Red Post : Let’s Get Red with yasu …!!!! (Another me, yasu and The Red Riding Hood)

from Acid Black Cherry’s Facebook Photo today :

that hooded towel is one of FREE LIVE 2011 Goodies, and it was sold out and today they (Team_ABCOfficial) tell us if we can buy it again. You can start to buy it on July 8th for all of you who will attend the next Live on Osaka Jo Hall, you can buy it on the venue.

but for for those who can go there ( like meeh, noi_himura, again ) you still can buy it  via Acid Black Cherry Official Online Shop

The online selling  start today July 2nd,  while the product launch is July 9th,

I planned to buy this tonight after i get home but now when i open Team_ ABCOfficial twitter, i saw this …

see 1st post is 9 hours ago, and then 2nd is 7 hours ago and then they tweeted it’s SOLD OUT 1 hour ago?  at the first time i don’t believe it, i clicked again the official shop link while hoping i still can buy that, but …

well it seems like this fangirl (read : me, noi_himura, not yasu) have to skip this because that stuff is already sold out, and i can’t believe this happen, it sold out just in hours …? waw now we all know how powerful is this Cherry Powaaaa …!!!. well yes,  just like what HYDE wrote on GLAMOROUS SKY English version lyrics …

aha, i am always left, away to go ♪ ♪ ….

even i left again for this sexy RED yasu, but okay i’ll find a way to buy this, and i am still gonna say this :  let’s get red with yasu ….!!!

why red …?

that’s because Red is brave and even not cute like Pink but Red is sexy, and not only that, well you all see how is yasu on the latest Official Blog post, and look at him again, nah tell me what did you get or what is on your mind. Because what i get and what is on my mind when i saw that is none other than RED, and aha yeah plus his hair/feather tail like that, he reminded me to Little Red Ridding Hood


see ….

noi      :    nee ya_san, do you know if Red on Little Red Riding Hood is a werewolf …?
yasu   :    what the …?
noi      :    yeah, they make it like that on Once Upon At Time
yasu   :    noi_chan …
noi      :    yes ..
yasu   :    you watch TV too much  ,,…



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