’s talking about women with hijab during the concert ) it was the sight i had never seen before . i’ve seen many kind of people but this is the first time i realize that our music has across religious boundaries”


credit to : Triska Sarwono @L’arc_en_Ciel Indonesia, Facebook Group.

There’s a big HYDE spam, and HYDE just everywhere on net so let’s enjoy this, you can take this as a warming up for the scans …

credit to : Umibe, hide-nii and shuttingfromthesky @Tumblr

4. 10月 a.k.a  October …

Why October, eh no the correct question is 『WHAT’s IN』 October?

What else but VAMPS Halloween Party, because this time is right, this year where i have time and cash to go there, and if i can go there watch this year VAMPS Halloween Party i complete myself as a fangirl. Watch yasu live on stage at the first time, and also the chance to watch them (read : HYDE and yasu, not me) live on one stage together , …

That would be brilliant ne …!!!

i hope for this year VAMPS Halloween Party, Acid Black Cherry is gonna do another cosplay, i mean not another Dracula or X japan again, if they gonna do another X japan cosplay this year, so that’s mean they cosplaying as X Japan for three years, ….

that’s boring  …

i was thinking about them (read : yasu, Hiro, YUKI, Junji and Sushe) cosplaying The Wizzard of Ozz,  , that’s gonna be great ne, at least for me because The Wizzard of Ozz is my fave movie, and maybe .. i say maybe ne, they gonna add one special performance with yasu sing Over The Rainbow …. ahahaha …. xD

i did say in my previous foolish post about me who give up to go to Japan, yes, i remember that, but then  i also remember if i am already made a promise to my friend if we are gonna go to Japan to watch it together next October. But the problem now is she just gone,

I dunno what happen, and not only me who look after her, but also another people. I wonder where is she now, is she forget about our plan? and if she is still away like this until the day comes (read : October) then what about me …? i am gonna go there with who …?

i can’t go there by myself, no … my mom Her Majesty The Drama Queen is not gonna let me go there by myself, and also going there alone, that’s to scary for me

yasu     :     scare you, … ?
noi        :     yes, so scary …
yasu     :     why ….
noi        :     what if i get lost and then someone kidnap me, ..
yasu     :     eh, nobody wants to kidnap you ne, you know why …
noi        :     but still, who knows …




TEAM AcidBlackCherry Official twitter is already tweet another serial twitpics during this Acid Black Cherry Tour  『2012』, so i better get hurry to make this serial post Part 3 …..

noi       :   this one is gonna be part 3 right …
yasu    :   are you sure it’s not part 2 …?
noi       :   no, it’s 3  ….

there you are the Serial Post or okay you can call it as my rambling of this Acid Black Cherry Tour  『2012』 or sum of all me re_tweet their twitpics plus the Probie Hairstyle Analyst ….. etc etc ,  so i am sorry if you don’t get what you are supposed to get for something what you call Hairstyle Analysis

okay,  for hairstyle related things i always be a probie, see because if i am already pro i am gonna have the same hairstyle as yasu above instead of this Dora looks hairstyle, ….

1. Photos of the venue and crowd, city view and some local food :

~ 0806 Nitori Cultural Hall Hokkaido

~ 1206 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, Miyagi

2. What he (read : yasu) was doing during this tour or behind the stage.
~  0806 Nitori Cultural Hall Hokkaido

~ 1206 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, Miyagi

that photo above is my fave, i mean yasu took a pose in front of the huge truck with his image lyin down like that, plus his outfit he use red jacket it just fit the truck, and not only that, YUKI also post a funny photo of himself in front of the truck, but he took it like this …

nah Junji also did that and if i am not mistake it was with QED, …. omo, this is funny ne, so this year we all know who is the winner and get yasu’s kiss, that absolutely …

not meeeehhhh ……. aaaaaa ….. *rolling2 on the floor*

yasu   :   hey stop it noi_chan, you are not a baby …
noi      :   but ya_san it’s not me. Why …?
yasu   :   remember ne fangirl and idol, not Snow White and Prince Charming …
noi      :   btw ya_san, do you know if Prince Charming’s real name is James …?
yasu   :   really ..? …

3.  A final check by yasu himself from the audience seat, and he showed the seat number

    ~ 0806 Nitori Cultural Hall Hokkaido

~ 1206 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, Miyagi

4.  The Brilliant Acid Black Cherry Tour 2012 Hair Catalogue, and my a probie hairstyle analyst post …. xD

     ~ 0806 Nitori Cultural Hall Hokkaido

This time the stylish kind a put all yasu’s hair almost cover his face, but he didn’t do that, because if he did that how can yasu do his live performance? so yes his face  was covered with his hair but just a little bit to add some sexy look on his eyes, nah i think that’s the point plus the stylist put the feather tail back and a lot of hair gel.

when you brush your hair like this and kinda let your hair cover some part of your face and maybe one of your eyes, the effect is you gonna get a sexy look. Whether you want it or not you should move your head if somebody call you and that head move usually make you look more sexy …

I hope you understand what i mean now there you are Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #14

~ 1206 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, Miyagi

       this one is not different with the previous,  but with a plus. What plus …? it is another Acid Black Cherry Brushing Teeth Campaign.

yasu is not only brilliant ne, i mean  just by a pose with brushing teeth like that, he is already show his care to his fans by sayin (i think this is what he wanted to say)

you better not forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed, and if you want to skip that, just look at me (read : yasu, not noi) … !! …♥

last but not least here is : Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #15

and the greatest part is on 12.06.2012 both VAMPS and Acid Black Cherry are in Miyagi prefecture for live …. *happy* but i am sure this time yasu didn’t have time to watch HYDE’s live during his tour like what he did on the last L’20 World Tour at Universal Music Japan and proudly show this photo with DAIGO

nah there you are, done the serial post and My New 待つわ List, and i will wait

because for me the point of this fangrling thing in this fandom world is waiting, you will wait, wait and wait no matter how boring it will be …

私待つわ いつまでも待つわ

yasu     :    Even if I don’t turn around …?
noi        :    yes, i will wait …
yasu     :    chotto, this is me or him you will wait for …
noi        :    well tonight it’s you ne, who else but you …
yasu     :    hmmm, just for tonight …


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