Fangirl Post : HYDE, He is Aging Well …. ( Another me, yasu and HYDE)

in my last post before this, i posted something like this :

about how  i ain’t even mad. That’s what should i’ve done, control this anger and tried not to say something bad to others. But the fact is that i ain’t even mad  thing is kinda hard to do for me as someone who has so many things to  pull the trigger of my anger easily.

like what just happened yesterday. It was Saturday, i took a day off. Stay at home, silent my phone so i can ignore all the incoming calls and do nothing but be a bear. Sleep all day long in front off my telly. But as always it failed, because my office mate called me about some calculation that i gave to her yesterday.

I dunno why it always like this with her. Every time i want to take a day off i always prepare of everything, yes i have a lot of lists to do and i leave all of it to my friend. And when i explained to her, what she should do, how much she have to pay or else… etc etc the day before, she said yes, i got it. and i asked her again, do you really get it …? she said replied me sure with a sure tone on her voice as well.

but she still call me on my day off, and in ended with me open my PC and did my report at home. Is that a day off? of course not plus i have to remind somebody to transfer me some cash for his delayed payment and another person who keep calling me ask me to pay him some spare part with cash,  …

that was Saturday and i don’t have cash, and he kept ask me to pay a huge amount of cash more than my ATM limit. When i said i’ll pay him on Monday, he replied me with you can go get the money at bank if you want to … etc etc and he it sounds like i gave him another excuse for not to pay. somehow what he said just pulled the trigger of my anger, and ….

Oh Dear God, Forgive me ….

i said to him : it is Saturday and there’s no bank open in Saturday, but hey there’s one bank open in Saturday and they even open at Sunday, that bank is BANK_SAT  … (read : Bangsat in Indonesian, it means asshole)  ….

yasu    :   hey, fangirl, watch your language ….!!!
noi       :   ups, i am sorry ya_san ….
yasu    :   you shouldn’t say something like that noi_chan, you know why …
noi       :   yeah i know, it will end with regret …

yes, i regret that.

I should put some tape on my mouth when i get mad so i don’t say anything bad to others. I mean, he didn’t do anything bad to me to me that make him deserved to hear something bad like that from me. Who the hell i am, so i can say something like that to him even i listen my dad say that often to my mom (i told you ne, i have a devil as my dad, so that’s my devil side) i still have no right to say something bad like that,

because i am sure his mother never say something like that to him and if his mother hear/listen there’s somebody said that rude word to his son it would make her sad. i should’ve put my self on his position, how i would feel if someone say that to me,

i am a bad person recently i get distracted easily even for a simple reason like when i lost one of this set, or i found this my set not complete like this


or when my cat steal my fish for lunch at office i just kick him or hit his head with my spoon. rather than waste my energy to do that,  i should put my self into my cat’s shoes (even he didn’t own 4 pair of shoes). i am sure he has his own reason to steal my fish. that cat is stupid, when i interrogate him every time i lost my fish/meat for lunch, because he is the prime suspect and i always get the same answer

~   hey puss, did you steal my fish ? he answered me miaww …

and for another question …

~   hey puss, did you steal my meat ? he answer me double miaww …

what the hell is that …? i mean what’s the different between single and double miaww ? he is single and then he is already married? eeeh, that’s too far away from my question. what a stupid liar cat he is, so this interrogation is also failed  …

don’t get fooled with his stupid face, I don’t buy that face, no matter how adorable he looks but that stupid cat is always annoy me (ah ya FYI i am not an animal person) in fact i’d rather choose a plant than animal. He always jump on my lap when i have my lunch. and grab my fish, stole it just like that …

and if i am late to get there, he leave me with no fish/meat for lunch. i knew it, he is the one who stole my fish/meat. Who else but him, he is the one who’s at my lunch table everyday, and who love fish more than a cat ?

yasu     :    you do  …
noi        :    eee, but i am not cat  ….
yasu     :    but you do love fish right?
noi        :    yes ….
yasu     :    so …


let’s back to HYDE, the point is at this time, what i feel is i failed to follow HYDE to turn all the pressures into a positive ways, what happen to me is i let my self get dragged by all the pressures to the opposite way of positive.

credit to : Umibe @Tumblr




i have another thing to say about this man, yes i agree with all of you who say he is stuck in time capsule that make him younger and younger. But as human being he is still aging, nah in this case for him, he is aging well

finally i have my copy of 『WHAT’s IN?』  this magazine took a longer time to arrive than the other magazine that i usually buy. This is the first time i buy 『WHAT’s IN?』  and when i scan it, i just realize this magazine is not that hard to scan unlike ARENA37℃ .

nah there you are enjoy the scans, and you can start to think about how well his aging is  …


and this image below is one of my fave …

and this ….

and also this beautiful back of HYDE

he is aging well ne,

and this TV interview also show us how well his aging is

indeed very well ….



can you believe that, imagine there’s a chance of you to meet HYDE and KAZ in one room, and Oh God, if i have that chance what should i say to them? i know i am gonna be forever in silent, as silent as the night in Sleepy Hollow


i’ll scan the rest of this magazine l’aterz,

Oh God look at the crowd, the carnival of 4 amazing man, the Rainbow Carnival. I wish  can be there, but hey yasu and DAIGO was there among all of the audience, and we all know they both got this HYDE’s face shirt

not only HYDE, i think most of JRockers aging well, if you ask me why then i should make another fangirl analysist about this ne, what make Jrockers have a very well aging …?

i think this is because of music, music is another free anti_aging right?

~  their music life,
~  how they enjoy living on it, i mean they all living in a life of music ne, their life is surround by music. listen, arrange and wrote a mucis lyrics for their upcoming single maybe,
~  rehearsal for live performances, the live performances itself,
~  fanboys and fangirls who wrote about their worship all over internet and social networks with so many ways (read : like meeh

i think all of that support them and make them happy. They are happy, at least that’s what i see and they also make their fans happy as well. Happy people and people who make another people happy aging well, indeed very well

so does yasu ….

yasu    :   then what about yourself …?
noi       :   me, i am aging un_well …
yasu    :   fix it then, i don’t want an un_well fangirl ..
noi       :   how …..?
yasu    :   don’t ask me …



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