Scan Post : Let’s Get HOT As HOT as yasu …. (Another me, yasu and Acid Black Christmas パンフレット)

there you are finally  i get this Acid Black Christmas パンフレット,

and i think this is the most sexpensive Acid Black Cherry goods that i buy. It almost cost me triple than the original price, i told you the reason why related to that Bloody Hell 9,500 yens and Muku

but what’s done is done, i finally able to get rid of that Bloody Hell 9,500 yens and Muku things on my mind after i get this, wrapped with a black envelope with Present For You on it

i can’t say anything but

this パンフレット is brilliantly HOT, as HOT as this summer, Our Bahama Love Triangle and yasu himself.

when i open this i feel like yasu as the host (the sexy one) who give me a tour on his mansion. from the entrance, he walked down the stairs, then the living room, bed room and last but not least is bath room … #Whoaaaa …

yasu    :   me as host for you, give you a tour in my mansion …?
noi       :   yes ..
yasu    :   then dream on, fangirl …
noi       :   but ya_san … *follow him*
yasu    :   stop following me …
noi       :   i have to because i am one of your follower on twitter ne ..
yasu    :   twitter …? this isn’t twitter  ..

ah ya talking about follower, i mean follower on twitter and tumblr the people who follow and see your post/tweet on their time line and dashboard. somehow this is what i often see on my dashboard/timeline.  a post that said about how they loose followers in many ways like : Lost another follower … etc etc ...

at the first time i don’t understand what are they talking about. maybe this is because how probie i am on both twitter and tumblr. i wonder where the hell they know about that loosing follower thing? i mean is there any notification about that? … if there’s how can i never know that? …

i talked about this with Tekki, and he said how get another or loose follower just mocked her yo-yo weight. And then i think i have something to connect with this follower thing, of course not my body weight, this is about my acne. People say if there’s an acne on your face, that means you are in love. But that didn’t work for me who all year around falling in love to the same guy (read : yasu).

this must be a stress factor so i have all of this 3 or 4 on my face now, i should have go to see my doctor about this, who knows maybe i ate something that i am allergic to and i didn’t realize that, but last Saturday when i took a day off i woke up late so i missed my bus to see my doctor. I have to go to another city about 3 hours by bus from my hometown.

here’s what i think : if I loose another follower on both twitter and tumblr (yes i will count it) nah, i should loose 1 or maybe 2 acne in my face, and i get one means i get another acne on my face. nah the question is yesterday i loose 2 followers on twitter but why acne on my face is still the same? …

noi      :   why ya_san, why ….?
yasu   :   what kinda connection is that …
noi      :   it didn’t work …
yasu   :   it will never work, and now you better go find another thing to do …!!

well okay, let’s back to the scan topic and we should stay on this btw. actually i am already put these scans both on my Tumblr, Facebook and also shared it on Acid Black Cherry group on Facebook, and remember how i am always put on all my scans…? i always say this : You can do anything to these scans, but still a credit would make me happy ….

then what i always say kinda hit me back when i saw another people use my scans for this and didn’t put a credit or at least reblog it from my Tumblr, add a comment on my Facebook or group post. Do you know what i feel? this is what i feel, i feel that have to say this

Whueeeee ……….. (read :  disappointed)

big, very big Whueeeee ……….. as big as Willy the whale. but then i think about it again, why do i have to feel that way? i did it (read : scan and post it with no lock/private/friends only) everywhere, so it’s normal if eventually peoples took it. Do i have to use private/lock/friends only?  i never think about that way.

i never like when i open some page on net, especially scans related to yasu or Hyde and the scans was locked or there’s some rules not to share it or with a watermark on the scan. i don’t like it especially for scans with watermark. i think that’s only ruin it and make the scans less amazing than it use to be.

nah because i don’t want another yasu’s fan to feel the same thing like what i feel above i decide to not do anything for my scans. and i also don’t care about a credit , even sometime i get pissed off when i saw people forget it, but hell yeah i’ll get over with that. so the point is i am tryin to let go that feel from me now. nah there you are, enjoy the scans ..

~ opening

~ entrance

~ the Green Room

~ The Living Room

things get started HOT from here ….

~ The Bed Room

~  One Step Closer To The HOT

~ The Bath Room

that was Bloody HOT ne, and whoever behind this photoshoot, i mean who had the concept idea on this shoot is brilliant, i mean Oh God , ….

i never imagine if  washing hair can be so HOT like that …….. uwaaaa *onfire*

yasu   :   now you know ….
noi      :   thanks to you …
yasu   :   now go get me something …
noi      :   OK …. *grab a towel*



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