eeehhh … Post : Love is The Most Powerful Magic …. (Another me, yasu and Ming, i mean Charming)

Love is The Most Powerful Magic,…

if you watch telly series Once Upon a Time, you must know him. He is Rumpelstiltskin, as his kind a hard to spell name, his character is also hard to understand. For me , he is the blurry character on this story just like Prof. Snape on Harry Potter ne, nobody know what is on his mind or which side he is on until the last part. But what he feel for Belle and what happen to them that’s tragic ne

in episode 10 when Snow White was looking for him (read : Rumpelstiltskin, not yasu) to get a cure for her unforgettable love to  Ming (read : Prince Charming … aha yeah Ming is the nick name for Prince Charming) Rumpelstiltskin said to her

Love is The Most Powerful Magic, so the Cure must be Extreme ….

And we all (i mean all of you who also watch this, and all of you who haven’t watch, you better watch ne) know why Snow White is so desperate to find a cure from what she feel, and she really want to forget him, but eventually it’s not as easy as she thought before.

the cute thing is how both of them, i mean Snow White in the fantasy world and Mary Margaret on the real world did the same thing, they try to forget the man that the love (James, The Prince Charming on the fantasy world  and David on the real world).

if Snow White ask the cure to Rumpelstiltskin, nah what Mary Margaret did is easy, she skip her 07:15 AM coffee morning. She did that everyday, come to Ruby (she is the Red Ridding Hood in the fantasy world btw)’s cafe every morning always on 07:00 AM, sit in the same table and did the same thing, enjoy her coffee morning while reading a book.

and then there you are David/Charming (omo he is really charming isn’t he?) come at 07:00 AM to get his and his wife (yeah he is already marry) ‘s coffee morning before they work. And just like that, both of they say hi, and talk a little bit about some simple things and then, he walk out the cafe and give a cup of coffee to his wife who always wait inside their car.

and the only left is the poor Mary Margaret, all she can do just watch the couple from far away and add her desperate feelings about David, the man he shouldn’t be in love with because he is already marry. Okay, he is already married because the Evil Queen made it that way so they both (Snow White and Charming) can’t be together, and she also made both of them forget about everything along with all the residents of the fantasy world, well all of people in StoryBrooke city is from the fantasy world, but they just trapped inside StoryBrook thanks to The Evil Queen curse.

but then one day when Emma found out about what Mary Margaret did, she told her if the best way to stop what she feel for him (read : Charming, not yasu) is to skip her coffee morning, and who knows if David also think about that too. nah now they both avoid each other.

but maybe because they both are the Famous Couple in the Fantasy World, come on, everybody know Snow White and Prince Charming, and yes they both 100% MFEO so no matter how hard they try to avoid each other they still meet. When they meet Mary Margaret told him the reason why she always have her coffee morning on 07:00 AM is because she wanted to see him every morning, and then as you know thanks to how very MFEO both of them are, David said the same reason to her,  and then


noi       :     that’s so sweet ne ya_san …
yasu    :     Snow White and Prince Charming, aren’t you too old for that kind of fairytale noi_chan …
noi       :     ah just for tonight ne, … because it just …
yasu    :     oh great, now i know what this post is gonna be …
noi       :     waw, ya_sa, how did you know ….

i wish i can do like what Mary Margaret did, she able to say it to David about what’s her true reason of her daily coffee morning. I wish i can say directly to him :

hey, do you (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) know why i always sit next to my window’s room every Friday  at 11:30 PM ~ 12:30 PM?, it was because i am waiting for you to pass by, just to watch you on your way to the mosque for your weekly Friday pray.

and hell ho, i never get the same me too answer like what Mary Margaret got from David ….




and i got another promotion today, this is strange ne. I didn’t feel anything. I mean a promotion means more responsibilities, works to do and course yes more salary for me, but i have no idea why i didn’t feel anything, maybe this is true. Nothing’s left on me.

it just the empty me ….

not only that, i also cried more now, if something happen i am gonna cry, for example yesterday when my boss pushed me too much with works and he asked me to do a lots of it while i also have another things to do myself, and it ended with i buried alive under all that works and papers.

then i cried on my way home, on bus while thinking about that. The bus was so fast and i was sit behind the driver and so afraid ne so i ask him : Sir, can you drive slowly? this is too fast , he replied me with : hey miss, if you wanna slow drive then go get a bike … Oh God, how bad my day is, then i cried again while eat one slice of bread, …

i just can’t stop thinking about when he asked me, is this too much for you, you can;t handle all of it right? if you can’t just tell me, ans i’ll give these project to another. And i dunno which devil who came inside me that day, I said to him loudly : No, i will do that. I can do that, just give me another chance .

Bloody hell how can i said that, i should say : yes you are right, all of that’s too much for me, i need help … etc etc, but see what i said to him? I am in trouble now, i am the one who make my self more busy now, not my boss. and this is 100% my fault. My sick body is not ready for this ….

And when my boss said : there you are, you are getting busy now and then Moi, i think you should prepare to say bai bai to that man, yasu … i was like : eeeehhhh, really  ….

yasu     :    eeeh, since when you busy …?
noi        :    just ignore that, because

you (read : yasu) can be too busy for me (read :  the fangir number 40,001, noi_himura) but me never can be too busy for you, my Mind Blowing Man

yasu     :    well, whatever …

so rather than thinking about the chance that i might be too busy for yasu and the forget about my job as Fulltime Fangirl, i better continue my Serial Post, this time is the 4rd Part,

but before i start it, let’s watch this

finally after all this time my 待つわ for that Acid Black Christmas pamphlet is over, when Acid Black Cherry Official Online Shop open again the pre_order for that. I am so very very Happy ne even i have to buy this one twice and pay it much more expensive, but still this i a  BLESS for me.

i lost on auction for this that pamphlet, because i was late and didn’t follow the auction well so i lost it. But i wonder i might regret it if i won that auction, because the price for this pamphlet on auction is 4,500 yens, so yes again i am so lucky ne

so yes, now i am waiting again and happy again, and let’s start this Serial Post

1. Photos of the venue and crowd, city view and some local food :

~ 1406 Aomori City Hall, Aomori

~ 1906 Chiba Cultural Center

2. What he (read : yasu) was doing during this tour or behind the stage.

  ~ 1406 Aomori City Hall, Aomori

3.  A final check by yasu himself from the audience seat, and he showed the seat number

 ~  1406 Aomori City Hall, Aomori

~ 1906 Chiba Cultural Center

just like what 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】’s tweet :

ありがとう千葉!今回のツアーは『2012』そう、yasuさんは1階の「20-12」に座りました!意外とこの表記されてる会場が少なかったりします。 #AcidBlackCherry2012

so that tweetpic i mean seat number 『20-12』 for Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 Tour is perfect

and so does yasu …

4.  The Brilliant Acid Black Cherry Tour 2012 Hair Catalogue, and my a probie hairstyle analyst post …. xD

  ~ 1406 Aomori City Hall, Aomori

yasu looks tired ne, and he should be ne, i mean with all the tour schedule, he need some rest ne. Ah ya let’s talk about the hair, because i am sure he is gonna have enough rest during this long time tour. The hairstyle is still the same but for me if i look it from the side look, it looks like somebody just brush all yasu’s hair infront and pull a little bit of it back, like a haystack ….

so there you are Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #16

~ 1906 Chiba Cultural Center

for this and all the photos from 1805  Kobe International Conference Hall he looks very happy and full spirited ne and it looked like what he wanted to say : hey hurry i have show to do …  Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #17

and with all his photos of hiw use an armless shirt it just make my day, I knew it this man is always make me happy and feel better in no matter what situation i am in,

so getting too busy for yasu? that’s impossible ne, as impossible as i am gonna marry yasu one day, but still i have to crossfinger on this … ahahahaha ….. *dumped to Limbo*

about the hairstyle is still the same with the previous one but with more messy at the back part, like someone just messed it with barehands …

that’s all fols, and last but not least here’s yasu’s comment about his participation on BUCK-TICK TRIBUTE PARADEⅡalbum from BUCK-TICK TRIBUTE PARADEⅡ Facebook Page

参加アーティスト、Acid Black Cherryからのコメントです!






my heart to heart translation ….

i was aware of the existence of First BUCK – TICK on my second-year students of middle school.i thought it was a very scary band, but a very catchy songs and a cool music I listened, very well addicted.

to participate in this tribute to BUCK – TICK that affects many young musicians and still continued to be active in the forefront, and I was very happy.

I have a lot of favorite songs, including recent songs. but this time it is a challenge that I have come to the first had the privilege of doing BUCK – TICK cover of the song. I was allowed to record in a fresh feeling, it’s mixed nostalgia and novelty of the song, the band began. Thank you very much


so he is happy and make me happy, so here i am ….

noi       :   yes, i am happy ya_san …
yasu    :   happy or empty ….
noi       :   maybe both, but you can cure me with another pairing …
yasu    :   i told you ne, just fangirl and idol, not Show White and Prince Charming
noi       :   why ….
yasu    :   i don’t want you call me with Ming for Charming



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