ありやす Post : July, Come Right Away Onegai …!!!! (Another me, yasu and Alejandro De La Vega)

now is 02:00 AM so today is June 27th, ….

yasu     :  then what …
noi        :  that means few days more to July ….
yasu     :  then what’s on July? …
noi        :  so many things on July, about you, me and  ….
yasu     :  and ….
noi        :  myself …. ahahaha …. *laugh*
yasu     :  not funny, go find another joke …

i don’t know why but i feel so excited about the upcoming July, for what? well there’s a lot’s of things that i’ve been waiting and all of it is on July, i mean i am gonna get it on July …

July, July but not Julia ….

yasu     :    ah, you are still …
noi        :    aha, ya i am still  …
yasu     :    act like a fool …
noi        :    eeeh …..

i am still on my adjustment to the new rhythm of work, this new rhythm took my attentions recently. At least next month i have to find it, how to make me work fast, efficient and no mistakes. All this time i am somebody who work slow but sure. I can’t make any move in a rush hour or with so many peoples tellin me to go decide faster.

i need time to think, have i made a right choice, are my calculations right and if i made mistake with that do i have something to back up/plan B …? etc etc many more. But now everything’s change, they made another new deadlines plus the straight time, what time do i have to make all of it. If you ask me what is my job really is …

well i can’t give you the right answer, but i think what i do everyday is to make sure everything is under control. Let’s just say i follow where the moneys flow. As time goes by, i finally found out how to make me work fast and i should thank to all the pressure that they gave to me this whole month.

Pressure/dead line in works is something that everyone will hate, but i have to deal with it everyday. But in some point it also trained you, sharped your skill into better than you use to be. And believe it or not, this one remind me of HYDE,

i mean something what he said on 『WHAT’s IN?』 interview, you can read the translation in here, as always thanks to L’Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team) on Facebook

Q: Did you feel a lot of pressure?

H: Only the good sort of pressure. We practiced and rehearsed a lot, which we don’t usually do, and that worked out really well. I think one of the biggest personal achievements after this tour is that I no longer feel at all nervous. I don’t feel nervous even if I have to open the show with an acapella piece, so my voice is really stable. It was almost like breathing in the space. I felt ecstasy from everyone watching me whilst I sing (laugh). I would smile to myself – I was touched by what I was seeing. It felt wonderful, I was really happy. I no longer felt like “Gosh there are so many people, I mustn’t make any mistakes!”.

nah that’s what i mean, i want that kind of  achievements, the practice makes better things, so instead of confused, stressed because of lots of pressures i wanna change the pressures to a positive way, to make me work better, feel wonderful and really happy with my job and …

just like what HYDE said.

Reading 『WHAT’s IN?』 interview translation just open my heart/mind about how great is HYDE, he is more than all my thoughts about him. i see another side of him that i didn’t catch before, like how he  try not to think of people as people. I imagine they’re stones to make him less nervous,



see what i mean …?

he is amazingly genius, and after i read all what he said on this 『WHAT’s IN?』 interview i understand what his point, i learned and i love him more. and also another reason why can’t wait for July to  come.

not only HYDE, yasu also make me excited, with the next Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 on July even i am not gonna watch it but still i still can be excited right ….

he is already finished all June  live performances at Hokkaido, Miyagi, Aomori, Chiba and Kanagawa, Ah ya there you are my last Serial Post for June 21st  at  Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall, Kanagawa  …

1. Photos of the venue and crowd, city view and some local food :

2. What he (read : yasu) was doing during this tour or behind the stage.

    still, with the leopard print …. xD

3.  A final check by yasu himself from the audience seat, and he showed the seat number

4.  The Brilliant Acid Black Cherry Tour 2012 Hair Catalogue, plus my a probie hairstyle analyst post,again ..

for this one hairstyle what i get is a Golden Hair, the bunch of hays look just turned into a bunch of golden layers, well oke plus the red feather and i think if they change that feathers with some oak leaves crown, yasu is gonna have an Apollo hairstyle. You know Apollo, the Greek God of Sun

so there you are  Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #18

look how amazingly sexy he is, that shoulders always take my breath away. now there’s only July’s performances left.

7月08日     :  Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka
7月15日     :  Nippon Gaishi Hall, Aichi
7月18日     :  Nippon Budokan, Tokyo
7月20日     :  Nippon Budokan, Tokyo

The final one at Nippon Budokan, i am sure it would be massive and great live performances.  And to all of you who’s gonna watch the show, what else i can say but congratulation and i wish you all have a great time and last but not least, don’t forget to write a live report ne OK.

for what? of curse to share your happiness and joy to another fans who can’t watch it like meeh (read : noi_himura). Because as a good fangirl you all should make a live report after you watch a live performance of your fave band,

yasu      :    look who’s talking …
noi         :    what …
yasu      :    from someone who failed to make a live report … @_@
noi         :    i am not finish yet, ya_san, what i am gonna say is  ..

~ As a good fangirl you all should make a live report after you watch a live performance of your fave band no matter what and how tired you are after the show.

~ Don’t be like me, the lazy, not brilliant fangirl who failed to make a live report with so many reasons why …

so go make a live report, and i am gonna read all of it.

Oke you also can say this as my live reprt request. btw i love to read live reports ….. ahahahaha *laugh with banana* . and my dear friend Yukiko always write a very nice live reports on her blog with her understand_able word and sentences. I love it  and i really greatful for that.

nee Yuki, forever ありやす … for you ♥ ♥ …

enough with my live report request, now this Acid Black Cherry コラボキャンペーン   is for all of you who is in Japan

this Acid Black Cherry and JOYSOUND campaign collaboration. Now you can find all the 5 consecutive singles at any JOYSOUND karaokes. Not only that, this campaign collaboration also gonna give you

~ poster with a personal message from yasu if you can reach 88.438 points
~ and a message video from yasu will be played if you can reach 95 points.

well a karaoke? with my disaster voice that’s absolutely not my divison even i am in Japan. Yes, i give up and surender to all karaoke related things.

but i am gonna join this FanClub quiz or whatever they name this one with. I dunno if i am right but i think what they ask is only to send a postcard with the answer, my name, address and  my FC ID number and which one of those 39 photos of yasu during this Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 that you want.  and my fave is

too bad they say each member only allowed to send one postcard. And because for my FanClub membership i use a proxy so i can’t use my real address.  i think i am gonna use my proxy address on the postcard. i mean the Japanesse address, so this is why i am still able to get the 4 digits Japanese postal code to enter mu_mo Official FanClub Store.

but sometimes this makes me feel that i have to cover my real address, who am i, where i come from or put a mask to my face like what Don Alejandro De La Vega did as Zorro. I always love Zorro , he is one of my fave hero even he is not a super hero.

He has to use a mask to cover himself as Zorro even from his one and only son Juanicto. and then when Don Alejandro spent too much of his time as Zorro with his horse Tornado that with his family, this create a problem between him and his wife Elena. the funny thing is how his son is so adore Zorro so much not knowing that the man behind the black mask is his father.

And then when his son finally found out if his father is Zorro, Don Juan realize something, keep a secret from his family is not a good way to protect them, So he start to be honest about him as Zorro and so does her wife Elena also understand how she has to share his husband with all people who need him as Zorro.

so as a fangirl what i get from Zorro and his family is how i have to share you (read : yasu, not Zorro) with all his fangirls/fanboys all over the world. and i am grateful even how busy i am now or how i have to use my proxy address than my real one for my FC related things because …..

ya_san,  you are not Zorro …. !!!

yasu     :    what the, you wrote all of that above just to say that ….?
noi        :    yes, i am very grateful …
yasu     :    whatever ….


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